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Top 10 Romantically Challenged TV Couples

Mike Vicic - April 19, 2010



In the new sitcom, Romantically Challenged, four single friends have serious relationship issues, but they still try to help each other find love. Two of them, Rebecca and Perry (pictured, right), have been BFFs since they were kids, and they'd make a decent couple if they weren't kept apart by circumstances -- like the series only lasting a few episodes. In honor of this new series, TV Tango presents the Top 10 Romantically Challenged TV Couples.




Couple: Seeley Booth & Temperance Brennan


Series: Bones


The end of last season had the producers teasing: Booth and Brennan will hit the sheets in the season finale.  Yet, it turned out to be just that: a tease.  The only place where Booth and Brennan have gotten together is in a coma-induced dream Booth had at the end of the fourth season.


Therapist Says: Maybe she's just not into him. (In the show's 100th episode, Brennan did tell Booth she doesn't want a relationship with him. Definitely not a communication issue. Maybe a little denial?)

Couple: Finn Hudson & Rachel Berry


Series: Glee


When Rachel joins Glee Club because she wants to make it to Broadway and Finn joins for his secret love of singing, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Since then, their relationship has been on-again/off-again.


Therapist Says: They're young -- no need for them to get tied down to one person yet. Finn: You have to work through your Madonna-whore complex. Even though you're not Like a Virgin, Rachel is Crazy for You. You should Open Your Heart so that you two will be Causing a Commotion.

Couple: Lou Grant & Sue Ann Nivens


Series: The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Sue Ann Nivens, the man-hungry gourmet with a cooking program that is on the same network as the news, has an appetite for the cranky news producer.


Therapist Says: Sue was too aggressive; Lou suffered from social avoidance syndrome. With a little bit of therapy, this couple could've really heated up the kitchen.

Couple: Tony Dinozzo & Ziva David


Series: NCIS


There's no mistaking the serious chemistry between Tony and Ziva.  So far, NCIS fans have seen Ziva give Tony a peck on the cheek after Tony and the team rescued Ziva from being held hostage.


Therapist Says: With the government frowning on the fraternization of its employees in the workplace, to cover-up their relationship these two will have to lie, which can lead to stress disorder, panic attacks and possible paranoia.

Couple: Jethro Bodine & Jane Hathaway


Series: The Beverly Hillbillies


Bank secretary, Miss Jane Hathaway, was assigned to help the Clampett family assimilate themselves into Beverly Hills society, a task she takes on with gusto, primarily because she secretly harbors a crush on Clampett family cousin, Jethro. 

Therapist Says: This clueless cougar had no chance. Even if Jane ditched her Hush Puppies for a pair of Jimmy Choos, she would not have caught the eye of this skirt chaser.

Couple: Jeff Winger & Britta Perry


Series: Community


Suspended lawyer, Jeff, is not just concentrating on education as he applies himself to community college; he is concentrating on Britta also.  The two briefly kiss in episode three.


Therapist Says: There are definitely commitment issues, but Jeff finally committed to someone -- albeit a different woman. After Jeff became another statistic and was dumped by his stats prof, the Jeff-Britta coupling still might happen -- even if it's a rebound relationship.

Couple: Derek Morgan & Emily Prentiss


Series: Criminal Minds


F.B.I. profilers Morgan and Prentiss have flirted repeatedly, and have even shared some intimate thoughts. 


Therapist Says: They'll never prioritize their relationship over work, but that's OK. These psychological behaviorists might just make it work since there won't be any he-said/she-said battles.

Couple: Brandon Walsh & Andrea Zuckerman


Series: Beverly Hills, 90210


School newspaper editor Andrea eventually got up her courage to admit that she pined for Brandon, but Brandon loved Kelly Taylor.


Therapist Says: Definitely a case of the best friend syndrome. Geez, they even got a hotel room together after prom and nothing happened.

Couple: Samuel "Screech" Powers & Lisa Tuttle


Series: Saved by the Bell


Class clown and nerd, Screech, had a thing for debutante Lisa, since they were little kids.  Apparently, Lisa was so used to Screech’s advances that she barely acknowledged them.


Therapist Says: Money issues divided them. He didn't have it; she needed it. Can you imagine Lisa being with a future overweight, debt-ridden, sex-tape making husband? Oh, wait, that's Dustin Diamond's adult life, not Screech's.

Couple: Don Draper & Peggy Olson


Series: Mad Men


Ad agency head Don and copyrighter Peggy share a unique bond: when Don is arrested for drunk driving, he calls Peggy to bail him out.  Although not explicit in the dialogue, Peggy’s feelings for Don are clearly more than business as usual. 


Therapist Says: They have so many issues, they can't even have relationships with themselves. Don's living someone else's life; Peggy suffers from Catholic guilt complex. They definitely have to find themselves in therapy before they can find each other...or anybody else. You can even throw in a bit of Svengali Syndrome.