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Is '1000 Ways to Lie' yet another book about how to cheat in golf? Or is it a best-selling autobiography by a career politician? Or maybe it's a new reality series from the makers of 1000 Ways to Die?

Be prepared to watch more TV.



The test shoots are over, the pickle has passed from David to Conan to Jimmy, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is ready for its debut. That can mean only one thing! Robert De Niro will earn a 'First Guest' medal tonight.

De Niro will join quite an exclusive club. Of course, Bill Murray, is the consummate First Guest of late-night TV, having received that medal three different times. But who else has been a late-night First Guest? TV Tango went through the archives and found 40 First Guests of Late-Night TV — all since Late Night with David Letterman premiered back in February 1982.



If you're a regular reader of TV Squad, then you know that the site focuses on primetime TV.  Sure, you can periodically read about daytime television when there is a special event, like the first daytime lesbian wedding on All My Children, but those times are pretty rare.

Daytime TV fans rejoice!  It looks like AOL Television is going to fix that problem.



The national media went on a sugar high late last year, and it's still buzzing about cupcakes.  First, it was a Washington Post newspaper column.  Now, is the cupcake craze ready for primetime TV?

Apparently so.  Food Network is considering an entire TV series devoted to cupcakes, and it's tentatively called "Cupcake Wars."



Yes, it is your chance to own this lovely HBO BIG LOVE 100% cotton XL T-SHIRT. Just submit your favorite Romantic Moment, Scene or Quote from a TV Series or TV Movie. Our panel of undistinguished television watchers will determine the best entry. Anything you think was the most loving steamy, mushy, sweet or sexy.



Everybody loves a list.  Everybody loves TV.  So in honor of love's favorite holiday, TV Tango has compiled a list of TV show titles with the word LOVE in it.  We’ve culled the TV Tango database, ran the numbers, checked them twice and found the top-10-rated, original, made-for-TV movies and the top-10-rated TV series that aired in the last 25 years.


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