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BONES THE 12TH and FINAL SEASON with David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel

Maj Canton - March 23, 2017



"The End in the End"


The final chapter of BONES, the long-running series beloved by millions of fans around the world, premiered on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT on FOX. The 12-episode run celebrates the inventive series and bring the storylines of Brennan, Booth and the Jeffersonian-FBI team to a close, allowing the show's loyal fans to say goodbye to these indelible characters. Along with suspense and heartbreak, there will also be plenty of laughs and fun surprises. There will be weddings, break-ups and unexpected romances, and the return of many favorite characters from past seasons, including Dr. Beth Mayer (guest star Betty White) and Brennan’s one who got away, Special Agent Tim Sullivan (guest star Eddie McClintock). Fans also will experience a wedding, follow an epic serial killer storyline, go undercover in a lumberjack competition and see Booth and Brennan's marriage get put to the test. As always, new guest stars will be introduced, as well as a final round of gory murders, from which brand-new investigations will arise. All of this leads up to a two-part finale with a truly explosive conclusion, as befits FOX’s longest-running primetime drama. Starring: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor, TJ Thyne, John Boyd and Michaela Conlin



On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Hart Hanson, Michael Peterson, Jonathan Collier and the entire BONES family released the following statement:

This month, after 12 incredible seasons, BONES will come to a close, making it FOX’s longest-running drama. Since its very first airing, BONES has proven to be The Little Show That Could by offering a truly unique blend of mystery, humor and, most important, heart.
Week after week, year after year, the show’s devoted fans (self-described Boneheads) have tuned in to watch Booth and Brennan match wits, solve crimes, fall in love, get pregnant, then get married –and defy convention at every turn. Supported by a brilliant ensemble cast, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel created on-screen magic, giving life to one of the greatest will-they-won't-they relationships in all of TV.
More than just an entertaining program, BONES' true legacy may be in the way it inspired. In Temperance Brennan, Angela Montenegro and Camille Saroyan, BONES showcased three leading women of diverse backgrounds, all of whom excelled in science, medicine and mathematics. For those of us who worked on the show, there was no greater reward than reading an e-mail from a young female fan, newly empowered to enter a traditionally masculine field.

On behalf of all of us on the show, thank you for your support these past 12 years.

"From the very first season, BONES was called 'The Little Engine That Could.' So we could not be prouder of ending up as FOX's longest-running scripted drama," said creator and executive producer Hart Hanson. "And we got there because of an insanely loyal, loud, lovely, lively audience."


"We've loved working on BONES and are so excited to bring our fans this final season," said executive producers and showrunners Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson. "After 12 years on the air, it's an honor to be able to write the exciting and meaningful ending, which the show deserves."



"Working with Hart Hanson, the BONES writing staff, Kathy Reichs, our cast and crew and especially Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz has been the most rewarding experience over the past 12 seasons," added executive producer Barry Josephson. "I know all will have continued great success!"


"A show this beloved by fans worldwide deserves a proper send-off, and that is just what we intend to do," said David Madden, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. "These final 12 episodes will wrap up storylines and bid farewell to characters who have become part of the fabric of popular culture. Once again, we'd like to thank David, Emily and the entire BONES cast, as well as Hart, Stephen Nathan, Barry Josephson, and this season's showrunners, Michael Peterson and Jonathan Collier. In the pantheon of FOX series, BONES has carved out a unique place for 12 incredible seasons, and we couldn't be more grateful for its continued success over the course of this past decade."



Throughout the series, Brennan has devoted herself to her career, to Booth, with whom she has two children, and to her team at the Jeffersonian. They include best friend Angela Montenegro, an artist who specializes in reconstructing facial features and crime scenes; Angela's husband, Dr. Jack Hodgins, a conspiracy theorist and expert on insects, spores and minerals, who is affectionately known as "the slime and bug guy"; Dr. Camille "Cam" Saroyan, the street-smart and centered coroner; and Booth's most recent colleague at the FBI, Special Agent James Aubrey, a young, intrepid agent with a voracious appetite for solving crime, junk food and career advancement.


Season 12 Episode Guide

  David Boreanaz in the season premiere episode, "The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror."

“The Hope in the Horror”

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Directed by Emily Deschanel
The premiere picks up where last season’s cliffhanger left off – Brennan kidnapped by her former assistant, Zack Addy (guest star Eric Milligan), as Booth and the rest of the lab desperately search for her.


Guest Cast: Eric Millegan as Zack Addy, Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray, Sara Rue as Karen Delfs, Ravi Kapoor as Dr. Mihir Roshan and Tim Guinee as Dr. Brandon Faulk.

  David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in "The Final Chapter: The Brain in the Bot."

“The Brain in the Bot”

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 (at a special time 9:25pm ET/9pm PT)
After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out whether the victim’s own artificial intelligent bot was programmed to kill him. In the meantime, Bones plans a special surprise for everyone for her 40th birthday.


Guest Cast: Ryan O'Neal as Max Keenan; Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick; Doug Budin as Donald; Melanie Paxson as Patty; Paul Bartholomew as Ian Goldberg; Aasha Davis as Kate Dalton; Max Adler as Randy Stringer; Jed Rees as Alan; Justin Welborn as Matthew Coburn; Dana Woods as AMI; Patrick Gallagher as Dave Esposito; Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth and Ajani Wrighster as Riley.

  Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The New Tricks in the Old Dogs."

“The New Tricks in the Old Dogs”

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
When the body of an old man is found in an acid dump site, Booth, Brennan and the squints find themselves deep in retirement home drama. As they explore the case, talk of marriage and kids begins to dominate the conversation back at the lab.


Guest Cast: Pej Vahdat as Dr. Arastoo Vaziri; Jack Plotnick as Francis Byers; Megan Suri as Claire; Cade Canon Ball as Kyle; Cyrus Arnold as Evan; Kurt Scholler as Bertram Schillinger; Maxine Weldon as Agnes; June Squibb as Barbara Baker; Edward Asner as Rufus Tucker; Isaac C. Singleton Jr. as Sam Felton; Hal Holbrook as Red Hudmore.

  Tamara Taylor, Michaela Conlin, Emily Deschanel and TJ Thyne in the "The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past" episode.

“The Price for the Past”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
The team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan's past. Meanwhile, Aubrey faces a moral dilemma of his own when he discovers his dad is back in the picture.


Guest Cast: Patricia Belcher as ADA Caroline Julian; Laura Spencer as Jessica Warren; Blake Berris as Jake Tompkins; Elizabeth Tobias as Tracy Trout; Carter Hastings as Declan Trout; John Bishop as Tom Ellis; Jay Glazer as Dave Hines; Michael James Lazar as Mike Reiss; La Monde Byrd as Ted McKinney; Guy Boyd as Philip Aubrey; Julie Stewart-Binks as Meredith Brandt.

  Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The Tutor in the Tussle."

“The Tutor in the Tussle”

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
When a tutor of privileged students turns up dead, the team sorts through all the possible perpetrators, from disgruntled parents to the tutor's roommate with a criminal record. Meanwhile, Bones is frustrated with the voice of her audio book and tries to prove that she can record it herself.


Guest Cast: Joel David Moore as Dr. Colin Fisher; Sara Rue as Karen Delfs; Guy Boyd as Philip Aubrey; Rafi Gavron as Benny Pence; Marsha Thomason as Amy Bryan; Haley Tju as Meredith Hurley; Kalon Atkins as Andrew; Julie Claire as Psycho Sue Casey; Justin Castor as Jacob Casey; Jaleel White as Officer Adams; Mike Erwin as Matt Bogdan; Fred Cross as Gavin Mills, Alexie Gilmore as Cornelia Mills

  Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The Flaw in the Saw."

“The Flaw in the Saw”

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
The dismembered body of successful golfer-turned-lumberjack Phyllis Paul brings the squints to the Lumber Sports Regional Championships. At this competition, Booth and Brennan discover numerous secrets that could have resulted in Phyllis' murder, including an affair with a married rival. Meanwhile, Hodgins secretly analyzes the bacteria on the bone of a prior victim that he believes will exonerate the murderer, Zack Addy.


Guest Cast: David Koechner as Jack Flap, Ignacio Serricchio as Rodolfo Fuentes, Dave Thomas as Dick Scarn, Stephanie Czajkowski as Helga Thisk, Trevor Torseth as Ragnar Thisk, Nathan Gamble as Gene Frong, Igna Cadranel as Nancy Alpert, Melissa Tracy as Phyllis Paul, Jeffrey Larson as Freddy, Brandon Soo Hoo as Pete, Matt Nix as Greg, Rydell Danzie as Lumberjack and Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth

  Emily Deschanel in"The Final Chapter: The Scare in the Score."

“The Scare in the Score”

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
When a series of corpses with ties to Booth's former Army unit appear around D.C., Booth must dive into his past to find the killer before the killer finds Booth. Meanwhile, Brennan's father, Max, hides a serious medical procedure from Brennan, leaving her to grapple with her father's trust and mortality, as well as her family being in danger.


Guest Cast: Ryan O'Neal as Max Keenan; Pej Vahdat as Dr. Arastoo Vaziri; Patricia Belcher as ADA Caroline Julian; Gerardo Celasco as Mark Kovac; Brittany Shaw Johns as Jeannine Kovac; Eugene Alper as Javor Nicovic; Jennae Hoving as FBI Agent Samantha Chatterjee; Charles Carpenter as FBI Deputy Field Director Thomas Mordick; Brigitte Valdez as Caitlin Shwartz; Jessica L. Fisher as Darla; Derek Ray Siefert as FBI Agent Austin Suarez; Jeremy Denzlinger as Aliz Munoz; Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth; Michael Johnson as Mike Reiss; Zachary Sale as E.M.T.; Nancy Bellany as Nurse

  John Boyd and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The Grief and the Girl."

“The Grief and the Girl”

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
A recent loss creates a rift between Booth and Brennan, as they deal with their grief in different ways. Meanwhile, an old flame (guest star Eddie McClintock) from Brennan's past comes to visit.


Guest Cast: Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison; Eddie McClintock as Tim Sullivan; Miranda Frigon as Gilda Sandling; Lindsey Haun as Tess Abbott; Dale Raoul as Gretchen Crockett; Tom Degnan as Adam Hitchcock; A Leslie Kies as Kathleen Tobine; Greg Evigan as Rick Tobine; Wolfgang Bodison as Doug Patton; Wylie Small as Lucy Andreassen.

  Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The Steel in the Wheels."

“The Steel in the Wheels”

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
When a young man dies in a horrendous hay baler accident, Booth, Brennan and Aubrey slap on trashy disguises and go undercover at a rowdy demolition derby competition to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) returns and assists Hodgins and Cam when the ongoing Gormogon case hits a dead end.


Guest Cast: Stephen Fry as Dr. Gordon Wyatt, Ignacio Serricchio as Rodolfo Fuentes, Christina Carlisi as Agnes Doyle, John Philbin as Ned Dixon, Erin Conner as Charlene Fisher, Joe Ochman as Barry McGee, Jaime Bergman as Dawn Skaggs, Ronnie Gene Blevins as Ray Kimball, Chris Ferraro as Carmageddon, Peter Joseph Ferraro as Mad Dog.

  David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in "The Final Chapter: The Radioactive Panthers in the Party."

“The Radioactive Panthers in the Party”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
When the burning, bruised body of an aspiring writer/director crash-lands onto a passing car, the team investigates a series of odd locations and characters that are connected to his film. Meanwhile, Bones seeks guidance from Dr. Mayer (guest star Betty White) on the meaning of passion in the work place and Booth allows Aubrey to take the reins on their current case.


Guest Cast: Betty White as Dr. Beth Mayer; Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray; David Faustino as David Faustino; Rebecca Metz as Linda Martin; Alan Heitz as Ron Bergman; Meeghan Beth Holaway as Barb Martucci; Fred Stoller as Allen Peppermelt; Matthew Jones as Dwayne Hawkins; Morgan Lindholm as Carly Catalano; James Earl as Gordy; Charles Austin Saxton as Kirby Lee.

  David Boreanaz and Cyndi Lauper in "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life."

“The Day in the Life”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
In the series' penultimate episode, each leading character's final story begins to unfold. Brennan testifies for Zach in trial, Angela reveals some big news, while Aubrey and Jessica come to terms about their future together. All the while, the team discovers Kovac has escaped, leaving Booth in a race against the clock to protect himself and those closest to him from what may be Kovac's most dangerous plan yet.


Guest Cast: Patricia Belcher as ADA Caroline Julian; Cyndi Lauper as Avalon Harmonia; Eric Millegan as Zach Addy; Pej Vahdat as Dr. Arastoo Vaziri; Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray; Laura Spencer as Jessica Warren; Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison; Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick; Sara Rue as Karen Delfs; Raney Branch as Felicia Saroyan; Tiffany Sharee Hines as Michelle Welton; Brittany Shaw Johns as Jeannine Kovac; Meagan Fay as Judge Celia Stockwell; Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth.

  Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in"The Final Chapter: The End in the End."

“The End in the End”

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
With Kovac still at large, the team searches for evidence to track him down. After Brennan experiences a setback, the rest of the team must figure out how to find Kovac without her, putting everything she has ever taught them to the test. When all signs point to Kovac having outside help, as well as a hideout, Booth and Brennan go searching for him in the series finale.


Guest Cast: Patricia Belcher as ADA Caroline Julian; Pej Vahdat as Dr. Arastoo Vaziri; Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison; Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick; Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray; Sara Rue as Karen Delfs; Laura Spencer as Jessica Warren; Gerard Celasco as Mark Kovac; Brittany Shaw Johns as Jeannine Kovac; Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth; Guiseppe Scoleri as Agent Freddy Pino; David T. Boreanaz as Dave Roberts; Blaine Holtkamp as Dr. Domick Dupont