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Episode List: Ask This Old House

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04/05/2011   Repairing Newel Posts; Cutting Rigid Pipes  DIY       
03/07/2005 03-023  Clearing a Clogged Vent Stack; What Is It?; Building a Backyard Ice Rink  PBS       
12/06/2004 03-010  Noisy Toilet; What Is It?; Cutting Crown Molding; Replacing Broken Tile  PBS       
11/29/2004 03-009  Plumbing Valves; Replacing an Old Buckhead; What Is It?; Drip Irrigation Repair  PBS       
11/22/2004 03-008  Hanging Shelves; What Is It?; Soil Testing; Hot Water Recirculator  PBS       
11/15/2004 03-007  Anode Rod Replacement; Water Diverter; What Is It?; Too Much Heat!  PBS       
11/08/2004 03-006  Flower Boxes; What Is It?; New Lawn with Sod  PBS       
11/01/2004 03-005  Screw and Bolt Extractors; Cobblestone Edging; What Is It?; Rotting Porch Post  PBS       
10/25/2004 03-004  Creating a Pass-Through Opening; What Is It?; Stopping a Toilet from Running  PBS       
10/18/2004 03-003  Fixing a Broken Fence; What Is It?; Broken Shower Valve; Updating an Old Drill with a Keyless Chuck  PBS       
10/11/2004 03-002  Replacing a Clogged Trap; Brick Walkway Patterns; Fixing Ceiling Cracks  PBS       
10/04/2004 03-001  Eding a Lawn; Selecting Drill Bits; What Is It?; Fighting Fire  PBS       
12/13/2004 03-011  Ladder Safety; What Is It?; Replacing an Old Retaining Wall  PBS       
03/14/2005 03-024  Installing an Electronic Air Cleaner; Removing Ice from a Walkway; Venting a Bathroom Fan  PBS       
02/28/2005 03-022  Riding Lawnmowers; What Is It?; Garbage Disposers; Replacing a Rotting Wooden Threshold  PBS       
02/21/2005 03-021  Installing a 220-Volt Receptacle; Gardening Hand Tools; What Is It?; Installing a Macerating Toilet  PBS       
02/14/2005 03-020  Leveling a Floor; What Is It?; Fixing a Leaky Water Shut-Off Valve; Air Compressors  PBS       
02/07/2005 03-019  Composting; What Is It?; Removing a House Trap  PBS       
01/31/2005 03-018  Unclogging Bathtub Drains; An Alternative to Window Weights; What Is It?; Planting a Low-Maintenance Garden  PBS       
01/24/2005 03-017  Replacing Rotted Deck Balusters; What Is It?; Connecting an Icemaker  PBS       
01/17/2005 03-016  Replicating Moldings; Fixing an Unlevel Patio; What Is It?; Stripping Wallpaper  PBS       
01/10/2005 03-015  Replacing an Old Storm Window; Winterizing Shrubs; What Is It?; Carbon Monoxide Detectors  PBS       
01/03/2005 03-014  Chicago Door Glass Repair; Glass Expert; What Is It?; Pruning a Pin Oak  PBS       
12/27/2004 03-013  Planting a New Lawn; What Is It?; Replacing a Kitchen Sink  PBS       
12/20/2004 03-012  Repairing Cracked Stucco; What Is It?; Cleaning a Lawnmower; Dehumidifier Pumps  PBS       
04/03/2003 01-026  Clearing a Toilet; What Is It?; Attic Access; Tomatoes from Seed  PBS       
12/26/2002 01-012  Sawhorses; Frost-Free Faucet; What Is It?; Collecting and Composting Leaves  PBS       
12/19/2002 01-011  Garden Pruners; Saving the Shutters; What Is It?; A Tankless Job  PBS       
12/12/2002 01-010  Washer Repair; Pressure-Washed Brick; On the Level; Drip-Free Faucet  PBS       
12/05/2002 01-009  Basement Window; Painting Panels; Weed Trimmers  PBS       
11/28/2002 01-008  Wooden Bung Holes; What Is It?; Lattice Project  PBS       
11/21/2002 01-007  Jacking It Up; Chainsaw Smarts  PBS       
11/14/2002 01-006  Repairing the Ceiling; Grinding the Stump; Shop Specs  PBS       
11/07/2002 01-005  Sanding Options; Digging Post Holes; Better Boiling  PBS       
10/31/2002 01-004  Air Eliminator; Saving the Trim; Filling the Gaps  PBS       
10/24/2002 01-003  Covering a Concrete Stoop; Battling the Skeeters  PBS       
01/02/2003 01-013  Spray-Painting; Chimney Dampers; What Is It?; Splitting Logs  PBS       
01/09/2003 01-014  No More Scalding; Robotic Mowers; Critter-Proofing  PBS       
01/16/2003 01-015  Stubborn Ivy; What Is It?; Replacing Bathroom Window  PBS       
03/27/2003 01-025  The Dutchman; What Is It?; Flood Prevention  PBS       
03/20/2003 01-024  Kitchen Disposer; What Is It?; Hearing Protection  PBS       
03/13/2003 01-023  Crown Molding; What Is It?; Keeping Out the Cold  PBS       
03/06/2003 01-022  A Leaky Tub Faucet; What Is It?; Removing Wallpaper; Glue Guns  PBS       
02/27/2003 01-021  Snow Removal; What Is It?; Fixing a Sash  PBS       
02/20/2003 01-020  A New Sill; What Is It?; Rolling Paint; Sharpening Knives  PBS       
02/13/2003 01-019  Insulating Window Pockets; What Is It?; Sewage Injection Pump  PBS       
02/06/2003 01-018  Protecting the Gutters; What Is It?; Steadying the Toilet  PBS       
01/30/2003 01-017  Washer; Dryer Shutoff; What Is It?; Finishing Drywall; Plumbing Torches  PBS       
01/23/2003 01-016  Aerating the Lawn; What Is It?; Hanging Pictures  PBS       
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