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House Hunters

Episode List: House Hunters

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06/15/2015   House Hunters Twenty-something Seeks Philadelphia Rowhouse with Outdoor Space for Parties  HGTV      2.02 
06/17/2015   Roller Derby Lovers Seek House in Denver  HGTV      2.26 
06/18/2015   Missouri Couple Giving Up Multi-Generational Victorian  HGTV      2.13 
06/21/2015   Jersey Shore Style Smackdown  HGTV      1.35 
06/22/2015   Airline Pilot and Partner Seek Captain's Home in Orlando  HGTV      1.69 
06/24/2015   Hunting for a Historical Country Home in New Jersey  HGTV      2.18 
06/25/2015   Tight Budget and Big Dreams in Nashville  HGTV      2.34 
06/28/2015   High Expectations in Washington, D.C.  HGTV      1.21 
07/01/2015   Hunting for Her First Home in Hip and Pricey Austin, TX  HGTV      2.02 
07/05/2015   Nashville Newlyweds Disagree on Stately or Casual Home  HGTV      1.41 
07/12/2015   Rough Start for Newlyweds in North Carolina  HGTV      1.33 
07/13/2015   He Wants Gadgets and She Wants Mermaids in Baltimore  HGTV      1.83 
07/15/2015   Seeking a Vintage Charmer in Portland, OR  HGTV      2.02 
07/16/2015   Getting Deal in Denver  HGTV      1.88 
07/19/2015   Recently-Divorced Buyer Looks for Historic Charm in Beaver, PA  HGTV      1.56 
07/20/2015   Chicago Attorney Seeks Vintage House With Space for Lavish Parties  HGTV      2.06 
07/22/2015   Auto Engineer Seeks First House in Detroit  HGTV      2.06 
07/23/2015   Buying a Vacation Home in Destin, FL  HGTV      2.26 
07/26/2015   Engaged and Enraged in Indianapolis  HGTV      1.58 
07/27/2015   Moving Back to Atlanta  HGTV      1.66 
07/28/2015   Couple Searches DC for Home With Recording Studio  HGTV      1.8 
07/29/2015   Searching in the St. Louis Suburbs  HGTV      1.73 
08/03/2015   Buying a Home Is No Honeymoon for Newlyweds in Gainesville, FL  HGTV      1.74 
08/04/2015   Preservationist Buys a Piece of History in Buffalo  HGTV      1.73 
08/05/2015   Buying a Vintage Home in North Carolina  HGTV      1.96 
08/06/2015   Buying a Home for Mom, Dad and Little Brother in Boston  HGTV      1.62 
08/09/2015   Engineers Search for a Fixer in San Antonio  HGTV      1.39 
08/10/2015   Dreaming of a Vintage Home in Portland, OR  HGTV      1.95 
08/11/2015   Colorado Couple Seeks Historic Victorian Home  HGTV      1.94 
08/12/2015   City Folks Move to Rural Minot, ND  HGTV      1.92 
08/16/2015   Family Tries to Replicate Their Georgia Dream Home in Kansas  HGTV      1.31 
08/23/2015   Tight Budget in Salisbury, NC  HGTV      1.47 
08/25/2015   Polish Family Seeks Room for Toddler in Chicago  HGTV      1.74 
08/26/2015   Seeking Swiss Chalet in Lake Tahoe  HGTV      2.52 
08/31/2015   Tampa Judge Seeks Ultra-Modern Downtown Home  HGTV      2.14 
09/02/2015   House Hunters Family Searches for Waterfront Home on Padre Island, TX  HGTV      1.98 
09/14/2015   Champagne Taste on a Sparkling Wine Budget in Georgia  HGTV      1.17 
09/15/2015   Clint and Josh Search for Dream Home in Paducah, KY  HGTV      1.29 
09/16/2015   Young Family Seeks First Home in Oahu  HGTV      1.58 
09/17/2015   Buyer Wants Killer Views in Reno  HGTV      1.75 
09/18/2015   Twin Sisters Hunt for a Beach House in Galveston  HGTV      1.3 
09/28/2015   First Time Buyers Look for an Architectural Gem in Rockford, IL  HGTV      1.52 
09/29/2015   Young Buyer Wants Old Home in Dallas  HGTV      1.5 
09/30/2015   Maine Dentist Wants Land for Trapshooting; Wife Says No  HGTV      1.42 
10/01/2015   Couple Looking for the Right Fit in Raleigh, N.C.  HGTV      1.86 
10/02/2015   Real Estate Agent Wants Place Near the Beach in Orange County  HGTV      1.32 
10/05/2015   Philly First-Timer Wants Vintage Charm  HGTV      1.34 
10/06/2015   Pregnant Nashville Couple Disagrees on Fixer-Upper vs. Move-In-Ready  HGTV      1.64 
10/07/2015   Artist and Husband Disagree on Historic vs. High-Rise in Atlanta  HGTV      1.62 
10/08/2015   Character vs. Cookie-Cutter in Columbus, Ohio  HGTV      1.56 
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