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2017 Holiday Gift Guide for TV Lovers: DVDs & Blu-ray

Maj Canton & Michael Giordano - November 27, 2017






Ho-ho-ho, it's time to give or get the gift that keeps on giving...television. We filled our sled with some outstanding selections for this holiday season -- some from the golden age and some from peak TV. So buy and binge!


Happy Holidays!




Sci-Fi TV Lovers


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What happens in a world free of rules, limits and consequences?  Discover the answers with the WESTWORLD Box Set.  Featuring all 10 episodes from the series' acclaimed first season, the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack contains three 4K Ultra HD discs with the episodes in 4K with HDR, three Blu-ray discs with the episodes in HD and comes packaged in a very cool special limited-edition tin.  This release is jam packed with out-of-this-world special features, including many behind the scenes featurettes and an impressive gag reel.   Slap on a Stetson and lose yourself in Westworld.


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THE WALKING DEAD: Seasons 1-6 Box Set

When the walkers come, are you going to fight to survive or succumb to their undead hunger? Thankfully, you can watch other people figure that out with THE WALKING DEAD Seasons 1-6 Box Set. Watch Rick and his ragtag group of refugees struggle to stay alive as they travel from forests to farms to prisons to unbelievably quaint settlements (that then turn out to be horrifying). This box set is full of great bonus material, too: audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and multiple special featurettes. Hungry for TWD? Then grab this box set now.


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Head into a future where Mars has been colonized but regards its ancient sister planet Earth as an enemy, and the blue-collar colonies of the Asteroid Belt feel trapped between their animosity. Welcome to The Expanse. In Season 2, we join the crew of the Rocinante as they fight to uncover the secrets behind the terrifyingly deadly protomolecule. The four discs of the set cover the entire season as well as a plethora of bonus material: episode commentaries, Powerful Women of The Expanse featurette, behind the scenes footage, and more. Remember the Cant with THE EXPANSE Season 2 DVD.


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TIMELESS: Season 1

When a mysterious criminal steals a time machine, it’s up to an unlikely team to follow him and ensure critical events in history remain intact. Relive the thrills with Timeless Season 1 on DVD. Enjoy the first 16 episodes of this entertaining series across four discs, with bonus deleted scenes and the ever popular gag reels. Don’t waste any more…energy and click the link below to grab a hold of TIMELESS Season 1.


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ORPHAN BLACK: Complete Collection Blu-ray

Tatiana Maslany stars in ORPHAN BLACK, the thrilling series about cloning and personal identity. The mystery unfolds as Sarah (Maslany), a con artist who assumed the life of one of her clones, discovers there are many clones out there and someone is trying to kill them all – including her. This 10-disc box set has over 26 hours of content with bonus material that includes in-depth featurettes and deleted scenes. So grab ORPHAN BLACK: The Complete Series and settle in for some masterfully crafted and addictive television.

Fantasy TV Lovers


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SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Complete Series

Join Ichabod Crane as the lore of Sleepy Hollow expands to encompass the world of demons and the End of Days. After a 250 year slumber, Crane devotes himself to fighting the supernatural forces threatening to end the world. Watch the fight for Sleepy Hollow unfold over four seasons and 18 discs. There is plenty bonus material to enjoy, including deleted scenes, audio commentaries, gag reels, and a multitude of featurettes about the lore of Sleepy Hollow. So hold onto your heads and grab the SLEEPY HOLLOW Complete Series DVD now.


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PENNY DREADFUL: The Complete Series

It’s London, 1841, and women are being abducted and murdered. A clairvoyant named Vanessa(Eva Green) conscripts the help of a marksman named Ethan(Josh Hartnett) in solving the mystery. And the answer sucks – it’s vampires. Penny Dreadful was a short-lived but cult favorite that is sure pique the interest of a classic fantasy lover (Frankenstein and Dorian Grey are among the characters). The box set contains all 27 episodes across three seasons on nine discs. Bonus material includes behind the scenes featurettes and the Dreadfuls Roundtable discussion on the series. So close the doors and keep the hearth lit, there’s trouble on the streets in PENNY DREADFUL.


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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Complete Series

Twilight not exactly your style? Then try watching THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Box Set. Follow Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) as she navigates through her town’s supernatural mythology – and the romantic interests of local vampires! Follow the passion through 8 seasons over 39 discs. Dig deeper into the series with the set’s bonus features, which include deleted scenes, a series retrospective, and footage of the Vampire Diaries 2016 Comic-Con panel. Why sparkle when you can scribe, in your Vampire Diaries.


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OUTLANDER: Seasons 1 and 2 Collector’s Editions

Based on the novels, Outlander follows Claire Randall, a former WWII nurse, as she gets lost in time and wrapped up in history – the history of her husband’s ancestors. While she fights to return to the present, Claire falls in love with a man from the past and it’s not only history, but her own future that’s in jeopardy. The Collector’s Editions include books with photographs and behind the scenes sketches, many featurettes and deleted scenes, gag reels, and even a sneak peak at the newest book in the series. Get lost in time with OUTLANDER Seasons 1 and 2 Collector’s Editions.

Christmas TV Lovers


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FRASIER: Christmas Episodes

Enjoy yuletide and a pontificating psychiatrist? Then the Frasier Christmas Episodes DVD is just for you! This single DVD contains eight classic holiday episodes from the hilarious, award-winning sitcom. The Christmas Episodes make a great stocking stuffer or a perfectly fine official gift for a fan of the show!


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HONEYMOONERS: Christmas Laughter

You’ll be soaring to the moon once you get a load of this: The Honeymooners Christmas Laughter DVD. The collection features over 90 minutes of Honeymooners footage, all remastered in high-definition. Enjoy the holiday classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas” as well as five bonus episodes. It’s the perfect gift for fans of classic TV!


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Put a little extra magic into your holiday with Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Christmas Episodes DVD. Catch up on six magically merry Christmas episodes clocking in at over 2 hours. Each episode has special guest stars like Coolio, Billy West, Soleil Moon Frye, Danny Bonaduce, and many more. And of course, what cat lover can’t turn away from Salem the magical talking cat.

Drama TV Lovers


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Grab some pizza and a dish of Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream because the Gilmore Girls are back again, this time on DVD. Reunite with the fast-talking, coffee-drinking mother-daughter duo of Stars Hollow and, you guessed it, experience a year in their lives. While Lorelai struggles with the future of her relationship with Luke, Rory returns to Stars Hollow wanting to write a book about life with her mother. Cue the GG hijinks you all know and love. All the cast returned to play their original characters – including Sookie, Dean, Jess, Kirk, Lane, Paris, Logan, Michel, and Miss Patty – a true Stars Hollow reunion! The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Box Set contains two DVDs with two episodes on each disk and is available starting November 28th.


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THIS IS US: Season 1

Get your tissues ready because Season 1 of This Is Us is available on Blu-ray/DVD. Watch (and cry) as the lives and stories of seemingly unconnected people intertwine in unexpected ways. See why most of the cast was nominated for Emmy’s through 5 discs of tear-jerking content. After each episode, stay tuned for bonus featurettes called “The Aftershow” which look further into the details of each week’s story. As season 2 unfolds, now would be a good time to see where it all started with This Is Us Season 1 DVD.


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THE GOOD WIFE: Complete Series

In a world rife with political scandal, a series like The Good Wife stands out. In an all too familiar scenario, a public sex scandal of a State’s Attorney pushes his wife Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) back into a career in law. Enjoy all 156 episodes of the acclaimed series over 42 discs, with bonus material that includes behind the scenes featurettes, deleted/extended scenes, and the ever-present gag reels. Dive in to one of the best, and most relevant to our times, dramas with The Good Wife: Complete Series.

Crime TV Lovers


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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: The Complete Series

A year after their friend’s disappearance, an estranged group of girls are reunited by mysterious and malevolent messages that threaten to ruin their lives. Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Series contains 36 DVDs with all 160 episodes of the seven season series. Enjoy 2 discs of bonus features, including cast and crew interviews, character fashion reviews, behind the scenes looks, wrap party footage, and much more in over 30 extra featurettes! Don’t lie to yourself, pick up this box set now!


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SHERLOCK: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

The world’s most famous detective is back and snarkier than ever in Sherlock: The Complete Series. Join the Sherlock and Watson as they unravel mysteries and offer pithy comments to the incapable law enforcement types they’re supplanting. Dive deeper into the sociopathic psyche of the renowned detective, played elegantly by Benedict Cumberbatch. Featuring all 14 feature-length episodes, enjoy almost twenty hours of content across 9 discs. Bonus material includes special featurettes of both behind the scenes and deeper looks into the world of Sherlock Holmes and The Abominable Bride Special. You might call picking up this box set an elementary decision.


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BONES: The Complete Series

Join forensics expert Temperence “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) as they team up to solve murders through unconventional means. Enjoy all 245 episodes of the acclaimed series through 66 discs and almost 200 hours of content. Bonus content for each season includes deleted scenes, commentaries, gag reels, several featurettes and a series retrospective.

Comedy TV Lovers


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WORKAHOLICS: The Complete Series

Dive into the exciting and totally weird life of three slackers who work at the same telemarketing company with Workaholics: The Complete Series. Follow the ridiculous, work-avoiding antics of Anders, Blake, and Adam as they drive their boss and fellow co-workers crazy. There are 15 discs in this set, covering the 7 season run of the show. The exciting bonus material includes a complete series Wrap Reel of unused, improvised jokes, deleted scenes, cast interviews, behind the scenes featurettes, gag reels and bloopers and more. So slack off today with Workaholics: The Complete Series DVD.


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VEEP: Season 6

When the current political climate gets you down, you can always turn to the one on HBO – not to lift your spirits but to give you catharsis through hilariously merciless insults. Veep Season 6 follows the acerbic Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as she navigates political life post-presidency, with the same inept cast of hangers-on still, well, hanging on. The ten episodes of season 6 are spread between 2 discs with audio commentary from cast and writers for seven of them. Just imagine how Selina Meyer would feel if you didn’t get Veep Season 6…


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If you like 80’s pop culture nostalgia with your comedy then look no further than The Goldbergs Season 4 Box Set. Go back the simpler times when Mom was a “smother” and all the family love came out as yelling at each other. The full season spreads 3 discs and comes all snuggied up with bonus material: gag reel, deleted scenes, and episode commentaries from cast and crew. Join the family and learn what it means to grow up Goldberg.


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MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID: The Complete Series

Discover one of the greatest sketch show in the history of early-to-mid-nineties HBO sketch comedy shows with Mr. Show with Bob and David the Complete Series DVD Box Set. Enjoy all four seasons of Mr. Show across 6 discs, with classic sketches like Fuzz: The Musical, Change for a Dollar, Coupon: The Movie (The Ride), and many, many more. Bonus material includes behind the scenes featurettes, a making of the DVD commentaries featurette, old commercials, and the actual aforementioned commentaries which are even more hilarious than the episodes themselves. Seriously, Mr. Show contains some of the funniest content and characters you will ever see on a sketch show, do yourself a favor and pick this up!

Horror TV Lovers


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BATES MOTEL: The Complete Series

Bates Motel is the series you never knew you needed. It’s the origin story of Norman Bates’ relationship with his mother, Norma – played to perfection by Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga, respectively. Explore the horror lurking in the halls of the Bates Motel over 15 discs, with plenty of bonus material to keep you frightened: deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurettes, and…gag reels. Okay, the gag reels aren’t necessarily scary but you get the idea.


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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Complete Collection, Seasons 1-5

Dive into the anthology horror series American Horror Story with the Complete Collection. Relive the horrors of Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, and Hotel. With content across almost 20 discs, you’re sure to be scared wherever you land. Enjoy bonus features like audio commentaries, behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and much more. Bring the horror story home with this DVD set.


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HANNIBAL: The Complete Series

Join Hannibal Lecter before he was a criminal (see: caught) in Hannibal: The Complete Series, a frightfully underrated show. Mads Mikkelsen excels as Lecter, teaming with the FBI to track down serial killers while also hiding his own cannibalistic lust. Enjoy the three short-lived seasons across 9 discs, with bonus content like audio commentaries, plenty of featurettes and documentaries, and deleted scenes and the ever-present gag reels. So pour a glass of a nice Chianti and settle down for Hannibal: The Complete Series.

Classic TV Lovers


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THAT '70 SHOW: The Complete Series, Flashback Edition

Go back to a time when the hair and jeans were equally wild and The Man was any authority figure that got you down. With That 70’s Show Flashback Edition, you can go back in a widescreen High Definition Blu-Ray experience. Join your favorite suburban Wisconsin kids in all 200 hundred episodes of the series. Bonus features include audio commentaries on select episodes. So pile into the basement, or the Vista Cruiser, and go back to the 70’s in style.


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Go back to a time when a high school girl’s main problems were school, boys, and fighting the undead forces of evil with Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Complete Series Box Set. Spread over a remarkable 39 discs, watch as Buffy transforms over 7 seasons from an unassuming teenager to a stone cold slayer. On and off again vampire romances, lesbian witches, and a demon who kills with the power of song and dance, there is plenty to enjoy. The set comes with a multitude of bonus features, including cast and crew interviews and commentaries, scripts, still galleries, behind the scenes featurettes, a Buffy Bestiary, and much more. So get out your popcorn and stakes and enjoy Buffy the Complete Series.


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Thanks For The Memories: Bob Hope Specials Deluxe Collection

Bob Hope is one of the most renowned comedians in history and now you can relive his greatest specials with the Thank For The Memories Deluxe Collection. Spanning 19 DVDs, the Collection boasts over 38 hours of specials, including 21 never seen since their original broadcasts. Enjoy a horde of celebrity appearances from people like John Wayne, Lucille Ball, Tom Jones, Carol Burnett and many more. You will also find 10 USO specials that span the years 1950-1993 and bases all over the world. And what collection isn’t fully realized without bonus features: the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of Hope, specials Shanks for the Memories and Memories of World War II, and a 32-page Memory book filled with archival photos and stories. So grab Thanks for the Memories and enjoy the legacy of one of the greatest comedians of all time.


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The Red Skelton Hour In Color: Deluxe Edition

Be entertained by America’s Clown Prince with The Red Skelton Hour Deluxe Collection. With over 65 hours of hilarious content over 22 discs, there is plenty to enjoy. Watch 130 remastered episodes of the 20-season variety show, with numerous guest appearances of the biggest and TV and movie stars of the day, like Johnny Carson, Milton Berle, Jackie Cooper, and Mickey Rooney. In addition to the episodes, enjoy fabulous bonus content like the biography America’s Clown, a multitude of farewell specials, and a collectible Memory Book detailing how Red’s most famous characters came to life. With The Red Skelton Hour Deluxe Edition, you can celebrate the career of one of the greatest American entertainers.


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GREEN ACRES: The Complete Series

Green Acres is the place for you with the Green Acres Complete Series Box Set. Join your favorite New York couple, Oliver(Eddie Albert) and Lisa Douglas(Eva Gabor), as they try to adjust to life in the country on this classic TV series. Enjoy all 170 episodes of Green Acres across 24 discs, where the colorful characters of Hooterville continually test the patience of Oliver. The set contains plenty of bonus material, like a 30 minute primer on the series from TV historian Stephen Cox, behind the scenes photo galleries, commentaries, and an excerpt of the Merv Griffith Show featuring Gabor and Albert as guests. So leave the city and come to the country with Green Acres: The Complete Series.