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Butterbean's Cafe

Episode List: Butterbean's Cafe

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
11/12/2018 01-001  The Grand Opening!  Nick       
11/13/2018   Grandma Nana Banana Bread!; Lots and Lots of Lemons!  Nick       
11/14/2018   Friendship Pretzels!; The Wild Tooth Chase!  Nick       
11/15/2018   Dazzle's Cake-tastrophe!; Cricket's First Menu!  Nick       
11/16/2018   The Sweetest Ride!; A Grilled Cheese for the Big Cheese!  Nick       
11/19/2018   Wedding Cake Switcheroo!; Fairy Berry Parfait!  Nick       
11/20/2018   Rainbow Noodle Soup; Pizza Party!  Nick       
11/21/2018   Fairy Happy Thanksgiving!; Cricket's the Boss!  Nick       
11/26/2018   The Starlight Cupcake Surprise!  Nick       
11/27/2018   Summer Slushies!  Nick       
11/28/2018   Switchin' in the Kitchen!  Nick       
11/29/2018   The Breadstick Bicycle!  Nick       
11/30/2018   Monkey Cookie Escape; The New Neighbors!  Nick       
12/14/2018   The Sugar Plum Fairy!  Nick       
02/04/2019   Surprise Cake!  Nick       
02/05/2019   Tic Tac Tomato!  Nick       
05/13/2019   The Messy Barbecue!  Nick       
05/14/2019   Poppy's Lost Cookbook!  Nick       
05/15/2019   Flutter Butter!  Nick       
05/16/2019   Cricket Delivers!  Nick       
07/29/2019   The Hawaiian Luau!  Nick       
07/30/2019   Kitty-Sitting!  Nick       
07/31/2019   The Takeout Window!  Nick       
08/01/2019   The Towering Tower of Crepes!  Nick       
09/22/2019   A Kitty for Marmalady's!; Slumber Party!  Nick Jr       
10/06/2019   A Bean for Halloween!  Nick Jr       
11/24/2019   Oopsie Doodle!  Nick Jr       
12/29/2019   The Big Tomato!; Tough Customers!  Nick Jr       
02/23/2020   A Recipe for Friendship!; Team Captain Cricket!  Nick Jr       
03/01/2020   Rebel Without a Whisk!; Key Sime Bars!  Nick Jr       
03/15/2020   Cutie Pie's Pizza Pies!  Nick Jr       
03/22/2020   Cherry Delicious!; Movie Night!  Nick Jr       
03/29/2020   The April Fools' Joke!; Dazzle's Birthday Surprise!  Nick Jr       
04/26/2020   Perfectly Perfect Pancakes!; The Delivery Game  Nick Jr       
05/03/2020   Runaway Rooster!; Cookie Master!  Nick Jr       
05/10/2020   I Love Rockin' Rolls!; A Baby at Marmalady's!  Nick Jr       
05/17/2020   The Legend of the Shadow Bean!  Nick Jr       
06/21/2020   Ice Cream Funday!; Fairy Food Fails!  Nick Jr       
06/28/2020   Race to the Fairy Finish!; Busy, Busy Butterbean  Nick Jr       
07/26/2020   Cutie Pie's Checkup!; Puddle Scout Cookies!  Nick Jr       
08/02/2020   Sleepy Bean!; Oldies But Smoothies!  Nick Jr       
09/13/2020   Fairy Pop!  Nick Jr       
09/20/2020   Firefighter Jasper!; Cookie to the Rescue!  Nick Jr       
09/27/2020   Happy Birthday, Cricket!; Friendly Frank!  Nick Jr       
10/04/2020   Cricket's First Fairy Finish!; Tricky Sticky Buns!  Nick Jr       
10/18/2020   The Big Birthday Hiccup!; Skater 'Taters!  Nick Jr       
11/01/2020   The Glowberry Fairy!; Hello, Marma Team!  Nick Jr