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Alvin and the Chipmunks

Episode List: Alvin and the Chipmunks

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  A Chip Off the Old Tooth; Three Alarm         
  A Day In the Life         
  A Dog's Best Friend Is a Chipmunk; Curse of Lontiki         
  All Worked Up         
  Alvey's Angels         
  Alvin & the Chipettes         
  Alvin and the Analyst         
  Alvin In Neverland         
  Alvin On Ice; Operation Theodore         
  Alvin's Not So Super Hero         
  Alvin's Obsession         
  Alvin's Wildest Schemes         
  Alvin, Alvin, Alvin; Dave's Dream Cabin         
  Amazing Chipmunks         
  Angelic Alvin; The Trouble With Nanny         
  Around the World With the Chipmunks         
  Ask Alvin; Theodore Lucks Out         
  Back to Dave's Future; Tell It to the Judge         
  Baseball Heroes; May the Best Chipmunk Win         
  Big Dreams; Island Fever         
  Bully Ballet; Alvin and the Chipmunks         
  Bye, George         
  Cadet's Regets         
  Camp Calomine Caper; Lights, Camera, Alvin         
  Chipette Story Part 1; Chipette Story Part 2         
  Chipmunk Classics         
  Chipmunk Reunion         
  Chipmunk Story Part 1; Chipmunk Story Part 2         
  Chipmunk Vice; Hooping It Up         
  Chipmunk Who Bugged Me; Rich and Infamous         
  Cinderella? Cinderella? Part 1; Cinderella? Cinderella? Part2         
  Cookie Chomper III         
  Dave's Getting Married         
  Don't Be a Videot; A Horse of Course         
  Dream Lighting         
  Element My Dear Simon         
  Experiment In Error; Keep 'Em Down On the Floor         
  Film Flam; The Secret Life of David Seville         
  Food For Thought         
  Good Old Simon; Chipmunks Go to Washington         
  Grounded Chipmunk         
  Guardian Chipmunks; Carsick         
  Hat Today, Gone Tomorrow; Snow Wrong         
  Hearts and Mr. Flowers         
  Help Wanted; Mommy         
  Home, Sweet Home         
  I Love the Chipmunks Valentine         
  Inner Dave         
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