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Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Episode List: Beachfront Bargain Hunt

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09/02/2013 00-001  An Alabama Family Searches for a Boat Lover's Vacation House  HGTV       
09/02/2013 00-002  A Florida Couple Searches for Their First Home Right on the Beach  HGTV       
11/17/2013 01-001  Brother and Sister Search for a Family Vacation House  HGTV       
11/17/2013 01-002  A Family Searches for a Home with Water Access  HGTV       
11/24/2013 01-005  A Virginia Family Looks for Their Dream Beach House  HGTV       
11/24/2013 01-007  A Texas Family Hunts for a Beachfront Bargain  HGTV       
12/01/2013 01-006  A North Carolina Woman Searches for Her Beachfront Getaway  HGTV       
12/01/2013 01-008  Nature Lovers Bargain Hunt  HGTV       
12/08/2013 01-009  An Oregon Family Scours for a Beachfront Bargain  HGTV       
12/08/2013 01-010  A North Carolina Family Searches for a Family Beach Home  HGTV       
12/22/2013 01-011  A Washington Family Searches for a Beach Home  HGTV      1.2 
01/01/2014 01-003  A Virginia Couple Searches for a Home with a Water View  HGTV       
01/01/2014 01-004  A New England Family Searches for a Vacation Dock to Call Home  HGTV       
01/05/2014 02-001  A Savannah Couple Searches for Their Dream Oceanfront Home  HGTV      1.62 
01/05/2014 02-003  A Florida Couple Hopes to Find the Perfect Beachfront Getaway  HGTV      1.77 
01/12/2014 02-002  A California Couple Searches for a Coastal Condo  HGTV       
01/12/2014 02-006  A Tampa Family Looks for a Secluded Family Getaway  HGTV      1.26 
01/19/2014 02-005  A Louisiana Family Scours Johnson Bayou for a Real Vacation Home  HGTV       
01/19/2014 02-007  An Iowa Couple Looks for a Beach Home Where the Family Can Meet  HGTV       
01/26/2014 02-008  A Miami Man Searches the Shores for Beachside Living  HGTV      1.2 
01/26/2014 02-009  A Texas Couple Aims to Find a Beachfront Paradise  HGTV       
02/09/2014 02-010  A Louisiana Family Hunts Down a Beachfront Bargain  HGTV       
02/09/2014 02-011  A Couple Searches for a Boater's Paradise  HGTV       
02/16/2014 02-012  A Philly Couple Hunts for a Home with a Front Door to the Ocean  HGTV       
02/16/2014 02-013  A Kansas Family Looks for a Beach Home So They Can Be Closer to the Water  HGTV       
03/02/2014 02-004  A California Woman Searches for a Permanent Vacation Spot  HGTV       
06/08/2014 03-001  A Woman Bargains for Luxury with a Waterfront View  HGTV      1.62 
06/08/2014 03-008  First Time Bargain Hunting on St. Thomas  HGTV      1.81 
06/15/2014 03-003  A Young Married Couple Scour Pensacola Beach for a Waterfront Vacation Home  HGTV      1.44 
06/15/2014 03-012  A Little Latin Retreat on Puerto Rico's Island of Vieques  HGTV      1.37 
06/22/2014 03-004  A Couple Searches for a Beach Home in the Florida Keys  HGTV      1.72 
06/22/2014 03-013  A Family of Four Searches for Their Vacation Villa in the Dominican Republic  HGTV      1.54 
06/29/2014 03-002  A Couple Searches for an Island Home to Enjoy Year-Round  HGTV      1.85 
06/29/2014 03-007  A Hoboken Family Hunts Jacksonville Beach  HGTV      1.81 
07/06/2014 04-001  A Mexican Retreat on the Pacific Coastline  HGTV      1.51 
07/06/2014 04-003  Emerald Waters and White Sands on the Shores of Blue Mountain Beach, FL  HGTV      1.66 
07/13/2014   A Young Man Searches for His Dominican Republic Getaway  HGTV      1.83 
07/13/2014 04-013  A Family of Five Searches for a Beachfront Home in Myrtle Beach, SC  HGTV      2.01 
07/20/2014   A Carolina Couple Searches for Their Dream Waterfront Home  HGTV      2.12 
07/20/2014 04-009  Dustin and His Sister Explore Cabo to Find a Beachfront Home That His Pregnant Wife Will Approve Of  HGTV      1.98 
07/27/2014 04-005  A Tropical Nest on Pine Island, Florida  HGTV      1.87 
07/27/2014 04-010  Bargain Hunting in Pismo Beach, CA  HGTV      1.65 
08/03/2014 03-009  Bargain Hunting Orange Beach, Alabama  HGTV      1.49 
08/03/2014 04-012  Bargain Hunting Puerto Vallarta  HGTV      1.51 
08/10/2014 04-004  Bound to Buy in 'Bama  HGTV      1.44 
08/17/2014 04-008  A Hacienda on Mexico's Island of Isla Mujeres  HGTV      1.55 
08/17/2014 04-011  A Canal Front Home in Venice of America  HGTV      1.79 
08/24/2014 03-010  A Family of Five Searches for Their Vacation Escae on the Emerald Coast of Florida  HGTV      1.45 
08/31/2014 04-002  A Second Home with Room to Grow on Puerto Rico's Island of Vieques  HGTV      1.36 
08/31/2014 04-006  A Single Mother and Her Two Daughters Search for a Beachfront Property in Biloxi  HGTV      1.65 
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