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Ask This Old House

Episode List: Ask This Old House

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04/05/2011   Repairing Newel Posts; Cutting Rigid Pipes  DIY       
01/12/2013   Installing a Toilet; Patching a Lawn with Grass Seed  PBS       
01/19/2013   Hanging a Flat Panel TV; Controlling Insects Without Pesticides  PBS       
01/26/2013   Maintaining Kitchen Appliances; Installing a Rain Gutter  PBS       
02/02/2013   Building a Storage Bench; Soldering Copper Pipes  PBS       
02/09/2013   Caring for Orchids as Houseplants; Purchasing a Kitchen Wall  PBS       
02/16/2013   Insulating Ductwork; Maintaining Clothes Washers and Dryers  PBS       
02/23/2013   Installing a Ductless Heat Pump; LED Lighting  PBS       
03/02/2013   Solving a Melted Mystery; Performing a White-House Energy Audit  PBS       
03/09/2013   Using Ladders Safely; Replacing a Shower  PBS       
03/16/2013   Installing Surge Protection; Hardscaping Projects  PBS       
01/05/2013   Restoring Terrazzo Floors; Repairing a Cracked Floor Joist  PBS       
12/29/2012   Transplanting a Mature Rose Bush; Replacing Old Outdoor Lighting  PBS       
12/22/2012   Installing a Ceiling Fan; Installing a Water Softener  PBS       
10/13/2012   Installing Bluestone Patio; Hanging Bikes in a Garage  PBS       
10/20/2012   Building a Custom Fireplace Mantle; Repairing a Leaking Kitchen Faucet  PBS       
10/27/2012   Laying Sod in the Backyard; Installing a Wireless Thermostat  PBS       
11/03/2012   Planting Palm Trees; Replacing an Old Heating System with One That's More Efficient  PBS       
11/10/2012   Special New York Episode  PBS       
11/17/2012   Installing Insulated Sidelights on a Front Door  PBS       
11/24/2012   Installing a Privacy Fence; Replacing a Clogged Shower Valve  PBS       
12/01/2012   Installing Interior Window Trim; Heating a Swimming Pool for Free  PBS       
12/08/2012   Properly Mulching Garden Beds; Installing a Natural Gas Line  PBS       
12/15/2012   Using Hand Planes; Repairing a Cracked Stone Walkway  PBS       
03/23/2013   Making Custom Concrete Countertops; Cordless Landscape  PBS       
10/19/2013   Replacing a Kitchen Faucet with a Hands-Free Model; Installing a Channel Drain to Divert Rainwater  PBS       
10/26/2013   Installing a Pre-hung Front Door; Using Big Containers for Screening and Shading  PBS       
04/05/2014   Celebrating 300 Episodes  PBS       
04/12/2014   Building a Simple Table; Getting Rid of Tree Stumps  PBS       
04/19/2014   Making a Home Accessible; Modifying a Bathroom and Dangerous Staircase  PBS       
04/26/2014   Replacing Outdated Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lights; Working With Concrete  PBS       
05/03/2014   All About Kitchen Renovations; Chef Michael Symon  PBS       
10/11/2014   Citrus Greening  PBS       
10/18/2014   Beneficial Insects  PBS       
10/25/2014   Practical Solutions for Drought  PBS       
11/08/2014   Natural Gas Line for Grill  PBS       
11/15/2014   Beehive; Lighting  PBS       
03/29/2014   Patching a Hole in Baseboard; Maintaining a Lawn Mower  PBS       
03/15/2014   Starting Plants From Seed; Building a Moveable Kitchen Island  PBS       
03/08/2014   Quieting a Squealing Shower in New Hampshire; Installing a DIY-Friendly Security System and Video Camera  PBS       
11/09/2013   Replacing a Leaky Skylight; Repairing a Noisy Toilet  PBS       
11/16/2013   Planting a Maple Tree; Working on an Underground Bathroom  PBS       
11/23/2013   Preparing for Severe Weather  PBS       
01/04/2014   Demonstrating Uses for a Router; Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit  PBS       
01/11/2014   Installing an Irrigation System in New Mexico; Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater  PBS       
01/18/2014   Installing Crown Molding in Seattle; Replacing a Rotted Fence Post  PBS       
01/25/2014   Installing a Whole-House Humidifier in North Carolina; Installing Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors  PBS       
02/08/2014   Repairing a Rotted Porch Post; Dealing with High Indoor Humidity  PBS       
02/22/2014   Installing a Clawfoot Tub With Shower; Installing a Permanent Fire Escape Ladder in a Bedroom  PBS       
03/01/2014   Building a High Tunnel Greenhouse in Mississippi; Converting Recessed Lights into Pendants  PBS       
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