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Dateline on TLC

Episode List: Dateline on TLC

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
09/12/2015   Bad Blood  TLC       
09/12/2015 01-001  Deadly Denial  TLC       
09/19/2015   Death in the Driveway  TLC       
09/19/2015   Mystery on the Early Shift  TLC       
09/26/2015   A Killing in Cottonwood  TLC       
09/26/2015   Secrets on the Snake River  TLC       
09/26/2015   Toxic Relationship  TLC       
10/03/2015   Deception  TLC       
10/10/2015   Fugitive Millionaire  TLC       
10/10/2015   Shattered Bodns  TLC       
01/25/2016   Deadly Betrayal  TLC       
01/25/2016   The Devil in Disguise  TLC       
01/25/2016   While He Was Sleeping  TLC       
02/15/2016   Shining Star  TLC       
02/15/2016   The Queen of County  TLC       
02/15/2016   The Root of All Evil  TLC       
03/07/2016   Fatal Attraction  TLC       
03/07/2016   Lethal Weapon  TLC       
03/07/2016   What Lies Beneath  TLC       
04/23/2016   After Midnight  TLC       
04/23/2016   Miami Heat  TLC       
04/23/2016   Secret Lives  TLC       
04/30/2016   Someone Was Out There  TLC       
04/30/2016   True Lies  TLC       
05/07/2016   The Wire (Part 1)  TLC       
05/07/2016   The Wire (Part 2)  TLC       
05/21/2016   A Teacher's Message  TLC       
05/21/2016   Finding Savanna  TLC       
05/28/2016   Indiscretion  TLC       
05/28/2016   The Evil to Come  TLC       
06/04/2016   The Long Road  TLC       
07/02/2016   Secrets at the Sunshine Motel  TLC       
07/02/2016   Secrets on Shalimar Way  TLC       
09/23/2016   Deadly Devotion  TLC       
09/23/2016   One Spring Night  TLC       
09/23/2016   The House on Badger Lane  TLC       
09/30/2016   Mystery on Sunrise Drive (Part 1)  TLC       
09/30/2016   Mystery on Sunrise Drive (Part 2)  TLC       
09/30/2016   The Collector  TLC       
10/07/2016   Something Sweet  TLC       
10/07/2016   Tipping Point  TLC       
10/07/2016   Without a Trace  TLC       
10/14/2016   A Place on the Sand  TLC       
10/14/2016   Friends Until Death  TLC