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Happily Divorced

Episode List: Happily Divorced

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Date Episode # Title Network  (↑) Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
06/15/2011 01-001  Pilot  TV Land       
05/09/2012   Mother's Day  TV Land       
05/16/2012   Fran-alyze This  TV Land       
05/30/2012   Cesar's Wife  TV Land       
06/06/2012   Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place  TV Land       
11/28/2012   Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, II  TV Land       
12/05/2012   Meet the Parents  TV Land       
12/12/2012   The Back-Up Fran  TV Land       
12/19/2012   A Star Is Reborn  TV Land       
12/26/2012   Follow the Leader  TV Land       
01/02/2013   Love Thy Neighbor  TV Land       
01/09/2013   The Biggest Chill  TV Land       
01/16/2013   Peter's Boyfriend  TV Land       
01/23/2013   I Object!  TV Land       
01/30/2013   Happily Divorced...with Children  TV Land       
02/06/2013   Sleeping with the Enemy  TV Land       
05/02/2012   Time in a Bottle  TV Land       
04/25/2012   Adventure Man  TV Land       
06/22/2011   Pillow Talk  TV Land       
06/29/2011   Anniversary  TV Land       
07/06/2011   A Date with Destiny  TV Land       
07/13/2011   Spousal Support  TV Land       
07/20/2011   I Wanna Be Alone  TV Land       
07/27/2011   Someone Wants Me  TV Land       
08/03/2011   A Kiss Is Just a Kiss  TV Land       
08/10/2011   Vegas Baby  TV Land       
08/17/2011   Tom Between Two Lovetts  TV Land       
03/07/2012 02-001  The Reunion  TV Land       
03/14/2012   Peter Comes Out Again  TV Land       
03/21/2012   Daddy's Girl  TV Land       
03/28/2012   The Burial Plotz  TV Land       
04/11/2012   Swimmers and Losers  TV Land       
04/18/2012   Newman vs. Newman  TV Land       
02/13/2013   For Better or for Worse  TV Land