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People Puzzler

Episode List: People Puzzler

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08/08/2022   The Power of Reading  GSN       
08/09/2022   Queen of Drag  GSN       
08/10/2022   Just Hula-Hoopin' Around  GSN       
08/11/2022   A Rose Is a Rose  GSN       
08/12/2022   Life of the Party  GSN       
08/15/2022   For the Folks at Home  GSN       
08/16/2022   Water Break  GSN       
08/17/2022   If I Could Turn Back Time  GSN       
08/18/2022   Stick it in Your Wristlet  GSN       
08/19/2022   It's a Southern Thing  GSN       
08/22/2022   Seeking Fame & Fortune  GSN       
08/23/2022   Stay Calm  GSN       
08/24/2022   I Do, I Do, I Do  GSN       
08/25/2022   Pickle Me This  GSN       
08/26/2022   I Got the Music in Me  GSN       
08/29/2022   It Makes Me Want to Shout  GSN       
08/30/2022   Tackle Party  GSN       
08/31/2022   Tree for Two  GSN       
09/01/2022   Game of Do Gooders  GSN       
09/02/2022   Noodles to You  GSN       
09/05/2022   Singin' in the Game  GSN       
09/06/2022   School Is in Session  GSN       
09/07/2022   YOLO  GSN       
09/08/2022   Sunny All Day  GSN       
09/09/2022   Texas Hold Em', Please  GSN       
09/12/2022   What a Goof  GSN       
09/13/2022   Who Turned on the Sprinkler?  GSN       
09/14/2022   The Moon and the Stars  GSN       
09/15/2022   The Third Time Is a Charm  GSN       
09/16/2022   It's All Good  GSN       
09/19/2022   Namaste to Us All  GSN       
09/20/2022   I Clap for Everyone  GSN       
09/21/2022   Clap On, Clap Off  GSN       
09/22/2022   Horse Ridin' and Hip Swayin  GSN       
09/23/2022   Get Her Goin'  GSN       
09/26/2022   I Can See a Win in Your Future  GSN       
09/27/2022   Wiggly and Giggly  GSN       
09/28/2022   Now Ya Tell Me  GSN       
09/29/2022   Trick or Treat  GSN       
09/30/2022   Head to Foot  GSN       
10/03/2022   I Got the Dance in Me  GSN       
10/04/2022   All About the Blues  GSN       
10/05/2022   The Magic in the Middle  GSN       
10/06/2022   Power Through It  GSN       
10/07/2022   Connect Four Fanatic  GSN       
10/10/2022   Power Up!  GSN       
10/11/2022   Craft Yourself a Win  GSN       
10/12/2022   Pretty Rock for Your Thoughts  GSN       
10/13/2022   Four for the Money  GSN       
10/14/2022   Praying for a Win  GSN       
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