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The Boonies

The Boonies

Photo Credit:  Nat Geo Channels/ Rich Alindogan
  • Premiered: 
    January 19, 2016
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  • Network: Nat Geo
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
  • Subject Matter: Adventure
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Plot Synopsis

In today's technology-driven world, few corners of the globe are not connected to the grid. But these places do exist for people who are determined enough to seek them out. For them, independence means re-defining "off the grid." THE BOONIES is a one-hour series that follows a collection of unique individuals hiding out where no one else thinks to look: above the grid in the trees, below the grid in caves, outside the grid on a remote island, and beyond the grid on the mountaintops. Life off the grid provides freedom, but that independence doesn't come easy. Whether it's finding food, stocking the medicine cabinet or battling the elements, life in the boonies requires a daily dose of sweat and blood. But even the most solitary people must rely on a few trusted allies to endure. For those who live outside of society, a little help can go a long way, especially to make sure they are always prepared for the worst. Far from the modern world, forces of nature present dire challenges, and life is lived by the seasons. As autumn arrives, temperatures grow colder, and those outside the grid begin preparation for the toughest time of year. "Above the Grid" in Onion Creek, Washington, Doc and Jeanny Leverett depend on their garden to maintain a nutrient-rich diet. But after a black bear wreaks havoc on their plants, they are forced to find a new way to protect this crucial resource, which becomes more difficult with wildfires burning dangerously close to their tree house. Plus, when Doc is quarantined in the tree house, Jeanny turns to the woods around her to find medicine, and then Doc makes special home improvements to keep Jeanny comfortable during the coming chill, because she has a rare allergy to the cold. "Beyond the Grid" in the Clearwater Mountains of Idaho, Bear Claw has lived high atop the ridgelines of the Clearwater Mountains for the past 10 years, where he relies on his horses to travel the ridgelines and transport essential resources to camp. When his packhorse, Idahe, suffers from symptoms of equine arthritis, he must quickly adapt to find a new way to haul the supplies he desperately needs, especially when he struggles to find water for his camp during the onslaught of a severe drought. As temperatures begin to cool, the nomadic Bear Claw packs up his tent and heads for the protection of his winter camp, gathering essential supplies during the long journey on horseback. "Below the Grid" in caves in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Joe Ray is always searching for ways to expand his underground world, searching for new caverns to use and resources to utilize. With his pantry running low, he prepares to hunt for wild game -- and it looks like hog might be on the menu. But a small earthquake hits the Ozarks, transforming his home and forcing him to find a new path to daylight -- just in time for his annual visit to town to stockpile necessary winter resources. "Outside the Grid" on remote Beaver Island in the middle of Lake Michigan, Dan Burton stockpiles his own supplies from the wild, and is on a mission to fill his freezer in any way he can so his family can make it through the frozen winter months. But when a series of severe storms punishes the Beaver Island archipelago, Dan picks up the pieces -- a job that requires lifting a fallen tree off of his truck -- and then drops everything to search for a friend adrift somewhere on Lake Michigan.


  • - Onion Creek, Washington USA
  • - Clearwater Mountains, Idaho USA
  • - Ozark Mountains, Arkansas USA
  • - Beaver Island, Michigan USA