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Founded in 2008, is the Internet's most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to online TV information, including TV Series, TV Movies/Miniseries, Episodes, Awards, TV DVDs, TV Downloads and more! Headquartered in Los Angeles, the privately held company delivers an innovative, user-friendly way to search and browse TV show databases.

With a unique interface, the site aggregates more than 44,800 titles, offering the user a fast and effective way to find the information they want. A team of experienced editors review all content prior to publishing it to, ensuring that all content and links are viable and correct. is the most comprehensive compilation of TV information. What makes this database truly unique?

  • Aggregated External Links: Looking for information on other sites? has more than 94,000 links to title pages at IMDb, TV Guide, Wikipedia,, British Film Institute, and Zap2It. All links load on the TV series home pages — just click the tabs to quickly switch from site-to-site. The TV web is at your fingertips.
  • Breadth: More than 4,980 TV Movies & Miniseries and 39,800 TV series, annual specials & sporting events.
  • Broadcast Grids: Type in a date and see what aired on TV that day. To generate these grids, uses a table of 1.12 million shows, including series episodes, TV movies, miniseries, theatrical films, specials, awards, and sporting events.
  • Media Links: Looking for a TV show on DVD or online? Media links are provided for individual episodes and TV movies! Not just a single link for the entire series or season. has more than 225,000 links to shows so users can watch or buy video.
  • Search Capability: Want a list of people who wrote TV movies about true crime for CBS? Need a list of military sitcoms on ABC that premiered in the '70s? Looking for reality series about high-school sports? Unparalleled advanced search capability.
  • Ratings: Wonder which TV movie had the highest rating in 1990? Looking for ratings data for a specific episode of FRIENDS or THE WALKING DEAD? Want to know the rating for every program that aired on NBC on Tuesdays at 8pm for the past 30 years? has data for:
    • Household Rating (Network): From June 1, 1983 to present day, including 174,000 pieces of data.
    • Viewers/Share (Network): From September 25, 2000 to present day, including 187,000 data points.
    • Viewers (Cable): From December 1, 2013 (and earlier for many popular series) to present day, including 31,000 values (and expanding quickly).
  • Discovery: Users will find new shows and be reminded about old favorites with these features:
    • Today in TV History: Find out which TV series, Movies, and Miniseries premiered on this date in the past. See what TV characters had life-changing events (births, deaths, weddings). Learn about firsts and lasts in TV history.
    • Maps of TV Land: Navigate real maps to see where TV characters lived and worked and where reality series and awards shows actually took place.
  • Simple (and Intuitive) Navigation: We have put a great deal of time and effort in developing a very intuitive system of navigating through our site. From any page on our website you are just one click away from finding the information you want. Every piece of information we enter into our database is confirmed or verified by an in-house researcher.

Combining real-time information updates with a sophisticated user interface, is the web's most powerful and reliable informational tool. In short, you are in control of your search. Since we search the top TV databases, you now have to search only one: TVTango.

Executive Team

Meet the TVTango executive team.


Maj, the "Queen of TV Movies", started her career in documentary and reality programming. She segued to independent long-form production affiliated with Fries Entertainment, then served as Executive Director of Development at the Larry Thompson Organization and then as a consultant to NBC Entertainment.

Working as an independent producer/writer she has sold/produced TV projects to both network and cable broadcasters and has been a consultant to numerous production companies, networks, cable outlets and foreign distributors, helping to facilitate the identification of successful projects and partnerships. With an insider's knowledge of the industry, she has extraordinary access to people and information that has become an invaluable resource.

Her award winning book, "Complete Reference Guide to Movies & Miniseries Made for TV and Cable" is on the desk of every "major player" in the entertainment industry and now this extensive database has been integrated into Maj has also provided television program data and reviews for numerous media outlets including over 400 reviews for the BBC's "Radio Times Guide to Films" and for their weekly entertainment magazine, "Radio Times".

Maj has seen over 6,837 television movies/miniseries/series and is currently under observation at the Bellevue Institute!


Mike has been part of the TV world for almost 40 years — he's been watching TV a really long time. More recently though, he started the trivialTV blog in August 2005, where he blogged for more than two years and was featured multiple times in USA Today's Pop Candy and Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch. He has also consulted on numerous projects because of the unique TV database that he built and has maintained for the last 12 years.

Before co-founding, he was an integral part of three other startups. He was one of the co-founders of a small company dedicated to developing a wearable non-invasive blood-glucose meter for diabetics. Prior to that, he was the Technical Lead for Sensigent, a software package developed by a small company to more effectively detect failures in chemical processes. Finally, he was a key employee of Cyrano Sciences, which developed an electronic nose for industrial, medical, and military applications.

In his other professional life, Mike is a lecturer at Caltech, where he earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1999. He teaches senior-level design classes that focus on the concept stage of the development cycle, which requires students to consider all aspects of a project: intellectual property, technical specifications, economics, ethics, safety, globalization, and environmental issues.

If you read trivialTV during its short lifetime — and both of you know who you are — then you already know Mike as "Dr. TV."