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Episode List: Explorer

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11/14/2016 01-001    Nat Geo       
11/21/2016     Nat Geo       
11/28/2016     Nat Geo       
12/05/2016     Nat Geo       
12/12/2016     Nat Geo       
12/19/2016     Nat Geo       
03/06/2017   Human vs. Animal  Nat Geo       
03/13/2017   Terrorist Watch List; Paul Krugman; Outsourcing  Nat Geo       
03/20/2017   Dalai Lama; Michio Kaku; Candida Moss  Nat Geo       
03/27/2017   Reproductive Laws in El Salvador; Scott Pelley; Dave Coulier  Nat Geo       
04/03/2017     Nat Geo       
04/10/2017   Dan Rather Visits Jesus' Tomb; Cardinal Wuerl; Heavy Metal Penguins of Antarctica; Tom Colicchio  Nat Geo       
04/17/2017   Correspondent Justin Hall Travels to Laos; Neil deGrasse Tyson Interviews Filmmaker Ron Howard; Billie Mintz Looks at High-Tech Self Improvement  Nat Geo       
04/24/2017   Billie Mintz Investigates America's Booming Mobile Home Market; Japan's Solution to Population Growth Program; Geneticist George Church & Bioethicist Jeffrey Kahn  Nat Geo       
05/01/2017   Peter Sagal Visits Guerrero; Cattle Theft in Oklahoma; Mandy Patinkin  Nat Geo       
05/08/2017   Jeff Goldblum Travels to Japan; Bryan Christy examines Japan's "evaporated people"; Diving Deep in Antarctic Waters for Data to Save Oceans; Hottest Chili Peppers on Earth; Interview with Sam Rockwell  Nat Geo       
05/15/2017     Nat Geo       
05/22/2017     Nat Geo       
05/29/2017     Nat Geo       
06/05/2017     Nat Geo       
06/12/2017     Nat Geo       
06/19/2017     Nat Geo       
06/26/2017     Nat Geo       
10/18/2017     Nat Geo      0.35 
10/25/2017     Nat Geo      0.28 
11/08/2017     Nat Geo       
11/15/2017     Nat Geo       
11/22/2017     Nat Geo       
12/03/2017 Special  Secrets of Christ's Tomb: Explorer Special  Nat Geo       
11/12/2018 -001  The Mouth of Hell  Nat Geo       
11/19/2018   Digging Up Dinosaurs  Nat Geo       
11/26/2018   In the Eagle's Nest  Nat Geo       
12/03/2018   Border Battle  Nat Geo