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Lost Future, The

Lost Future, The

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Saturday, November 13, 2010 N/A
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  • Season: 2010-11
  • Network: SCI FI / Syfy
  • Genre: Drama
  • Category: Movies
  • Subject Matter: Sci-Fi / Supernatural / Fantasy, Foreign/Exotic Location

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Plot Synopsis

In 2510, the vast jungles, forests and deserts have reclaimed the world and destroyed civilization. An isolated tribe fights for survival in a landscape overrun by terrible beasts that carry a mysterious and deadly illness -- once bitten, a horrible mutation turns the survivors into beasts themselves. Savan is the future chief of the tribe, a warrior and great fighter who believes that they are the only humans that have survived in this hostile world. But a young tracker, Kaleb, sees this quite differently; he believes in the existence of other tribes and cherishes an old artifact that his father had given to him before his disappearance. Their conflicting views cause strong animosity between them. When beasts attack the tribe's village, Kaleb is bitten. Amal, a fighter that has stayed hidden in the forest, must now reveal his presence in order to help save him. Amal has knowledge that the tribe doesn't possess, he has seen things - major cities that now lie in crumbled ruins, other tribes that live scattered and hidden in the deep forests - and he knows that once there was a cure against the illness. He must race against time to find the cure in an attempt to re-establish the human race as masters of Earth.


Production Company:

  • Tandem Communications, Film Afrika Worldwide

Production Type:

  • Independent
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