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Comedy Bang! Bang!

Episode List: Comedy Bang! Bang!

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03/09/2012 00-001    IFC       
06/08/2012 01-001  Zach Galifianakis Wears a Blue Jacket & Red Socks  IFC       
06/15/2012   Amy Poehler Wears a Black Jacket & Grey Pants  IFC       
06/22/2012   Jon Hamm Wears a Light Blue Shirt & Silver Watch  IFC       
06/29/2012   Michael Cera Wears a Blue Denim Shirt & Red Pants  IFC       
07/06/2012   Seth Rogen Wears a Plaid Shirt & Brown Pants  IFC       
07/13/2012   Paul Rudd Wears a Red Lumberjack Flannel Shirt  IFC       
07/20/2012   Ed Helms Wears a Grey Shrit & Brown Boots  IFC       
07/27/2012   Elizabeth Banks Wears a Red Dress  IFC       
08/03/2012   Adam Scott Wears a Red Oxfod Shirt & Jeans  IFC       
08/10/2012   'Weird Al' Yankovic Wears a Hawaiian Shirt  IFC       
07/12/2013 02-001  Andy Samberg Wears a Plaid Shirt and Glasses  IFC       
07/19/2013   Aziz Ansari Wears a Charcoal Blazer  IFC       
07/26/2013   Anna Kendrick Wears a Patterned Blouse & Burgundy Pants  IFC       
08/02/2013   David Cross Wears a Red Polo Shirt and Brown Shoes with Red Laces  IFC       
08/09/2013   Zoe Saldana Wears a Tan Blouse and Glasses  IFC       
08/16/2013   Gilliain Jacobs Wears a Red Dress with Sail Boats  IFC       
08/23/2013   Andy Richter Wears a Suit Jacket and a Baby Blue Button Down Shirt  IFC       
08/30/2013   Sarah Silverman Wears a Black Dress with a White Collar  IFC       
09/06/2013   Bill Hader Wears a Grey Button Down Shirt and Sneakers  IFC       
09/13/2013   Casey Wilson Wears a White Lace Dress and a Black Blazer  IFC       
10/18/2013   Rainn Wilson Wears a Short Sleeved Plaid Shirt & Colorful Sneakers  IFC       
10/25/2013   Pee-wee Herman Wears a Halloween Costume  IFC       
11/01/2013   Jessica Alba Wears a Jacket with Patent Leather Pumps  IFC       
11/08/2013   Rashida Jones Wears a Black Blazer & Flowered Pants  IFC       
11/15/2013   Jim Gaffigan Wears a Blue Jacket & Plum T-Shirt  IFC       
11/22/2013   Andy Dick Wears a Black Suit Jacket & Skinny Tie  IFC       
11/29/2013   Clark Gregg Wears a Navy Blazer & White Collared Shirt  IFC       
12/06/2013   Jason Schwartzman Wears a Striped Shirt & High Top Sneakers  IFC       
12/13/2013   Cobie Smulders Wears a Straples Black & White Dress  IFC       
12/20/2013   Zach Galifianakis Wears a Santa Suit  IFC       
05/08/2014 03-001  Patton Oswalt Wears a Black Blazer and Dress Shoes  IFC       
05/15/2014   Craig Robinson Wears a Bordeaux Button Down and Dark Jeans  IFC       
05/22/2014   Jenna Fischer Wears a Floral Blouse and Black Heels  IFC       
05/29/2014   Fred Armisen Wears Black Jeans and Glasses  IFC       
06/05/2014   Zach Galilfianakis Wears a One-Armed Jacket  IFC       
06/12/2014   Nick Offerman Wears a Green Flannel Shirt and Brown Boots  IFC       
06/19/2014   Lizzy Caplan Wears All Black and Powder Blue Espadrilles  IFC       
06/26/2014   Tony Hawk Wears a Plaid Shirt and Silver Watch  IFC       
07/03/2014   Alison Brie Wears a Black Mesh Top and Mini-Skirt  IFC       
07/10/2014   Josh Groban Wears a Suit and Striped Socks  IFC       
10/17/2014   Ellie Kemper Wears a Purple Ruffled Sleeveless Top & Lavender Flats  IFC      0.08 
10/24/2014   Steven Yeun Wears Rolled Up Black Jeans & No Socks  IFC      0.06 
10/31/2014   Wayne Coyne Wears a Halloween Costume  IFC      0.09 
11/07/2014   Dane Cook Wears a Black Blazer & Tailored Pants  IFC      0.07 
11/14/2014   Chris Hardwick Wears a Black Polo & Weathered Boots  IFC       
11/21/2014   Amber Tamblyn Wears a Leather Jacket & Black Booties  IFC      0.15 
11/28/2014   Kevin Smith Wears a Hockey Jersey & Jean Shorts  IFC       
12/05/2014   Rob Corddry Wears Tan Dress Shoes & Red Socks  IFC      0.08 
12/12/2014   Eric Andre Wears a Cat Collage Shirt & Sneakers  IFC      0.03 
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