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Expedition Unknown

Episode List: Expedition Unknown

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Date Episode # Title Network  (↑) Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/12/2020   America's Vanished Airliner  Discovery      1.51 
10/21/2018   After the Search: Journey to the Dark Side  Discovery       
10/21/2018   Search for the Afterlife: Edge of Existence  Discovery       
10/07/2018   After the Search: Talking with the Dead  Discovery       
10/07/2018   Search for the Afterlife: Heaven and Hell  Discovery       
07/10/2018   Hunt for the Ruby Slippers  Discovery       
07/03/2018   Nazi Gold and Atomic Secrets  Discovery       
05/20/2020   Revealing the Triangle  Discovery      0.82 
04/29/2020     Discovery      0.9 
04/01/2020   Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls  Discovery       
03/25/2020   Bermuda Triangle Revealed  Discovery      1.44 
10/28/2018   After the Search: Ghost in the Machine  Discovery       
04/07/2019 Special  Egypt Live  Discovery       
04/24/2019   Atlantis of the Andes  Discovery       
02/05/2020 08-001  D-Day Uncovered  Discovery      1.52 
10/16/2019   Search for the Sultan's Heart  Discovery       
10/09/2019   Gold Rush of the Atlantic  Discovery       
09/04/2019   Siberia's Coldest Case  Discovery       
08/28/2019   Mystery of Dead Mountain  Discovery       
08/14/2019   Treasure of the Copper Scroll  Discovery       
08/07/2019 07-001  Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls  Discovery       
05/22/2019   America's Lost WWII Hero  Discovery       
05/15/2019   Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes  Discovery       
05/01/2019   Lost Gold of Scotland  Discovery       
03/04/2020   Treasure of the Warrior Queen  Discovery      1.44 
02/26/2020   Ancient Ancestors Revealed  Discovery      1.19 
10/30/2019   The Secret Solved  Discovery       
05/29/2019   The Hunt for the Golden Owl  Discovery       
04/10/2019 06-001  Deciphering the Last Nazi Code  Discovery       
10/14/2018   Search for the Afterlife: Death and Beyond  Discovery       
06/19/2018   Lost Gold of Jean Lafitte  Discovery       
03/11/2020   Chasing the Buzzard's Fortune  Discovery      1.23 
09/18/2019   Hunt for the Chupacabra  Discovery       
08/31/2022   Finding Italy's Lost Empire  Discovery       
06/12/2018   Nazis in Argentina  Discovery       
09/11/2019   The Search for Florida's Lost Pirate  Discovery       
06/05/2018   Legend of the Snake King (Part 2)  Discovery       
09/25/2019   On the Trail of Lost Predators  Discovery       
02/19/2020   Hunting Our Ancient Ancestors  Discovery      1.26 
03/18/2020   Curse of the Bermuda Triangle  Discovery      1.37 
10/02/2019   Cracking the Secret  Discovery       
08/21/2019   Chasing the Fortune of Sir Francis Drake  Discovery       
07/28/2019   Megalodon  Discovery       
05/08/2019   Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes  Discovery       
04/17/2019   Mysteries of Jesus  Discovery       
10/28/2018   Search for the Afterlife: Crossing Over  Discovery       
10/14/2018   After the Search: Josh's Past Life  Discovery       
07/17/2018   Secrets of Christopher Columbus Unearthed  Discovery       
06/26/2018   Mahogany Ship  Discovery       
04/01/2020   Treasure of the Copper Scroll  Discovery       
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