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How Far Is Tattoo Far?

Episode List: How Far Is Tattoo Far?

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10/11/2018   Politics That Stink  MTV       
10/11/2018 01-001  Secrets From the Shore  MTV       
10/18/2018   Drunk Lessons  MTV       
10/18/2018   Mamma Knows Best  MTV       
10/25/2018   Bama Babes Bust Out  MTV       
10/25/2018   Freaks on Fleek  MTV       
11/01/2018   Balls Deep Challenge  MTV       
11/01/2018   Down in the Dumps  MTV       
11/08/2018   Money Where Your Mouth Is  MTV       
11/08/2018   Payback for a Lifetime  MTV       
05/16/2019 Special  Top 10 Cringe-Worthy Tattoos  MTV       
05/23/2019   Deadly Secrets  MTV       
05/23/2019   Kirk and Codi's Bama Bro-Down  MTV       
05/23/2019   Shit Hits the Fan  MTV       
05/23/2019 02-001  Rev My Engine  MTV       
05/30/2019   Free the Nipple  MTV       
05/30/2019   Kailah Exposes the Truth  MTV       
06/06/2019   A Permanent Proposition  MTV       
06/06/2019   Tony's Ultimate Challenge  MTV       
06/13/2019   Suck on This  MTV       
06/13/2019   Worst Appointment Ever  MTV       
06/20/2019   Feeling Crabby  MTV       
06/20/2019   Liar, Liar, Ass on Fire  MTV       
06/20/2019   Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater  MTV       
06/20/2019   Throuple or Nah?  MTV       
09/19/2019   Cutting the Cord  MTV       
09/19/2019   Pick Up Your Baggage  MTV       
09/26/2019   Karma's a Bitch  MTV       
09/26/2019   Who's Crying Now  MTV       
10/03/2019   Crappy Situation  MTV       
10/03/2019   Not Too Stupid to Tattoo  MTV       
10/10/2019   A Permanent Proposition  MTV       
10/10/2019   Shit Hits the Fan  MTV