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House Hunters

Episode List: House Hunters

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06-009  Hillside Home  HGTV       
06-010  Teacher's Townhouse  HGTV       
06-011  Craftsman-Style Home  HGTV       
06-012  House With a View  HGTV       
06-013  Beachfront Community  HGTV       
07-001  Larger Home in Same Neighborhood  HGTV       
07-002  Staying in the Neighborhood  HGTV       
07-003  Room to Expand  HGTV       
07-004  Home With Personality  HGTV       
07-005  Bigger Family Home  HGTV       
07-006  Architectural Interests  HGTV       
07-007  Family Home  HGTV       
07-008  Move-In Ready  HGTV       
07-009  Bigger Home for Baby  HGTV       
07-010  Pet-Friendly House  HGTV       
07-011  A Place of Their Own  HGTV       
07-012  More Room to Grow  HGTV       
07-013  In Search of a Fixer-Upper  HGTV       
08-001  Big Apple Bound  HGTV       
08-002  Making Room for Family  HGTV       
08-003  A Place of His Own  HGTV       
08-004  Closer Commute  HGTV       
08-005  Beach Bound  HGTV       
08-006  Restoration Enthusiasts  HGTV       
08-007  Searching for a Dream Home  HGTV       
08-008  In Search of Old Style  HGTV       
08-009  Time to Be a Homeowner Again  HGTV       
08-010  House Hunters Hits the Road!  HGTV       
08-011  More Space, Same Neighborhood  HGTV       
08-012  Family-Friendly Neighborhood  HGTV       
08-013  Following the Sun to Phoenix  HGTV       
08-014  Tampa Time  HGTV       
08-015  Leaving the Bachelor Pad Behind  HGTV       
08-016  Make Room for Triplets!  HGTV       
08-017  Boston Bound  HGTV       
08-018  Baby Makes Three  HGTV       
08-019  San Francisco Home  HGTV       
08-020  South Beach Bound  HGTV       
08-021  A Home for the Kids  HGTV       
08-022  For the Love of Mercer Island  HGTV       
08-023  Seeking a Sense of Community  HGTV       
08-024  Philadelphia Bound  HGTV       
08-025  Heading to the Suburbs  HGTV       
08-026  Larger House in Apex  HGTV       
09-001  Inland Bound  HGTV       
09-002  Ready to Own  HGTV       
09-003  House With Room to Grow  HGTV       
09-004  House With a Yard  HGTV       
09-005  First Home Together  HGTV       
09-006  Travelers Settle Down  HGTV       
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