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Drugs, Inc.: The Fix

Episode List: Drugs, Inc.: The Fix

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12/05/2020   Chop Shop Confidential  Nat Geo       
11/21/2020   Hard Hash  Nat Geo       
11/14/2020   Party Pills  Nat Geo       
10/31/2020   Chicago Crack  Nat Geo       
10/24/2020   Vitamin K  Nat Geo       
10/17/2020   Oxy Nation  Nat Geo       
10/10/2020   Designer Dope  Nat Geo       
10/03/2020   High Behind Bars  Nat Geo       
09/26/2020   Cannabis College  Nat Geo       
09/19/2020   Thailand Trippin'  Nat Geo       
09/02/2020   Top Dollar Dope  Nat Geo       
09/02/2020   Building an Empire  Nat Geo       
09/04/2019   Fireworks and Firearms  Nat Geo       
08/28/2019   New York Heroin  Nat Geo       
08/28/2019   Meth Down Under  Nat Geo       
08/21/2019   White Sands & White Gold  Nat Geo       
08/14/2019   California Coke Wars  Nat Geo       
08/07/2019   New Orleans Blues  Nat Geo       
07/31/2019   New Year's High  Nat Geo       
07/24/2019   City of Saints and Sinners  Nat Geo       
07/24/2019   Cannabis Craze  Nat Geo       
06/19/2019   Memphis Mafia  Nat Geo       
06/12/2019   Sleeping Pill Overkill  Nat Geo       
05/22/2019   Crystal Chaos  Nat Geo       
05/22/2019   Cartel Meth  Nat Geo       
05/15/2019   Amsterdam High  Nat Geo       
05/08/2019   Maximum Molly  Nat Geo       
05/01/2019   Sex & Drugs  Nat Geo       
04/24/2019   Killer Krokodil  Nat Geo       
04/17/2019   Pittsburgh Heroin  Nat Geo       
04/10/2019   Heroin Highway  Nat Geo       
04/03/2019   New York Blow  Nat Geo       
03/27/2019   Sili-Coke Valley  Nat Geo       
03/13/2019   Midwest Meth  Nat Geo       
03/13/2019   Gin & Juiced  Nat Geo       
09/12/2018   Empire State of High  Nat Geo       
09/05/2018   Mile High  Nat Geo       
08/29/2018   London Falling  Nat Geo       
08/22/2018   Detroit Blues  Nat Geo       
08/15/2018   Charm City High  Nat Geo       
08/01/2018   Borderland Bust  Nat Geo       
07/25/2018   Big Easy Ballers  Nat Geo       
07/18/2018   Alaskan Smack-down  Nat Geo       
07/11/2018   Miami or Bust  Nat Geo       
06/27/2018   Sin-Dependence High  Nat Geo       
06/20/2018   Ice Ice Baby  Nat Geo       
06/13/2018   Danger Island  Nat Geo       
06/06/2018   Tennessee Dope  Nat Geo       
05/30/2018   Seattle Blues  Nat Geo       
05/25/2018   Crackland  Nat Geo       
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