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People Puzzler

Episode List: People Puzzler

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10/17/2022   Hallelujah  GSN       
10/18/2022   Shoulda Coulda Woulda  GSN       
10/19/2022   Talkin' Bout My Generation  GSN       
10/20/2022   All for One and One for All  GSN       
10/21/2022   Dad Jokes for Life  GSN       
10/24/2022   Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall  GSN       
10/25/2022   Welcome to the Playhouse  GSN       
10/26/2022   Gimme 3 Down, Yo!  GSN       
10/27/2022   He's Got a Basketball Jones  GSN       
10/28/2022   Spinning for a Win  GSN       
10/31/2022   Dance Like Nobody's Watchin  GSN       
11/01/2022   Who's Hungry?  GSN       
11/02/2022   Laughter Is the Best Medicine  GSN       
11/03/2022   You Talkin' to Me?  GSN       
11/04/2022   Radio Days  GSN       
11/07/2022   Blankets for Everyone!  GSN       
11/08/2022   Gotta Love a Villian  GSN       
11/09/2022   What He Said  GSN       
11/10/2022   Who's Your Best Friend?  GSN       
11/11/2022   I Know This One!  GSN       
11/14/2022   Make Grampa Proud  GSN       
11/15/2022   Peaches & Kareem  GSN       
11/16/2022   Crochet Me a Win  GSN       
11/17/2022   Doughnuts with a G-H  GSN       
11/18/2022   Jazz Hands and High Kicks  GSN       
11/21/2022   Screaming Leah!  GSN       
11/22/2022   What Ya See Is What Ya Get  GSN       
11/23/2022   Let's Make Button Art  GSN       
11/24/2022   It's Electric!  GSN       
11/25/2022   Who's Got a Dad Joke?  GSN       
11/28/2022   I'm an Open Book  GSN       
11/29/2022   The Cougar Returns  GSN       
11/30/2022   Pole Dancing Ain't Easy  GSN       
12/01/2022   Because I'm Happy!  GSN       
12/02/2022   Pizza Camping  GSN       
01/30/2023   Boys on the Side  GSN       
01/31/2023   I Got a Tattoo!  GSN       
02/01/2023   Do You Know What I Know  GSN       
02/02/2023   Goosies All Around  GSN       
02/03/2023   Manifesting a Win  GSN       
02/06/2023   Jellies in a Basket  GSN       
02/07/2023   Who's On First?  GSN       
02/08/2023   All That Glitters  GSN       
02/09/2023   Fresh Egg Delivery  GSN       
02/10/2023   Twinnies!  GSN       
02/13/2023   Big Bird in the House  GSN       
02/14/2023   First Responders Night  GSN       
02/15/2023   I'm a Survivor  GSN       
02/16/2023   Let's Go Golfing  GSN       
02/20/2023   The Game of the Brave  GSN       
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