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Alice's Wonderland Bakery

Episode List: Alice's Wonderland Bakery

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/09/2022   Unforgettable Unbirthday; Picnic for One  Disney Jr       
02/09/2022 01-001  Unforgettable Unbirthday; Picnic for One  Disney       
02/10/2022   Try Again Tart; Pie Pressure  Disney       
02/11/2022   No Palace Like Home; A Royal Remembrance  Disney       
02/18/2022   Alice's Stormy Afternoon; Into the Tulgey Wood  Disney       
02/25/2022   Gallymoggers Granola; Sour Grapes  Disney       
03/04/2022   Cookie's Day Off; Picture Furfect  Disney       
03/11/2022   Order Up!; Teeny-Tiny Venture  Disney       
03/18/2022   Another Alice; Fergie Plays the Palace  Disney       
03/25/2022   Dodo Dilemma; Horsin' Around  Disney       
04/01/2022   Potato Potahto; Hattie's Inside-out Cake  Disney       
04/08/2022   Easy Breezy; Walk the Jabberwock  Disney       
04/15/2022   Roamin' Holiday; The Proof is in the Pudding  Disney       
04/29/2022   A Royally Mad Tea Party; Jojo's Bye-Bye Party  Disney       
05/13/2022   Fergie Suits Up; Look Who's Knocking  Disney       
06/10/2022   A Special Blend; the Princess and the Hare  Disney       
07/01/2022   Meet the Tweedles; A Very Wonderland Wedding  Disney       
08/05/2022   Bubbling Over; The Card Guard Shuffle  Disney       
08/12/2022   A Rose Between Two Thorns; Double Dinah  Disney       
09/02/2022   Cream Puffs of Champions; Fluffle Kerfuffle  Disney       
10/07/2022   If the Shoe Hat Fits; Cookie Is Booked  Disney       
11/29/2022   The Gingerbread Palace  Disney Jr       
02/17/2023   Queen Alice; A Kuku Surprise  Disney Jr       
03/17/2023   Back to the Root; Alice the Piefectionist  Disney Jr       
03/31/2023   Sunny-Side-Up; A Supreme Pizza Problem  Disney Jr       
07/21/2023   Mopsy-Turvy; Jambalaya Jamboree  Disney Jr       
09/30/2023   A Hare Raising Halloween; Fergie Turns the Tide  Disney Jr       
10/28/2023   The Sweetest Friend Indeed; Hats Off to Cam  Disney Jr       
11/04/2023   Jacques Turtelle's Soup; The Curious Case of Crumbs  Disney Jr       
12/09/2023   A Hat-Bachi Hanukkah; A Snow-Drop Summer  Disney Jr       
02/12/2024   A Heart-Filled Harmony; Happy Cheshire Day!  Disney Jr