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Family Renovation

Episode List: Family Renovation

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07/15/2010 01-001  Moving In (a.k.a. Meet the Grants)  DIY       
08/14/2011   Going It Alone  DIY       
08/07/2011   Deal or No Deal  DIY       
07/31/2011   Ain't Nobody Happy  DIY       
07/24/2011   The Heat Is On  DIY       
07/24/2011   Let's Renovate  DIY       
09/23/2010   T'was the Night Before Kitchen  DIY       
09/16/2010   'Twas the Night Before Kitchen  DIY       
09/09/2010   Baby It's Cold Inside  DIY       
09/02/2010 01-009  Gus by Design (a.k.a. Moving on Up)  DIY       
08/26/2010 01-008  Backed Up (a.k.a. Too Many Cooks)  DIY       
08/19/2010 01-007  To Pass or Fail (a.k.a. Busted Pipe Dreams)  DIY       
08/12/2010 01-006  Working Without Windows (a.k.a. Stormy Weather)  DIY       
08/05/2010 01-005  Roofing in the Rain (a.k.a. Trash Talk)  DIY       
07/29/2010 01-004  Tearing Off the Top (a.k.a. Unwelcome Return)  DIY       
07/22/2010 01-003  Building a Central Staircase (a.k.a. While the Cat's Away...)  DIY       
10/01/2009 01-001    HGTV Canada       
07/15/2010 01-002  Basement Dig Out (a.k.a. Danger Zone)  DIY       
08/21/2011   Brewing Storm  DIY