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Best Ever Trivia Show

Episode List: Best Ever Trivia Show

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
06/10/2019 01-001  Wealth of Knowledge  GSN       
06/11/2019   A Sweet Song  GSN       
06/12/2019   Smarty Pants  GSN       
06/13/2019   Need for Speed  GSN       
06/14/2019   Everything About Penguins  GSN       
06/17/2019   Misremembering  GSN       
06/18/2019   Hungry for More  GSN       
06/19/2019   Ready for the Runway  GSN       
06/20/2019   The Cookie Lady  GSN       
06/21/2019   All Sunshine & Light  GSN       
06/24/2019   My Knitting Circle  GSN       
06/25/2019   Sea to Shining Sea  GSN       
06/26/2019   Kangaroo Fights  GSN       
06/27/2019   Dancing Queen  GSN       
06/28/2019   Totally Awesome  GSN       
07/01/2019   You're Playing with Ken Jennings  GSN       
07/02/2019   Expert Club  GSN       
07/03/2019   All Tricks, No Treats  GSN       
07/04/2019   Fit as a Fiddle  GSN       
07/05/2019   Bison Bars  GSN       
07/08/2019   Hoist the Flag  GSN       
07/09/2019   Muffy Level  GSN       
07/10/2019   First Brainwave  GSN       
07/11/2019   Sporting Good Time  GSN       
07/12/2019   My Brain Is Spinning  GSN       
07/15/2019   Running on Steam  GSN       
07/16/2019   It's Always a Party  GSN       
07/17/2019   Bebop Man  GSN       
07/18/2019   Web of Answers  GSN       
07/19/2019   Trivia Hat  GSN       
07/22/2019   I Cannot Tell a Lie  GSN       
07/23/2019   Everyone Loves It  GSN       
07/24/2019   Puppy Love  GSN       
07/25/2019   Playing Like the Bosses  GSN       
07/26/2019   So 'appy  GSN       
07/29/2019   So Trustworthy  GSN       
07/30/2019   Giraffe Kisses  GSN       
07/31/2019   I Love Ken Jennings  GSN       
08/01/2019   Pitch Perfect  GSN       
08/02/2019   Flattery Will Get You Everywhere  GSN       
08/05/2019   Easy as Pie  GSN       
08/06/2019   Battle of Wits  GSN       
08/07/2019   I Love a Parad  GSN       
08/08/2019   Trivia Captain  GSN       
08/09/2019   Hard Day at the Office  GSN       
08/12/2019   Music to My Ears  GSN       
08/13/2019   On the Move  GSN       
08/14/2019   You Bet I Know  GSN       
08/15/2019   On Porpoise  GSN       
08/16/2019   Wrestle with Our Brains  GSN       
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