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Top 10 TV Comedy Sketches That Parody the Royal Family

Kayla Grosse - April 26, 2011


editing and research by: Mike Vicic



With the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday, April 29th, we're taking part in the Royal Circus by putting together a list of hilarious parodies that portray British Monarchy throughout the ages. So if you want a break from the typical TV series, movies and specials about the Royal Wedding, then check out our list of the top 10 funniest comedy sketches about the Royal Family. And if you don’t find yourself laughing along with us, you just might end up on the guillotine.





"Visiting the Queen" (from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE)

First Aired: November 20, 2010 on NBC

Star of the Sketch: Anne Hathaway plays an overly proper and annoyingly smiley Kate Middleton, who gets accosted by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for wanting to marry into the Royal Family. Plus, Hathaway makes fun of her roles in movies like the PRINCESS DIARIES.


First Aired: April 19, 2002 on BBC1

Star of the Sketch: Ronni Ancona, a household name in the UK after appearing on BIG IMPRESSION, presents Camilla Parker Bowles with a raspy, whiny voice that suits the Duchess of Cornwall even though most Americans don't know what Camilla really sounds like.


First Aired: November 23, 1974 on CBS

Star of the Sketch: Although Carol Burnett plays The Queen, Oscar-winner Maggie Smith steals the sketch by showing her racy side with her portrayal of Miss Boughgrough, a hooker whose name The Queen Mum can't pronounce.

"The Queen’s Speech 2004 - Outtakes" (from DEAD RINGERS)

First Aired: December 26, 2004 on BBC2

Star of the Sketch: Jan Ravens, known for her frequent portrayals of Queen Elizabeth II, uses her animated facial expressions and her high pitched voice to once again mock The Queen -- but this time she even speaks a little Japanese.


First Aired: March 19, 2007 on CBS

Star of the Sketch: Craig Ferguson, of course. Who else would have the Queen sipping tea with Helen Mirren while lusting after James Bond with lines like "Daniel Craig...Ohhh he’s double-O heaven!" and dreaming of being a Bond Girl?

"Family Feud: The Royal Family vs. The Jackson Family" (from IN LIVING COLOR)

First Aired: February 7, 1993 on FOX

Star of the Sketch: David Allen Grier plays Joe Jackson, showing the ugly stereotypical traits of this patriarch of the Jackson family. The sketch even ends with Jackson beating down Prince Charles, played by a surprisingly understated Jim Carrey.

"A Message from the Queen of England to Canada" (from KIDS IN THE HALL)

First Aired: December 30, 1993 on CBC

Star of the Sketch: From the moment he yells "Explanation please!," Scott Thompson makes fun of Queen Elizabeth II in a way we've never seen before as she tries to win Canada's love -- while sometimes  speaking first-grade French.

"Queen Victoria Handicap" (from MONTY PYTHON)

First Aired: November 21, 1974 on BBC

Star of the Sketch: The writers went old school and spoofed someone other than QEII. And they did it a completely unexpected and unconventional way by pitting eight Queen Victorias against each other in a foot race -- on a track used for horse racing.

"Prince Charles – You Well Wish You Were Me" (from THE IMPRESSIONS SHOW WITH CULSHAW AND STEPHENSON)

First Aired: November 21, 2010 on BBC1

Star of the Sketch: Jon Culshaw, one of Britain’s most prominent impressionists, uses an almost Batman-like voice for Prince Charles as he pwns the guy working the counter at a movie theater to score free hot dogs and popcorn.

"The Wives of Henry VIII" (from HORRIBLE HISTORIES)

First Aired: May 7, 2009 on BBC1

Star of the Sketch: Simon Farnaby plays King Henry VIII, who sings how his wives were "divorced, beheaded and died; divorced, beheaded, survived,"giving viewers a catchy way to remember a bit of English history.

If you're still looking for more Royal Laughs, check out these video clips: