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People Puzzler

Episode List: People Puzzler

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11/15/2021   Need a Little Love  GSN       
11/16/2021   Three Is a Party  GSN       
11/17/2021   I Didn't Get the Memo  GSN       
11/18/2021   Putting on Our Dancing Shoes  GSN       
11/19/2021   California Dreamin'  GSN       
11/22/2021   People Person  GSN       
11/23/2021   For the Love of Shoes  GSN       
11/24/2021   Turkey Day  GSN       
11/29/2021   Never Give Up!  GSN       
11/30/2021   You Look Just Like Her!  GSN       
12/01/2021   All for a Good Cause  GSN       
12/02/2021   Famous All Day  GSN       
12/03/2021   There's No Business Like Show Business  GSN       
12/06/2021   Sweet Lady  GSN       
12/07/2021   Mermaids Are People, Too  GSN       
12/08/2021   It's in the Cards  GSN       
12/09/2021   In the Name of Love  GSN       
12/10/2021   Up Up and Away  GSN       
12/13/2021   Living the Dream  GSN       
12/14/2021   Ready for Anything  GSN       
12/15/2021   Let Your Voice Be Heard  GSN       
12/16/2021   Second Time's the Charm  GSN       
12/17/2021   A Natural Ability  GSN       
12/20/2021   Just Say Beyonce  GSN       
12/21/2021   Good Luck Charms  GSN       
12/22/2021   Keep the Fun Going  GSN       
12/23/2021   Bring the Rhythm  GSN       
12/27/2021   Just Say Beyonce  GSN       
12/28/2021   Bust a Move  GSN       
12/29/2021   I'm So Pretty, Oh So Pretty  GSN       
12/30/2021   State of Mind  GSN       
01/03/2022   Snake Arms  GSN       
01/04/2022   Adventurous Eaters  GSN       
01/05/2022   Dress to Impress  GSN       
01/06/2022   The Hype Ladies  GSN       
01/07/2022   Sugar Plum Fairies  GSN       
01/10/2022   It'll All Work Out  GSN       
01/11/2022   Animals Are People, Too  GSN       
01/12/2022   Next Level  GSN       
01/13/2022   My Much Older Sister  GSN       
01/14/2022   The Fun Stuff  GSN       
01/17/2022   Happily Ever After  GSN       
01/18/2022   Solo Spinner  GSN       
01/19/2022   Comeback Kid  GSN       
01/20/2022   Please Plie  GSN       
01/21/2022   Wigs and Swag and Cakes, Oh My!  GSN       
01/24/2022   What's in Your Garden?  GSN       
01/25/2022   Don't Count Me Out  GSN       
01/26/2022   Whirlwind Romance  GSN       
01/27/2022   Pickleball, Anyone?  GSN       
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