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Complete Guide to Starz Channel's OUTLANDER Seasons 2, 3 & 4 Cast, Interviews, Episodes, Kilts & Mor

Maj Canton & Mike Vicic - May 9, 2018


On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Starz announced that OUTLANDER will make its first-ever series appearance at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2018 in New York City on Saturday, October 6. Season 4 cast members Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin are confirmed to attend. For information on New York Comic Con tickets please visit

OUTLANDER is currently shooting the fourth season on location in Scotland which will include 13 episodes based upon "Drums of Autumn," the fourth of the eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling "Outlander" series. The upcoming season continues the romantic adventures of Claire (Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Heughan) in America and will premiere this November 2018 on STARZ.

Additionally, Starz has already renewed OUTLANDER for two more seasons, taking the series through its sixth season. “Fans can rest assured their beloved Claire and Jamie will be back facing new challenges, adversaries and adventures in seasons five and six as we delve into American history and continue the story of the Frasers as they settle in the New World,” said Starz President and CEO Chris Albrecht. Adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling books and executive produced by Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Toni Graphia, Matthew B. Roberts, and Andy Harries, Starz will continue to partner with Sony Pictures Television on this multi-book, 24-episode pick-up for OUTLANDER Seasons 5 and 6 will each play out over 12 episodes respectively and will be based on material from the fifth book in the Outlander series, entitled "The Fiery Cross," as well as the sixth book in the series, "A Breath of Snow and Ashes."



On October 11, 2017 Starz announced casting on two key roles for OUTLANDER Season 4: Maria Doyle Kennedy will portray Jocasta, Jamie's strong willed Aunt and Ed Speleers will play Irishman Stephen Bonnet, a pirate and smuggler.



Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie’s epic time-traveling love story continued when OUTLANDER: SEASON THREE debuted Tuesday, April 10, 2018 on Blu-ray™, DVD and digital, as well as on a Limited Collector’s Edition, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. OUTLANDER: SEASON THREE sees Claire and Jamie attempting to make a life apart from one another but the fates have other plans as they find their way back to each other and set sail for new lands.  OUTLANDER: SEASON THREE contains all 13 episodes in a five-disc Limited Collector’s Edition, Blu-ray™ and DVD sets, along with 27 deleted and extended scenes with introductions by Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore, a gag reel and two featurettes. In “A Traveling Show Takes Sail,” the cast and crew describe what it was like moving the production from Scotland to South Africa and the challenges shooting aboard the Artemis ship; and Lotte Verbeek and other cast and crew discuss Geillis Duncan’s return this season in “The Transformation of Geillis Duncan.”
The Limited Collector’s Edition and Blu-ray™ exclusive content includes an exclusive additional scene with Lord John Grey & Lady Isobel Dunsany from the episode “Of Lost Things,” the original chemistry test between Caitriona and Sam with an introduction by Ronald D. Moore, the Outlander podcasts for each episode with commentary from Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts, and four additional featurettes. “Claire & Jamie: Together Again” discusses what it was like for Caitriona and Sam to work separately for half of the season and what it was like reuniting their characters after 20 years had passed, while “Jamie’s Revolution” and “Claire: Through Time” have Caitriona and Sam discussing their characters’ journeys this season. “Saying Goodbye to Frank & Jonathan Randall” is a final farewell to Tobias Menzies and both of his integral characters, Frank and Black Jack Randall. In addition, the Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray™ will feature special packaging, including 28 pages of behind-the-scenes photographs.


Character Descriptions


CLAIRE FRASER (Caitriona Balfe)

After the harrowing events of Season 1, a pregnant Claire arrives in France with her husband Jamie. Her new mission -- infiltrate the Jacobite movement and prevent the battle of Culloden. The strong-minded Claire is determined to alter the course of history and save not only the Highlander people she's come to love -- but to secure a future for the child she now carries.

Season 2 ended in 1968, 20 years after Claire returned from the past, as she finally learned that Jamie survived Culloden...and might very well still be alive beyond the stones. At the start of Season 3, Claire transitions back to the life she used to know and the Claire of 1948 has no knowledge of her love's survival and still mourns his loss. Claire finds herself again in a new time and an exotic land: 20th century Boston. It is in America that she gives birth to Jamie's child, Brianna. She tries to rekindle her marriage with Frank, for the sake of the daughter they are raising together, and Claire embraces education again. With her formidable bravery and intellect, she is one of the first women at Harvard Medical School and progresses from nurse to surgeon in her time in the 20th century...but she never stops thinking of her true love. And when she learns that Jamie survived Culloden, she must decide whether to return to the 18th century.

JAMIE FRASER (Sam Heughan)

Haunted by a violent past and outlawed in his native Scotland, Jamie Fraser establishes a new life in France with his beloved wife Claire, their unborn child, and a mission: to stop Prince Charles and the Jacobite uprising. To do so, Jamie must transform himself from rugged Highlander to Parisian wine merchant as he navigates high society including the court of King Louis XV.

After sending Claire back through the stones to save her and their unborn child from the horrors of Culloden, Jamie survives against all odds -- and even his own wishes. But he emerges a changed man. A shell of his former self, he moves through life as a ghost, constantly battling for the will to continue on without his beloved Claire by his side. First as a fugitive, then as a prisoner, Jamie faces many trials and hardships, unaware that Claire, having lived 20 years without him, is now searching for him through history. Ultimately, Jamie's tenacious and rebellious spirit perserveres and he prepares for the next chapter of his life without the love of his life.

FRANK RANDALL (Tobias Menzies)

Claire's husband, and former British Intelligence officer in the 20th century. An intellectual and academic, Frank is also a loyal husband who is willing to stretch the realm of scientific possibilities in order to find his missing wife.

Frank is now an esteemed Harvard history professor in the 20th century. When Claire returns to the present day, Frank's loyalty and character are tested in their marriage, with his beloved daughter, Brianna, serving as a constant reminder of his wife's passion for another man. As Claire mourns the loss of her one true love, Frank struggles to rekindle a relationship with the only woman he has ever loved.

BRIANNA RANDALL (Sophie Skelton)

A striking, redheaded young lady, is the daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Strong-minded and intelligent beyond her years (traits inherited from both her mother and father) Brianna has a distinctly scholastic mind-set, with a healthy dose of American strength, having been born and bred in Boston under the watchful eye of historian Frank Randall.

Left reeling from the revelations of Season 2, Brianna must now come to terms with the fact that her father is not the man she thought, but rather a Scotsman...from the 1700s.

ROGER WAKEFIELD (Richard Rankin)

Intelligent, kindhearted, and charming, Roger is the grown up version of Reverend Wakefield's adorable adopted son we met in Season 1. After his parents died in World War II, Roger was raised by the Reverend (with help from his housekeeper, Mrs. Graham) and is a proud Scot through and through. Now a professor at Oxford, Roger has a keen interest in history, and all the secrets and insight it presents.

Roger connected deeply with Brianna during the tumultuous events of Episode 213. Now, in Season 3, he finds himself once again caught up in teh tangled Randall family drama, as Brianna struggles with her identity and while Claire searches through history for Jamie.


Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall is a Captain in the 18th century English Army, posted into Scotland during a time when rebellion is in the air. As an officer in an occupying army, he's seen and done terrible and horrific things in the undeclared war in the Highlands. Jack is capable of monstrous acts, which he justifies to himself as being necessary to enforce British rule. Randall has an unhealthy obsession with Jamie, who manages to run afoul of him more than once during the series -- a dark, twisted game of cat and mouse.


Murtagh, the gruff but ever-loyal Highlander, travels with Jamie and Claire to the shores of France after helping to free his godson from the clutches of Black Jack Randall in Wentworth Prison. Charged by a promise to Jamie's mother Ellen, he offers protection and kinship to the couple in trying times. Homesick for his ancestral Fraser lands, adapting to a strange new culture is not on Murtagh's agenda.

LOUISE DE ROHAN (Claire Sermonne)

A frivolous and animated member of the French Court. Claire befriends Louise during her tenure in Paris, and although the two women come from completely different worlds, they strike up a genuine friendship.


Mary is a sweet and innocent young Englishwoman with a slight nervous stammer. The daughter of a minor baronet and niece of Silas Hawkins, Mary is a pawn in the power plays of her elders. She is engaged to an ancient member of the French nobility.


When Charles Stuart isn't carousing with his Jacobite supporters, the young heir to the exiled Catholic royal dynasty is plotting his return to the throne. An unlikely leader with an unabashed taste for alcohol and women, Prince Charles is hell-bent on glory -- no matter what the cost.

KING LOUIS XV (Lionel Lingelser)

Louis XV, King of France, is a powerful man with a taste for the ladies. Louis is used to getting his way in all regards, but can easily grow tired of the people and things that no longer appeal to him.

YOUNG FERGUS (Romann Berrux)

Raised in a brothel, this young French pickpocket is prone to mischief, but is also wise beyond his years. Equally adept at picking pockets as he is at handing out compliments, this precocious youth is fiercely loyal to the Frasers and would gladly lay down his life to protect them.

MASTER RAYMOND (Dominique Pinon)

A small kindly apothecary, Master Raymond is a mysterious healer with a great deal of knowledge regarding secret matters, both political and occult. Though generally viewed with suspicion by his contemporaries, Master Raymond forms a special bond with Claire.

ALEXANDER RANDALL (Laurence Dobiesz)

Despite the shared DNA and physical resemblance, Alex possesses nothing of his older brother Black Jack's ruthless brutality. A curate and secretary for the Duke of Sandringham, Alex is gentle, loving, and kind.


A skilled and experienced warrior, Dougal is the War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie. His older brother Colum is the ruling Laird, but Dougal is his loyal right hand and the true muscle. He is courageous on the battlefield and is feared by many; the kind of man who will get what he wants, no matter what (or who) stands in his way. Though an artful tactician, he sometimes lets his temper and impetuous nature get the better of him. Unlike his brother, Dougal secretly supports the rebel Jacobite cause against the British, and works to raise funds to restore a Scottish King.


The Laird of the MacKenzie clan, Colum is Jamie's maternal uncle and brother to Dougal. Colum suffers from what is known in the 20th century as Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome, a degenerative disease that renders his legs immobile at times, and fills his days with a great amount of pain. Unable to rule by brawn, he must rely on cunning and intellect to lead his clan. Not surprisingly, there is a quiet sadness about him, as he must depend on his brother Dougal to be his enforcer. But above all, he is insightful and stern; a strong leader who secretly fears for the future of his clan and its leadership.

ANGUS MHOR (Stephen Walters)

Another member of Clan MacKenzie, Angus is a hard drinker who's always looking for a fight. Although less verbal than Rupert, Angus has no problem speaking up when needed, especially if it's about "those damn English!" His hatred for the Brits is palpable, and as far as he's concerned Claire can go right back where she came from -- dead or alive. Rarely seen without a bottle in his hand, Angus is nonetheless an extremely skilled fighter, and a loyal clansman, making him an asset to both Colum and Dougal.


A loyal member of Clan MacKenzie; Jamie's second cousin. Rupert is an angler who is always looking for opportunities - he just can't stand to pass up a good raid. He's also known as a bit of a sex fiend. Rupert is Dougal's right hand man; Dougal has power and Rupert wishes he did as well. Rupert is happy to cast a watchful eye over Claire and report back to Dougal, but at the same time it's nothing personal; Claire is just a means to an end for him, a way to win points with Dougal.


Jamie's older sister, she shares many of the same strong characteristics of her brother. Stubborn and quick-tempered, Jenny is also smart, experienced, and skilled, running Lallybroch (the Fraser ancestral home) when Jamie is away. Jenny is married to Ian Murray, they have one child (Wee Jamie) and a second child on the way.

New Characters for Season 3


Lord John is a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong. He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing -- the consummate gentleman. However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland, and an unrequited love makes him a prisoner of his own passion.

OLDER FERGUS (Cesar Domboy)

The grown-up version of the beloved French pickpokcket that Jamie and Claire took under their wing in Season 2. Born into a brothel, Fergus has grown up into a charming, devilishly handsome man with a strong sense of loyalty and decorum, despite his upbringing. He is the ultimate romantic, wearing his heart on his sleeve and falling in and out of love easily. However, Fergus' devotion to Jamie never wavers, making the Frenchman an integral part of the Fraser clan. Still, his debonair demeanor masks a longing for a lasting love and a permanent sense of belonging.


The high-spirited eldest daughter of Laoghaire. With her mother's looks, blond and lovely like Laoghaire in her youth, 18-year-old Marsali has a rebellious and romantic mind of her own. She knows what she wants and she goes after it -- reputation and propriety be damned.


A Tall, gangly, 16-year-old Scottish lad with a heart of gold, a stubborn streak, and a penchant for getting into trouble. Bursting with charm, he's more like his adventurous, fierce uncle Jamie than his farmer father Ian.


A Chinese man with a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine, Mr. Willoughby is a talented poet in exile, with an even deeper love of women. Willoughby, a confidante of Jamie Fraser, speaks English well, but hides it when it suits him. He is even more of an outsider than Claire in 18th century Scotland.


British Captain Thomas Leonard is the inexperienced, by-the-book de facto captain of the Artemis. Promoted quickly due to the untimely deaths of his commanding officers, Leonard takes his job very seriously, though it weighs heavily on his young shoulders. A third lieutenant, he never thought he would be the captain of a man-of-war ship. Above all, he wants to do what is right by the British Navy -- whether or not it is right by his own personal morals.


Eldest daughter Geneva is as beautiful as she is headstrong. Yet she's also petulant, spoiled and demanding of the servants at their home- Helwater. Geneva's accustomed to getting exactly what she wants when she wants it. Underneath however she has a vulnerability -- even a naivete -- due to her sheltered life.

ISOBEL DUNSANY (Tanya Reynolds)

Isobel, Geneva's younger sister, is warm, friendly and genuine. Though more plain than her sister, Isobel is inherently more likeable and compassionate towards others.


Joe Abernathy is a fellow doctor-in-training whom Claire befriends in medical school. Intelligent, charismatic, with a wry and irreverent sense of humor, Joe is a loyal confidant with great affection for Claire. He puts on a good face, but he is all too aware of his place in the Civil Rights era. Joe and Claire both feel out of place in the mostly all-white, all-male medical field, which bonds them together in a life-long friendship.

Season 3 Episode Guide


If you want to know nothing about the episodes at all, skip this section. Provided by Starz, this episode guide includes general episode descriptions and specific plot details.


Episode 301: "The Battle Joined"
Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Ronald D. Moore
Directed by: Brendan Maher
After living through the Battle of Culloden, Jamie finds himself at the mercy of unforgiving British victors, until a connection from his past provides his only hope of survival. Meanwhile, a pregnant Claire attempts to adjust to life in the modern world of 1940s Boston - and life with Frank.

Episode 302: "Surrender"
Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Anne Kenney
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger
Hiding in an isolated cave, Jamie leads a lonely life until Lallybroch is threatened by redcoats pursuing the elusive Jacobite traitor known as "Red Jamie." Back in Boston, Claire and Frank struggle to coexist in a marriage haunted by the ghost of Jamie's love.

Episode 303: "All Debts Paid"
Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Matthew B. Roberts
Directed by: Brendan Maher
In prison, Jamie discovers that an old foe has become the warden - and now has the power to make his life a living hell. Over the years, Claire and Frank both put their best foot forward to share a harmonious marriage, but an uninvited guest shatters this illusion, bringing their differences to light.

Episode 304: "Of Lost Things"
Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Toni Graphia
Directed by: Brendan Maher
While serving as groomsman at the aristocratic estate of Helwater, Jamie is reluctantly pulled into the intrigue of a noble British family. In 1968 Scotland, Claire, Brianna and Roger struggle to trace Jamie's whereabouts in history, leaving Claire to wonder if they will ever find him again.

Episode 305: "Freedom & Whiskey"
Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Toni Graphia
Directed by: Brendan Maher
As Brianna grapples with the life-changing revelations of the past summer, Claire must help her come to terms with the fact that she is truly her father's daughter - her 18th century Highlander father. To complicate matters further, Roger brings news that forces Claire and Brianna to face an impossible choice.

Episode 306: "A. Malcom"
Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Matthew B. Roberts
Directed by: Norma Bailey
After decades apart, Jamie and Claire finally reunite and rekindle their emotional and physical bonds. But Jamie's new business dealings jeopardize the couples' hopes for a simple life together.

Episode 307: "Crème De Menthe"
Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Karen Campbell
Directed by: Norma Bailey
In the aftermath of a violent confrontation, Claire follows her conscience as a surgeon, even though it could put her and Jamie’s lives at risk. At the same time, Jamie attempts to evade the reach of the Crown as its representative closes in on his illegal dealings.

Episode 308: "First Wife"
Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Joy Blake
Directed by: Jennifer Getzinger
Claire returns to Lallybroch with Jamie, where she does not receive quite the reception she was expecting. Unbeknownst to her, Jamie's made some choices in their time apart which come back to haunt them with a vengeance.

Episode 309: "The Doldrums"
Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Shannon Goss
Directed by: David Moore
Claire and Jamie leave Scotland sailing to the West Indies on an urgent quest. But when the superstitious crew looks for someone to blame after a string of bad luck, rescue comes from an unlikely source.

Episode 310: "Heaven & Earth"
Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Luke Schelhaas
Directed by: David Moore
Claire races to discover the source of an epidemic aboard a disease-stricken ship before hundreds of sailors die. And as Jamie locks horns with Captain Raines, Fergus finds himself torn between loyalty and love.

Episode 311: "Uncharted" (fka "Turtle Soup")
Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Karen Campbell, Sharon Goss
Directed by: Charlotte Brandstrom
After making a leap of faith, Claire washes up on a seemingly deserted island where survival is her only option. Navigating treacherous waters has crippled the Artemis so Jamie devises a joyful moment for his crew in the midst of devastating setbacks.

Episode 312: "The Bakra"
Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Luke Schelhaas
Directed by: Charlotte Brandstrom
The Artemis finally reaches Jamica bringing Jamie and Claire that much closer to their goal. During a lavish ball on the island, the Frasers encounter old allies, as well as former adversaries who threaten to derail their mission.

Episode 313: "Eye of the Storm (fka "A New World")
Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT
Written by: Matthew B. Roberts, Toni Graphia
Directed by:
Claire is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with an old adversary as she searches for Young Ian. The Frasers race through the jungles of Jamaica to prevent the unthinkable.



Filming for Season 3 took place in locations all over Scotland and in Cape Town, South Africa. The cast and crew embraced the adventure of filming this epic journey from Scotland to the New World. Executive Producer and Writer Ron Moore says, "Season 3, adapted from Book Three -- 'Voyager' -- is the pivot point of the whole series. The transition from one continent to another via huge adventure towards a new world, new life and new challenges. I am really excited about this season and feel it will be our strongest so far. We are presenting a whole new environment and a lot of exciting new characters."

The season opens with Jamie after the battle of Culloden. The camera sweeps across a heap of bodies -- dead Highlanders -- the aftermath of bloody battle. Amongst the bodies we see Jamie Fraser, alive but barely. As he drifts in and out of consciousness, we witness the great battle through his recollections. Illustrating Culloden from Jamie's perspective was a clever method devised by Moore, who wrote the episode, to give the fans of "Outlander" a taste of this great part of history that has been integral to the storyline of "Outlander" since Season One. The end of the personal war between Jamie Fraser and his nemesis Captain Jack Randall. "The first episode depicts two major events that are not in the books: the Battle of Culloden and Brianna's birth," explains Moore. "Both are referred to by other characters but not dramatized directly. Culloden has been discussed since the beginning of the series, and we felt we should deliver it for the fans. I started by writing a linear version of the Battle of the Culloden but quickly realized it would require too much time and that it would have a domino effect on the whole season. I regrouped and decided to make it a hallucinatory experience from Jamie's point of view. It was fun to write. It became this interesting, surreal event that I could move back and forward in time with a real creative freedom." Having taken the brave decision to send Claire back through the stones for the sake of their unborn child, Jamie enters battle expecting to die. "There was a sense of peace in playing this emotionally," says Heughan. "Jamie had made his decision -- it was a strange mind-set, fatalistic and sad." This fight between Jamie and Black Jack Randall is the culmination of a conflict between two men that started in Season 1. When they collide, they both approach their fight with a reckless abandon. They intrinsically know each other's strengths and weaknesses. This was the climax of a personal animosity that reached into the depths of their souls. Jamie -- who thanks to Claire knows the tragic outcome of Culloden, which spells the end of Highland life, his clan and his future dreams -- fights without restraint. Black Jack swings his sword with the knowledge given by Claire that today is his day to die. Heughan and Menzies, who plays Black Jack Randall (and Claire's 20th century husband, Frank), have been fighting each other on screen for three years, so their final battle was exciting to choreograph. The actors spent two weeks blocking out the fight. Heughan remembers, "Tobias has been a worthy enemy, friend and work colleague. On our last day battling, I managed to punch him in the face inadvertently -- sorry Tobias -- but it was probably payback for all the terrible things he's done to me over the seasons." Menzies adds, "I think Jack Randall's attitude at Culloden is the same that it's always been. He has a weird disregard for death. I think that's present in so many of his decisions. He feels bizarrely invulnerable to it as if he's blessed, or he can't be touched. He fights like he does everything else, with a certain sort of recklessness and disregard for the consequences and the outcomes." "Tobias really is a tremendous actor and has been integral to the show from the outset," says Moore. "The range and the subtle shading he gave to both Jack and Frank and how he imbued their two characters was incredible. He always shows their flaws and their humanity, and you never mistake one for the other. We didn't need to physically mark them apart with scars, beards or make-up as Tobias made them two such different men internally on camera." From a production perspective, recreating the battle of Culloden was a huge undertaking. Questions that producer David Brown had to answer: "How are we going to realize this? How many extras do we need to make it impressive? How many stunts? How many horses? How many real weapons, and how many rubber ones that are safe versions? How much of the battle will we recreate practically, or how much will we add in visual effects?"

Claire's story opens in 1948, pregnant with Jamie's child and living with Frank -- reunited and about to restart their married life in Boston. She has left Jamie, the love of her life, for the protection of their unborn child. "If Claire hadn't been pregnant, she probably would have stayed and fought alongside Jamie at Culloden," says Balfe, "We see how she survives and rebuilds her life after having gone back through the stones, leaving the love of her life and such an important part of herself behind. It is a testament to the strength of the woman she is." With the layers of history and intrigue, the Claire and Frank story is a beautifully complex and poignant recipe for tragedy. "The dynamic between Frank and Claire at the beginning of this season is difficult," explains Tobias Menzies. "The pregnancy and then the physical presence of this child is hard to escape. Certainly before Brianna arrives, a lot of the troubling questions are alive for Frank. Those questions burn off once Brianna is born, and his paternal love is born." Executive Producer Maril Davis adds, "The relationship that Frank has with Brianna is very special. He loves this child as his own, and the fact that he feels this way, despite the knowledge that she's Jamie's daughter, is both heart breaking and wonderful at the same time." "Claire throws herself into her new role as a mother, a beautiful side of her that we've never seen," says Balfe. "There is always a love between Claire and Frank. They didn't have a miserable time for 20 years -- they found a way to make it work. It is a great sadness of humanity that we don't always get to give each other what we need." Balfe continues, "Brianna is a very smart, sweet child. She is very like Claire -- stubborn, intelligent and passionate -- which sometimes results in their relationship being strained, but there is a lot of love there. Claire is incredibly proud of the woman Brianna becomes." Creating a quintessential Boston brownstone in Scotland was exciting and challenging. The exteriors were shot in Glasgow, and the interior of the house where Claire, Frank and Brianna live as a family was built in the studio using the framework of the Paris apartment from Season 2. Claire's separation from the true love of her life and the constant reminder of Jamie in her red headed daughter have her feeling trapped in an emotional prison. Once Brianna becomes more independent, Claire copes by returning to school to become first a doctor, then a surgeon -- which was ground-breaking in the 1950s. Realizing her professional and academic ambition was not only an integral part of Claire as a strong and aspirational character, but for the production it helps illustrates the passage of time. "There is so much to admire about Claire Fraser, but her intelligence and her bravery are at the top of the list," says Balfe. "She breaks down prejudice and barriers whether she is in the 18th Century or the 20th Century. Her commitment to care and healing that result in her qualifying as one of the first female surgeons is terrific, not to mention how fun those scenes are to play." It is at Harvard Medical School, as the sole female student, that she meets Joe Abernathy, the sole African American student, and their great friendship is formed. Wil Johnson, who plays Joe Abernathy, says, "Joe and Claire bond as outsiders in this white middle class institution but it is more than that ... Joe thinks of Claire as a special anomaly. He has never met a woman like her -- gutsy, feisty, intuitive, smart, brave, warm, kind and sympathetic. She is his ally, and he knows there is something about her ... not of this world, which draws him to her." During Claire's time in America we see Brianna grow from baby to a confident 20-year-old woman. It is Brianna who helps Claire research history to discover that Jamie may still be alive. "Brianna's realization of the truth that her father is from the 18th Century and her acceptance of this story is massive," says Balfe. "Then to give her mother her permission and blessing to go and find the love of her life shows incredible strength and understanding." Skelton adds, "Brianna's prickly relationship with her mother is due to the fact they are so similar. When Claire reveals this huge truth to her daughter, it really opens them both up emotionally to each other -- and then Bree faces this inner turmoil of wanting to be selfless to send her mother back to Jamie but also not wanting to lose her when finally, they are getting along so well." The creative decision on how many episodes to keep our star-crossed lovers apart was much debated by the Producers and Writers. "Personally, I wanted to see them kept apart as long as possible -- it made the reunion so much sweeter," says Executive Producer Toni Graphia.

After barely surviving the Battle of Culloden, Jamie finds himself a captive of the unforgiving British victors. "He's physically very weak and mentally wants to die," says Heughan. "Fate would have it that he was owed a debt of honor from someone he saved before the battle and, therefore, he is given his life when his friends and fellow Highlanders lose theirs." As an outlaw, Jamie can't live at his family home Lallybroch, so he takes up residence in a nearby cave, living a solitary life. "Over the course of the next few years, Jamie is dead inside," explains Executive Producer Matt Roberts. "He goes into a seven-year shell living in a cave, living off the land and disassociating himself from his family and loved ones because he doesn't have any love to share." This time was dangerous for Jamie, who was living a primal existence in nature, but also for his whole family, who would be punished for sheltering a traitor. Jamie's emotional and physical isolation is only ended by a horrific misadventure that befalls Fergus, Jamie's adopted son, at the hand of British. This unjust act of violence galvanizes our hero, and he once more realizes that he has something to fight for. "Jamie shows so many different personalities during those testing times," says Heughan. "He is in the shadows, hiding from himself and the world. Having parted from Claire and then lost so many friends on the battlefield, he suffers all the stages of grief: disbelief, anger, sadness and eventual acceptance. The first few episodes of Season Three gave me a new 'Jamie' to bring to life." Creating the wild and very hairy look for Jamie's cave years was the work of Hair and Make-Up Designer Ann McEwan. "The long red beard and wild hair was the most transformative look for any actor this season," she says. "It looks amazing on camera, but Sam hated it! As the glue dried on his face each day, it sort of set his expression and restricted his movement. It was also very hard to eat and drink once it was all on, so I know he was happy when we completed those scenes." Great caves tend to be by the sea or up glens in very inaccessible places for film crews to access, so finding a location to serve as Jamie's wild home was a challenge. Location Manager Hugh Gourlay notes, "Finding a solution is often part of the logistical challenge of the perfect location. For the cave, we found some incredible overhanging rock near the location we use for Lallybroch. With our production designer and construction department, we took molds of the rock and created a cave." "Jamie Fraser is a very practical man, so when designing the cave, we knew he would make use of everything available to him in his local environment and probably steal the odd thing from Lallybroch on his regular visits," adds Set Designer Gina Cromwell. Following his years of solitude in the cave, Jamie surrenders himself to the British and is sent to Ardsmuir prison. He again becomes a leader and comes face-to-face with an old foe, Lord John Grey. "Grey is an interesting character in Jamie's journey," says Heughan. "We first met him as a young boy whom Jamie captures and then releases in Season Two before Culloden. This sets up a debt of honor that shapes their history. At Ardsmuir, with Lord John arriving as the new Governor -- despite being prisoner and jailor -- they develop a trust and friendship." David Berry, who plays Lord John Grey, talks of his character. "John Grey's childhood encounter with Jamie Fraser had a lasting effect on him -- almost a burden of shame. He arrives at the remote prison of Ardsmuir to find this man who has informed his character, and he is fascinated by him." Following his years in prison, Lord John arranges for Jamie's next step and sends him to work as a groom at Helwater, the house of Lord and Lady Dunsany in the north of England. New characters in our hero's story at this stage are the Dunsany daughters: Lady Geneva, played by Hannah Jacobs, and Lady Isobel, played by Tanya Richards. These sisters -- one a spoilt, petulant beauty and the other a gentle, kind soul so different in character -- are key to the next chapter of Jamie Fraser's storyline. "Jamie loves being outside working with horses -- he finds a peace and resolve there -- learning to live a new life without Claire," Heughan says.

After decades apart, Claire returns to the 18th Century with the hope that Jamie is alive. "Claire feels every emotion possible when she thinks of the reunion -- anticipation, excitement and hopefulness balanced with nervousness, anxiety and a lot of insecurity, which we don't usually associate with her," says Balfe. "Will he still find me attractive? Will we still have the same feelings for each other? Has he fallen in love with someone else?" Jamie has built himself a new life in Edinburgh -- by day he is Alexander Malcom, respectable printer and by night he smuggles alcohol and sends out seditious pamphlets to rile the British. Into this print shop, walks the love of his life. "I think the audience will be excited to see them back together -- Claire walks in and Jamie's world is thrown into turmoil," says Heughan. "They have always had this great love and this great lust for each other, and a 20-year separation has not changed those two key factors." Matt Roberts, who wrote the episode, says, "We knew this would be a big episode, and we were not going to short change that. Jamie and Claire have been apart for 20 years, so we needed to show the audience the epic-ness of their love. Jamie is still the King of Men. He is still smart and funny, but he is now emotionally a different human being. So is Claire. The second half of the season is about them figuring out if they are still the perfect fit of the puzzle." Executive Producer Maril Davis adds, "The first half of the season we see Claire and Jamie on separate story paths, and we get to witness their emotional journey as they make their way back to each other. And that time apart and the struggles they've overcome only serve to make that reunion that much sweeter." When preparing Claire's outfit to return from modern times to the 18th Century, a lot of thought went into what she would take. "The concept of the suit is based in a story point that I discussed with the writers and we all felt pretty solid about," says Costume Designer Terry Dresbach. "We came to the conclusion that a woman as smart and resourceful as Claire, once she decided to travel back in time, would go as prepared as possible. If any of us KNEW we were traveling back in time and had time to decide what to bring, what to wear, what would our choices be? She knows she is going to 18th century Scotland, she knows what to expect. Therefore, we asked, what would Claire's choices be? It may be the most difficult and demanding costume I have had to do so far on this show.""When we go back to the 18th Century, Claire makes her own costume out of raincoats," Balfe explains. "It echoes some of things she wore in Paris.

For the last episodes of the season, as the story moves on to the voyage promised in the title of Gabaldon’s book, production moved to Cape Town Film Studios, South Africa to film upon the fabulous tall ships that exist there. Some of these ships were used in the STARZ production BLACK SAILS and some were new for OUTLANDER. Each was totally rejuvenated and redesigned by production designer Gary Steele and his team. Jamie and Claire set sail from Scotland upon a 110-foot schooner called the Artemis. It is an amazing piece of practical production: It be driven across the lot, floated on water and rocked (or gimbaled) to illustrate the rolling seas.

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