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Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife

  • Premiered: 
    January 15, 2012
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  • Network: BBC1
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the book trilogy (Call the Midwife) by Jennifer Worth 
  • Subject Matter: Period
  • Tags: medical

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Plot Synopsis

Based on Jennifer Worth's best-selling trilogy and set in the 1950s, CALL THE MIDWIFE tells the tales of newly qualified midwife Jenny Lee as she arrives in London's East End to begin her career with a group of nursing nuns at Nonnatus House. Jenny, a young woman raised in the wealthy English countryside, has chosen to become a nurse and now, as a newly qualified midwife, has gone to work in the poorest area of the city. With the streets teeming with children -- families of between six and ten children are commonplace -- and with just one eight-bed maternity ward to serve the whole district of Poplar, most expectant mothers give birth at home in appalling conditions since few homes have indoor sanitation and none have hot running water. Jenny's patients include women like Conchita, who is on her 25th pregnancy and Mary, a prostitute and pregnant at just 15. In the show's 2012 holiday special, newly married Chummy and Nurse Jenny Lee are hard at work during their first Christmas in Nonnatus House, as nurses and nuns minister to an abandoned newborn. Season 2 opens with Trixie facing a difficult birth on board a Swedish trawler, Chummy making a big decision that may mean major changes at Nonnatus House, and Jenny Lee having a run-in with her old friend Jimmy, which brings out some feelings from her past she'd rather forget. Plus, Cynthia has her confidence shaken and doubts her ability as a midwife, while Jenny's skills are tested in a setting that's a far cry from the clinic and homes of Poplar. PBS aired the U.S. premiere of Season 1 (September 30, 2012) and Season 2 (March 31, 2013), airing episodes on Sundays at 8pm.

CALL THE MIDWIFE returned for its eight-episode third season on PBS on Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 8pm (check local listings). Season 3 opened in 1959 as the winds of change are sweeping through the country, as the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House move into their new premises and welcomed Sister Winifred, a warm-hearted, innocent young woman.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 8pm (check local listings), PBS aired the U.S. premiere of the fourth season of CALL THE MIDWIFE. Season 4 opens with Nurse Barbara Gilbert arriving at Nonnatus and, after a disastrous start, earning the respect of her colleagues by helping a new mother overcome difficulties. Trixie faces one of the most emotionally draining cases of her career, and the Turners broker a domestic deal that breaks the mold for the 1950s and '60s. Sister Evangelina finally agrees to undergo tests for her abdominal pain.

On Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 8pm (check local listings), PBS aired the U.S. premiere of the fifth season of CALL THE MIDWIFE. The season opens in the year 1961, and Poplar is beginning to feel the winds of social change with the improvements in housing, sanitation and healthcare. But for the midwives and nuns of Nonnatus House, it's business as usual, as they continue to care for the sick and bring new life into the world. The personal and professional lives of the nurses remain entwined, as events in their work impact on their personal choices. Throughout the season, the midwives encounter complex and challenging medical cases, ranging from an outbreak of typhoid to the increase in lung cancer, a teenage pregnancy and a mother who vanishes. But all are rocked when two babies with severe deformities are born under their care, several months apart from one another. As they struggle to understand why, they must find ways to deal with the resulting medical and emotional fallout.

On Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 8pm (check local listings), PBS aired the U.S. premiere of the sixth season of CALL THE MIDWIFE. Season 6 begins in 1962 and it is evident how times are changing, from increased liberation for women to the shadow of infamous gangsters to the introduction of new government policies. In Poplar, when the rather austere Sister Ursula is appointed the new head of Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne finds herself demoted and working alongside the midwives as an ordinary member of the staff. She is not the only one to face challenges closer to home. As they strive to help mothers and families cope with the demands of childbearing, disability, disease and social prejudice, the beloved medics must make choices -- and fight battles -- of their own.

PBS debuted the seventh season of CALL THE MIDWIFE on Sunday, March 28, 2018 from 8-10pm (check local listings). Nonnatus House welcomes a new midwife, Lucille Anderson. Elegant, compassionate and clever, Nurse Lucille is swift to settle in and brings a fresh new energy to life at Nonnatus House. Her story reflects the experiences of Caribbean nurses who traveled to the U.K. in the 1960s to support the expanding National Health Service. Season 7 of CALL THE MIDWIFE opens as the "Big Freeze" of 1963 continues and the midwives persevere through the intense winter. The nuns and nurses of Nonnatus House are being tested as they have never been before, both personally and professionally. All around them they see the old East End vanishing, as slum clearances make way for bold new tower blocks to accommodate expanding communities. They find themselves facing a wide range of medical challenges, from breech birth to cancer, Huntington's chorea and cataracts. Trixie and Christopher continue to develop their romance, while Tom and Barbara enjoy life as a married couple. Nurse Crane's authority is questioned from an unexpected source, and Sister Monica Joan is forced to accept her failing faculties. Additionally, life for the Turners is turned upside down when Shelagh decides to employ an au pair.

Season 8 of CALL THE MIDWIFE had its U.S. premiere on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 8pm on PBS (check local listings). It's springtime, and with extra help needed in Poplar Mother Mildred decides to send Sister Frances and Sister Hilda to Nonnatus House, where they will live and work. Everyone is excited for the impending arrival of the Queen's baby. Violet is holding a Teddy Bears' Picnic and raising funds through a sweepstake on whether the Queen will have a boy or a girl. The midwives are introduced to their new midwifery bags but Sister Monica Joan is distressed when she sees Fred burning the old leather ones. Lucille is caring for heavily pregnant Lesley White, whose sister Cath, an aspiring model, has been feeling extremely unwell. Back at the maternity home, Shelagh has to step in to help Trixie with a birth that takes a surprise turn.
On Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 8pm (check local listings), PBS premiered the Season 8 finale of CALL THE MIDWIFE. In the season ender, viewers share in the Turners' emotions over May's impending adoption. Sister Hilda digs deep to give a terminally ill patient her final wish. Valerie and Trixie must testify in a grueling court case. Fred and Reggie keep secrets from each other.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Neal Street Productions
  • Produced by BBC Worldwide