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Episode List: Caught

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
11/30/2023 01-001  Heists  Discovery       
11/30/2023 01-002  Driving Disasters  Discovery       
12/07/2023   Travel Hell  Discovery       
12/07/2023   Vacation Mayhem  Discovery       
12/14/2023   Heists  Discovery       
12/14/2023   Raids and Busts  Discovery       
12/21/2023   Stadium Smackdowns  Discovery       
12/28/2023   Doorbell Camera Disasters  Discovery       
01/04/2024   Weekend Warriors  Discovery       
01/11/2024   Florida Man  Discovery       
01/18/2024   Nature Strikes Back  Discovery       
01/25/2024   Life on the Edge  Discovery       
02/01/2024   Leave It to the Professionals  Discovery       
02/08/2024   Escaping the Law  Discovery       
02/15/2024   Indecent and Exposed  Discovery       
02/22/2024   Grand Theft Viral  Discovery       
02/29/2024   Wild on the Water  Discovery       
03/07/2024   Roadway Ridiculousness  Discovery       
03/07/2024   Work Hard and Play Harder  Discovery       
03/14/2024   It Seemed Like a Good Idea  Discovery       
03/14/2024   SWAT Teams Unleashed  Discovery       
04/04/2024   Caught in the Act  Discovery       
04/11/2024   Disorder in the Court  Discovery       
04/11/2024   Life in the Fast Lane  Discovery       
04/18/2024   Go Big or Go Home  Discovery       
04/18/2024   Prisoners Gone Wild  Discovery       
04/25/2024   High Crimes  Discovery       
04/25/2024   Licensed to Thrill  Discovery       
05/02/2024   Man vs. Machine  Discovery       
05/02/2024   Tased and Confused  Discovery       
05/09/2024   Dashcam Disasters  Discovery       
05/09/2024   The Friendly Skies  Discovery       
05/16/2024   Security Cam Chaos  Discovery       
05/16/2024   Winner Takes All  Discovery       
05/23/2024   Walk on the Wild Side  Discovery       
05/23/2024   Who Let the Cons Out?  Discovery       
05/30/2024   Backcountry Crooks  Discovery       
05/30/2024   DIY Disasters  Discovery       
06/06/2024   Crooks Gone Wild  Discovery       
06/06/2024   Shocking Stunts  Discovery       
06/13/2024   Fightin' 9 to 5  Discovery       
06/13/2024   Insane on a Plane  Discovery       
06/20/2024   Holidays from Hell  Discovery       
06/20/2024   Insane Attacks  Discovery       
07/18/2024   Brawl in the Family  Discovery       
07/18/2024   Seconds from Disaster  Discovery