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Expedition Unknown

Episode List: Expedition Unknown

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Date Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers  (↑) Watch/Purchase
12/14/2016   Most Extreme Adventures  Travel       
03/23/2016   Global Game Show  Travel       
03/16/2016   Most Extreme Adventures  Travel       
03/09/2016   Shangri-La Found  Travel       
03/02/2016   Searching for Shangri-La  Travel       
02/24/2016   What to Know Before You Go  Travel       
02/17/2016   Columbus: Legend or Liar?  Travel       
02/10/2016   Yamashita's Gold  Travel       
05/31/2017   Italy's Barbarian Booty  Travel       
09/20/2017   Global Game Show: Lost Civilizations  Travel       
03/22/2017   Corsica's Nazi Treasure  Travel       
06/01/2016   Lost Mexican City  Travel       
06/08/2016   Incan King's Mummy  Travel       
06/15/2016   Nazi Gold Train  Travel       
12/07/2016   Greatest Treasure Hunts  Travel       
11/30/2016   Further Off the Rails!  Travel       
11/23/2016   The Lost Colony of Roanoke  Travel       
11/16/2016   The Vanished Empire  Travel       
11/09/2016   The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun  Travel       
11/02/2016 03-001  Plummer's Gold  Travel       
09/14/2016   Nazi Secrets Revealed  Travel       
07/06/2016   Secrets of Shangri-La  Travel       
06/29/2016   A Day in the Life  Travel       
06/22/2016   Hitler's Atomic Secrets  Travel       
06/21/2017   Resurrecting The Woolly Mammoth  Travel       
07/12/2017   Over the Edge  Travel       
01/25/2017   Tracking Tasmania's Tiger  Travel       
01/04/2017   Journey to the Ice Age  Travel       
03/12/2015   Amelie Earhart  Travel       
02/22/2017   Captain Kidd's Treasure  Travel       
01/11/2017   Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case  Travel       
12/28/2016   Cloning The Woolly Mammoth  Travel       
01/18/2017   Lasseter's Gold  Travel       
02/01/2017   Global Game Show: Greek Odyssey  Travel       
01/29/2015   The Legend of Jesse James  Travel       
02/15/2017   Global Game Show: Aussie Adventure  Travel       
03/01/2017   Africa's Cursed Lake of Gold  Travel       
02/08/2017   Global Game Show: Without Borders  Travel       
03/15/2017   England's Vanished Crown Jewels  Travel       
07/05/2017   Beyond Extreme Adventures!  Travel       
06/14/2017   Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!  Travel       
06/07/2017   India's Atlantis  Travel       
03/08/2017   The Ark of the Covenant  Travel       
05/31/2023   Mystery of the Flooded Pyramid  Discovery       
01/10/2018   Origins of Stonehenge  Travel       
01/17/2018   The Secret  Travel       
01/03/2018   Vikings in America  Travel       
09/27/2017   Global Game Show: Hidden Treasures  Travel       
09/06/2017   Global Game Show: American Legends  Travel       
06/28/2017   Daring Discoveries!  Travel       
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