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House Hunters Renovation

Episode List: House Hunters Renovation

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Date  (↓) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
05/06/2023   A Reno of Historic Proportions  HGTV       
04/29/2023   Turning Quirky into Charming  HGTV       
04/01/2023   Building a Future Together  HGTV       
03/25/2023   This Reno Is No Bed of Roses  HGTV       
03/18/2023   This Reno Takes Two to Tango  HGTV       
03/11/2023   On the Family Fast Track  HGTV       
10/19/2019   Finding Her House and Her Voice  HGTV       
10/12/2019   Fine German Engineering  HGTV       
10/05/2019   Girl Power Reno  HGTV       
09/21/2019   When Positive Meets Practical  HGTV       
09/14/2019   Swipe Right for Reno  HGTV       
09/07/2019   Second Guessing Her First Reno  HGTV       
08/31/2019 17-001  We Made It  HGTV       
07/25/2019   Renovation 911  HGTV       
05/25/2019   Till Reno Do Us Part  HGTV       
05/18/2019   Facing the Reno Music  HGTV       
05/11/2019   Reno With a Roomie  HGTV       
05/04/2019   Type A Reno  HGTV       
03/02/2019   My Dad, My Renovation Hero  HGTV       
02/23/2019   Two Dads, One Tough Renovation  HGTV       
02/16/2019 16-001  Two Contractors, One Wild Ride  HGTV       
02/09/2019   Big Ideas, Bigger Problems  HGTV       
02/02/2019   Bidding War, Battling Reno  HGTV       
01/26/2019   A Tale of Two Bathrooms  HGTV       
01/19/2019   An Underground Renovation  HGTV       
01/12/2019   Beach Budget Blowout  HGTV       
01/05/2019   Renovating for a Reception  HGTV       
12/22/2018   A Renovation Lesson  HGTV       
12/15/2018   Vexed by a Vintage Reno  HGTV       
12/08/2018   A Reno Rollercoaster  HGTV       
12/01/2018   Flying Into a Renovation  HGTV       
11/24/2018   Open Concept Conundrums  HGTV       
11/17/2018   A Renovation in the Clouds  HGTV       
11/10/2018   This Reno Is History  HGTV       
09/29/2018   American Dream, Reno Reality  HGTV       
09/22/2018   This Reno Is the Cat's Meow  HGTV       
09/08/2018   By Land or by Cell  HGTV       
09/01/2018   Goodbye Parents, Hello Reno  HGTV       
08/25/2018   Reno's On, But Nobody's Home  HGTV       
08/11/2018   A Family Affair  HGTV       
07/28/2018   A Renovation Surprise  HGTV       
07/14/2018 15-001  The Wife Runs the Reno  HGTV       
06/09/2018   Reno Budget Up the Chimney  HGTV       
06/02/2018   A Place for Mom in California  HGTV       
05/26/2018   A Wall of Problems  HGTV       
05/19/2018   A Mountain of Problems  HGTV       
05/12/2018 14-001  Couple's Kitchen Nightmare  HGTV       
04/07/2018   A Grand, Glam Gut Job  HGTV       
03/31/2018   Baby Countdown  HGTV       
03/24/2018   Small Reno, Big Projects  HGTV       
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