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Top 10 Beasts, Creatures & Monsters in Syfy Sci-Fi Movies

Kayla Grosse - March 24, 2011



On Saturday, March 26, 2011, you can meet the girl of your screams when Syfy airs SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE, its 200th Original Movie. How many of the 200 Syfy creature features can you name? You can see the full list of Syfy horror films here.


To celebrate this monster event, we fantasized a list of the top 10 beasts that appeared in Syfy movies. Did your favorite creature make the cut? Check out our picks and tell us what you think.


If you want even more March Monster Madness, head over to where, starting today, you can vote for your favorite creature in the ultimate 32-monster tournament to determine the king of all Syfy monsters.




Sharktopus, from the 2010 movie SHARKTOPUS

About the Creature: Created by the US Navy as a weapon, Sharktopus is a half-shark, half-octopus slaughtering machine, which goes rogue and kills everyone in its path.

Monster Strengths: Besides being a hybrid of the ocean's most dangerous creature (the shark) and its smartest (the octopus), the Sharktopus was specifically engineered to exterminate life. It has tentacles and huge teeth, allowing it to walk on the beach while chomping on sun worshippers.

Monster Weaknesses: Sharktopus was a special-effects flop, making the audience shake with laughter rather than tremble in fear. Well, that and a kill switch that's password protected with the word 'pumpkin.'

Star Who Battled the Beast: Eric Roberts, now known for DARK KNIGHT, took a break from his runaway career to kick some creature butt; instead, Sharktopus used its tentacle to stab the jugular of Robert's character, sending him into that dark night.

Mansquito, from the 2005 movie MANSQUITO

About the Creature: When a man is bitten by several genetically altered mosquitoes in a lab accident, he transforms into a blood-sucking beast that's part-man, part-mosquito.

Monster Strengths: Mansquito has legs, wings, and a trunk-like appendage to suck blood from humans, and he's practically inescapable using his superhuman strength. With a human brain, he's also a smart monster who has two goals: to kill and to find his mate.

Monster Weaknesses: Like most insects, Mansquito is vulnerable to electricity, which causes his shocking demise when his sought-after mate kills him by using a sparking electrical cable as a bug zapper.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Corin Nemec, who sci-fi fans recognize from his appearances on SUPERNATURAL and STARGATE SG-1, takes on Mansquito and helps save the day -- without having to die or disappear.

Kraken, from the 2006 movie KRAKEN: TENTACLES OF THE DEEP

About the Creature: The legendary sea monster -- a giant squid with huge tentacles and teeth -- is out to execute anyone who dares enter his domain.

Monster Strengths: With incredible eyesight and huge tentacles that can stab victims to death with a single thrust, the Kraken is a chillingly capable creature. Since it can swim fast with incredible precision, the Kraken sends even the best swimmers to Davy Jones' Locker.

Monster Weaknesses: Visually, the Kraken's tentacles didn't look real enough to make anyone's hair stand on end.  And even though the giant squid is extremely large and supposedly impossible to kill, the Kraken dies after taking a few bullets to the head.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Jack Scalia plays a Kraken-killing goon who later dies, just like his better-known characters on DALLAS and ALL MY CHILDREN.

Dinoshark, from the 2010 movie DINOSHARK

About the Creature: A baby Dinoshark -- half-dinosaur/half-shark, of course -- is released when global warming melts a glacier. Three years later, the beast begins killing people in Mexico.

Monster Strengths: Not only is it massive, but it swims fast and has huge teeth, making everyone cower in fear. Plus, Dinoshark’s corny CGI effects and jumping ability make it a strong, authentic B-movie monster. 

Monster Weaknesses: According to Dr. Frank Reeves -- and who would know better than a character played by famous B-movie producer Roger Corman -- the Dinoshark's eye is its weak spot. Its other weakness? The rubber shark head used for its close-ups.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Eric Balfour is best known for his roles on SIX FEET UNDER and HAVEN. Although his character didn't kill the Dinoshark, he survived a spectacular scene jumping off a jet ski while throwing a grenade at the monster.

Jersey Devil, from the 2009 movie CARNY

About the Creature: The Jersey Devil, a winged demon monster that looks part bat/part dragon, escapes from a traveling circus and wreaks havoc on a small Nebraska town.

Monster Strengths: The Devil's talons and its ability to fly help it exterminate people. And after being kept in a cage as the circus' main event, who can blame this monster for acting on its anger?

Monster Weaknesses: Ferris wheels and a sheriff driving a truck. Just when it seems that nothing -- and nobody -- can kill the monster, the town's sheriff uses his truck to pin the Devil against the carnival's ferris wheel, causing the ride to fall and destroy the beast.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Lou Diamond Phillips played a sheriff -- again -- but this time he sacrificed his own life to kill the monster and save what's left of the town.

Ice Spiders, from the 2007 movie ICE SPIDERS

About the Creature: Scientists working on a new breed of spiders unknowingly create a group of altered arachnids that escape to a nearby ski resort and try to kill everyone.

Monster Strengths: An extreme tolerance to bug spray and cold. Plus, these spiders have only one desire -- to kill people by crawling on them and stabbing them with their fangs. That’s enough to give any arachnophobe the creeps.

Monster Weaknesses: Even though the spiders are mutant and rather hefty with seemingly tough skin, they are fairly easy to kill. And they have a soft spot in their stomach for Army spider food.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Best known from his days on soaps like MELROSE PLACE and DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Patrick Muldoon plays Dash, an olympic hopeful skier who helps capture and blow up the mutant spiders in a halfpipe.

Sasquatch, from the 2006 movie ABOMINABLE

About the Creature: The mythical Sasquatch, better known as Bigfoot, terrorizes people staying in cottages in the woods.

Monster Strengths: It’s hairy, scary and has a big jaw with a good set of molars for some intense bone crunching. For most of the movie, the anonymity of Sasquatch is most terrorizing since the action and screaming take place off-screen.

Monster Weaknesses: This monster survives in the end, meaning it has few weaknesses. When the creature appears, the puppetry is just terrible, making the beast less scary than it could have been.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Matt McCoy has been in three different Bigfoot movies, and here he plays a wheel-chair-bound, former climber who thought he killed Sasquatch.

Frankenfish, from the 2004 movie FRANKENFISH

About the Creature: Loose in the bayou, these enormous, Frankenstein-like, genetically engineered fish tear apart anyone unlucky enough to swim with them.

Monster Strengths: Frankenfish can grow to the size of a large shark and can jump out of the water to decapitate a human with a single bite. The fish also freely reproduce, releasing schools of scary babies that will reign terror on the bayou forever.

Monster Weaknesses: Fish have no memory and aren't very smart. Plus, the beasty attributes of Frankenfish aren’t very daunting, especially during close-ups.

Star Who Battled the Beast: In this starless flick, Matthew Rauch portrayed Dan who is killed by baby Frankenfish after he falls out of a boat helping others kill an adult Frankenfish.

Birds, from the 2008 movie FLU BIRD HORROR

About the Creature: A flock of virus-infected mutant birds attack a group of troubled teens in the woods, killing them off one by one.

Monster Strengths: The birds can deliver a virus that can spread and kill people even after the flock has moved to a new town. The large winged creatures with deadly beaks make for some excitingly horrible malformed fun.

Monster Weaknesses: They aren’t very smart, bringing the term “bird brain” to life. Also, the low-budget effects render the birds as giant raptor-eagle hybrid puppets, making viewers snicker at the sight of them. 

Star Who Battled the Beast: Jonathon Trent is most recognized from his guest starring role on the CW’s 90210. His character, Johnson, sacrifices himself to end the bird’s terror by blowing two birds to pieces -- almost like playing a game of Angry Birds.

Mega Python, from the 2011 movie MEGA PYTHON VS. GATOROID

About the Creature: An animal-rights activist releases pythons into the Everglades, and the snakes grow to mega size when they eat steroid-ridden alligator eggs. 

Monster Strengths: Even against Gatoroid, the pythons have the advantage because they're very large and have extensive, sharp, venomous fangs. The snakes grow large enough to swallow an entire train in Miami, but Mega Python's biggest strength is its ability to kill the last remaining horribly bad actress.

Monster Weaknesses: Mega Python, though big and toxic, can be easily killed by explosion or stabbing. In the end, all of the Pythons are blown to smithereens.

Star Who Battled the Beast: Not one, but two stars. Eighties teen-pop sensations Debbie Gibson and Tiffany both die valiantly, yet hilariously, trying to rid the world of the Mega Pythons and Gatoroids.

Did we miss any Syfy movie monsters you rank as the best beasts? Maybe Mega Shark, Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha, Mega Snake, Mammoth, Monsterwolf, Sabretooth, Dinocroc, or Yeti? Leave a comment below to tell us about your favorites!

And remember to tune in for Syfy's 200th original movie, SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE, airing Saturday, March 26th, 2011 at 9pm ET/PT.



Kayla Grosse is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison in film, radio and television. An aspiring television writer, Kayla also spends her time working at Starbucks and listening to music.