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Buried in the Backyard

Episode List: Buried in the Backyard

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
06/03/2018 01-001    Oxygen       
06/10/2018   Struggle in the Night  Oxygen       
06/17/2018   Lady in a Barrel  Oxygen       
06/24/2018   Wishing Well Hell  Oxygen       
07/01/2018   Bread & Breakfast & Body  Oxygen       
07/08/2018   Murder House  Oxygen       
07/22/2018   Killer by the Coast  Oxygen       
07/29/2018   Death in the Desert  Oxygen       
08/05/2018   Two Counties, Two Bodies  Oxygen       
08/12/2018   Hog Trail Murders  Oxygen       
05/13/2019 02-001  Guilt or Innocence  Oxygen       
05/20/2019   In the Name of the Father  Oxygen       
05/27/2019   Tangled Web  Oxygen       
06/03/2019   Murders in Maine  Oxygen       
06/10/2019   Fatal Fall  Oxygen       
06/17/2019   The Imposter  Oxygen       
06/24/2019   Gone Girls  Oxygen       
07/01/2019   A Deadly Plea  Oxygen       
07/08/2019   New England Nightmare  Oxygen       
07/15/2019   Deep in the Cornfields  Oxygen       
07/22/2019   Fatal Secrets  Oxygen       
07/29/2019   Living in Fear  Oxygen       
08/05/2019   Desperate Search  Oxygen       
08/12/2019   He Wasn't Alone  Oxygen       
08/19/2019   Garden of Evil  Oxygen       
08/26/2019   Fatal Mistake  Oxygen       
09/02/2019   Blood Brothers  Oxygen       
09/09/2019   Last Call  Oxygen       
09/03/2020 03-001  Blood in the Backyard  Oxygen       
09/10/2020   Deadly Ally  Oxygen       
09/17/2020   Dead Girls Don't Talk  Oxygen       
09/24/2020   Devil in Our Country  Oxygen       
10/01/2020   Femme Fatale  Oxygen       
10/08/2020   Buried in the Woods: Grief or Guilt  Oxygen       
10/15/2020   Buried in the Woods: Friend Left Behind  Oxygen       
10/22/2020   Buried in the Woods: Girl in the Grave  Oxygen       
10/29/2020   Buried in the Woods: Deadly Premonition  Oxygen       
11/05/2020   Buried in the Woods: First Love, Last Breath  Oxygen       
11/12/2020   Buried in the House: Don't Unlock the Freezer  Oxygen       
11/19/2020   Buried in the House: Under the Crawlspace  Oxygen       
11/26/2020   Buried in the House: Last Person Inside  Oxygen       
12/03/2020   In the Dark of Night  Oxygen       
12/10/2020   When Hell Freezes Over  Oxygen       
12/17/2020   Witness to Murder  Oxygen       
12/24/2020   Saint and Sinner  Oxygen       
01/01/2021   Fear in Florida  Oxygen       
11/18/2021 04-001  Buried in Money  Oxygen       
11/25/2021   The Bones on Party Hill  Oxygen       
12/02/2021   Buried in the Sand: Underneath the Sunset  Oxygen       
12/16/2021   Wading in the Water  Oxygen       
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