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Real Life with Jane Pauley

Episode List: Real Life with Jane Pauley

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07/17/1990 01-001  On reaching the age of 40; Children caught in the middle of divorce and stepfamilies; Airstreamers, the Rolls-Royce of recreational vehicles; Graduating from high school, many from Camden High do not; Gardening, fastest growing pastime in America.  NBC  13.3  25   
07/24/1990 01-002  People's technical difficulties with VCRs, gadgets; Adoptee's search for birth mother; Strange U.S. roadside attractions.  NBC  11     
08/07/1990 01-003  History of L.A. restaurant forced to close by crime; New breed of talk radio shows; Look at nature of television today; Dave Stewart, humanitarian; People who take working vacations aid environment.  NBC  11.3  20   
08/21/1990 01-004  Mediation program where crime victims meet offenders; Augusto & Mikella Adoni, who found cure for child's disease; Decline of civility in U.S.; Soft adventure vacations.  NBC  11.9  22   
09/04/1990 01-005  Thin is in among young girls; Julie Fish, social studies teacher who also instills values; Fad and fashion update among teens; Teens on the job; Vietnamese boy raised in U.S. clashes with traditional parents.  NBC  10.6  20  14 
01/06/1991 02-001  Impact of pending war on US reservists' families; Men who are sports illiterates; Computer voices replace humans in answering telephones.  NBC  7.3     
01/13/1991 02-002  Sterling family and how they cope with mother in Gulf; Interview with actor Michael J. Fox; Sioux City's outdoor workers deal with cold winters.  NBC  9.7     
01/20/1991 02-003  Thoughts and reactions by several Americans as Gulf war unfolds; Wolfe family, peace activists whose son is in Persian Gulf; Profile of two nurses killed in Vietnam.  NBC  6.9     
01/27/1991 02-004  Marine Corps families cope with separation; Youth overcomes handicap, starts ranch for disabled; Changing neighborhood closes Ed's Restaurant after 44 years; William Steig, cartoonist and uthor of children's books; The decline of manners.  NBC  5.2     
02/03/1991 02-005  Middle class suffers--no savings possible; A Chicago choir that changes the lives of its kids.  NBC  5.4     
02/10/1991 02-006  Eddie, severely handicapped baby born to drug-addicted mother; Longtime couples speak of love and marriage; American slang.  NBC  4.7     
03/03/1991 02-007  The success story of a Korean boy and US GI joined by the war; Director Martin Scorsese and his family; The Jernette family, with five men in the Gulf.  NBC  9.1     
03/10/1991 02-008  Homecoming for US troops from Persian Gulf and the Pope family; Arthur Kent with Charlie Company during Gulf war; Three white-collar workers who've been unemployed; Two new babies born to US servicemen--one returned, one killed.  NBC  8.3  12   
03/17/1991 02-009  Children taking care of parents: role reversal; The role of the ''extra'' in Hollywood.  NBC  10.3  16   
03/24/1991 02-010  Eavesdropping through cordless or cellular phones, is it a crime?; Women in rodeos; An early spring wrecks havoc on allergy sufferers.  NBC  10.5     
04/07/1991 02-011  Major Rhonda Cornum, who served in the Gulf War; Emily Mobley, woman rescued from a New Mexico cave.  NBC  7.3  12   
04/14/1991 02-012  Handicapped inventor Ralph Hotchkiss; Roy Rogers is profiled; Mark Thompson, hairsylist from NY who moved to Dallas.  NBC  7.4  12   
04/21/1991 02-013  Eddie who lives in a box on Madison Avenue; Dissatisfied parents teach children at home; Interview with convicted murderer Jean Harris; Thirteen-year-old blues guitar player Joe Bonamassa.  NBC  7.2     
04/28/1991 02-014  Leroy Straun is charged in 1946 murder of Miami patrolman; Birth mother, adoptive parents, prepare for open adoption.  NBC  7.6     
05/05/1991 02-015  Actor, director Ron Howard recounts his career; Violinist Michelle Makarski debuts at Carnegie Hall; Carol Perkins, fashion model and fire-eater.  NBC  8.9     
05/12/1991 02-016  Mabey family battles son's myelodyplasia; Chinese-American Winter Blossom debutante ball.  NBC  5.7  11  8.1 
05/19/1991 02-017  Profile of Houston Police Chief Elizabeth Watson; Veterinarian J. Mahoney, head of NYU Lab for Experimental Medicine; Woman tourist gets bitten by bat in New York City taxicab.  NBC  6.8     
05/26/1991 02-018  Mediation process helps crime victims recover; Vacations spent as volunteers with Earth Watch and Sierra Club.  NBC  5.1     
06/02/1991 02-019  Priest beats AIDS and dedicates life to helping others do same; The fight to save humpback whales.  NBC  7.2     
06/16/1991 02-020  Lee Anderson's search for her birth mother; Choctaw Bingo Palace; Popularity of rottweilers.  NBC  4.9     
06/23/1991     NBC  6.5     
06/30/1991   Advertisements aimed at teen-age market; Teaching kids in the Bronx to think by playing chess; Sunwatch helps users prevent sunburn.  NBC  6.6     
07/07/1991   Buddhist monk, entrepreneur Bernie Glassman; Korean businessman, orphaned, searching for GI who saved him; Midtown Golf Club, NYC, golfing on video screens.  NBC  6.5     
07/14/1991   Pete Rose, newly released from prison, is interviewed.  NBC  7.1     
07/28/1991   Actor Michael J. Fox on his career; Two views on ending life-support sytems of comatose patients.  NBC  5.8     
08/11/1991   Three women in the `sandwich generation'; Playing baseball in the minor leagues.  NBC  5.3     
08/18/1991   Interview with movie director Ron Howard; Learning about memory loss.  NBC  5.8     
09/01/1991   Profile of mentally retarded parents; Fear of crime - the number one concern of city dwellers.  NBC  5.2     
09/06/1991   Interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey.  NBC  9.8     
09/13/1991   Steroid use by America's youth; Fire fighters battle the Kuwait oil field fires; Humvee comes to US roads straigt from battles of Desert Storm.  NBC  6.3     
09/20/1991   Youth on campus face dangerous temptation of drug use; Francesca Behge is marketed by SBK Records; Tolltag, high tech innovation, speeds commuters through tolls.  NBC  6.1  12   
09/27/1991   Neighborhood activists fight crime in River Bend, Iowa; Jim Brown tries to stop gang violence in LA; New technology helps curb car theft.  NBC  5.8  11   
10/04/1991   Pauley reports on the practice of utilizing hysterectomys to combat ovarian cancer; Roger O'Neill reports on Kenny Walker, a hearing impaired pro football player who is doing well in the NFL.  NBC  5.9  11   
11/01/1991   Candace Bergen, star of ''Murphy Brown,'' discusses her life and career.  NBC  8.1