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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  • Premiered: 
    September 17, 2013
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  • Network: Fox
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Comedy (Sitcom)
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Created by Dan Goor & Michael Schur 
  • Subject Matter: Police
  • Tags:

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Plot Synopsis

This police comedy follows lead detective Jake Peralta and a diverse group of cops at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. Captain Ray Holt finally got his own command after serving on the force for 30 years, and he's not going to let Jake -- or anyone else -- screw it up for him. The rest of the crew, who lack discipline because of the lax command of their former captain, include: Sgt. Terry Jeffords, the squad's next in command, who lost his nerve after his wife had twin baby girls -- Cagney & Lacey; Amy, a smart detective, who was a middle-school teacher before she became a cop; Charles, a recently divorced veteran detective, who looks up to the younger Jake and pins for Rosa; Rosa, a sexy and frightening police officer, who scares the other cops as much as she does the criminals; and Gina, the eccentric and self-absorbed civilian office manager at the station. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 8:30pm ET/PT on FOX.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE returned for its second season on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 8:30pm ET/PT on FOX. In the season opener, "Undercover," Jake's undercover FBI operation ends in a successful sting, until he learns one mobster has gotten away. As Jake enlists Charles' help to track him down, Holt tests the squad's patience with practice drills. Jenny Slate guest stars.

Season 3 of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 8:30pm ET/PT on FOX. In the season opener, "New Captain," the new captain, Seth Dozerman (guest star Bill Hader), arrives after Holt was transferred to the NYPD Department of Public Relations, and it causes the precinct to dissolve into chaos, despite Terry's best efforts to keep everyone on point. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy face the aftermath of their "for reals" kiss.

The fourth season of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 8pm ET/PT on FOX. In the season opener, "Coral Palms (Part 1)," Jake and Holt remain in Florida, adjusting to their new lives under the Witness Protection Program, while Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis is still on the loose. Their one human link to their regular lives is U.S. Marshall Karen Haas (guest star Maya Rudolph), but their anonymity may be in danger when a video of them goes viral. Rhea Perlman guest stars as Estelle.

Season 5 of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 9:30pm ET/PT on FOX. In the season opener, "The Big House (Part 1)," Jake and Rosa assimilate to their new lives behind bars, but both are coping in very different ways. Jake bonds with his cellmate, Caleb (guest star Tim Meadows), and is forced to join a prison gang led by notorious inmate Romero (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips), in order to gain his protection. Meanwhile, in the women's prison, Rosa puts Holt and Terry to the test by having them complete outrageous favors for her. Back in the precinct, Amy and Charles are doing all they can to exonerate their colleagues.

The 18-episode sixth season of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT on its new network: NBC. In the season opener, "Honeymoon," Jake and Amy go on their honeymoon. Capt. Holt finds out whether he is the new commissioner of the NYPD.

Season 7 of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE premiered on Thursday, February 6, 2020 from 8-9pm ET/PT, as NBC debuted back-to-back new episodes. In the season opener (8pm), "Manhunter," Jake leads a manhunt after an assassination attempt on a city councilor; meanwhile, Holt adjusts to his new position as a uniformed officer. Then, in the night's second episode (8:30pm), "Captain Kim," a new captain, Captain Julie Kim (guest star Nicole Bilderback), at the Nine-Nine attempts to ingratiate herself with Jake and the squad by inviting them over to her house for a dinner party.

In the final season of the series, Jake and the squad must try to balance their personal lives and their professional lives over the course of a very difficult year. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE returned for its eighth and final season with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, August 12, 2021 from 8-9pm ET/PT on NBC. In the season opener, "The Good Ones" (8pm), Amy returns from maternity leave, while Jake and Rosa work a difficult case. Then, in the second episode, "The Lake House" (8:30pm), the squad takes up Holt on an offer for a weekend getaway.
On Thursday, September 16, 2021 from 8-9pm ET/PT, NBC premiered "The Last Day," the one-hour series finale of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. The squad take stock of their eight years together and look toward their future.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Universal Television
  • Produced by 3 Arts Entertainment
  • Produced by Fremulon


  • - Brooklyn, New York USA

Births, Deaths & Weddings

  • March 1, 2015: Darlene Linetti & Lynn Boyle are married
  • November 22, 2015: Ava Jeffords is born
  • May 20, 2018: Amy Santiago & Jake Peralta are married
  • April 23, 2020: Mac is born