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Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Pimple Popper

  • Premiered: 
    July 11, 2018
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  • Network: TLC
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the 2018 TLC special 
  • Subject Matter: Medical
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Plot Synopsis

DR. PIMPLE POPPER is a one-hour reality series that follows renowned dermatological surgeon Dr. Sandra Lee, as she treats various eye-catching dermatological problems in hopes of allowing her patients to reclaim their lives, free of disguise and embarrassment. Some of the cases featured this season include a mobility-inducing elephant-like skin condition, a discouraging lump and, protruding veins, tumors and cysts that hinder their daily lives and confidence. TLC first aired DR. PIMPLE POPPER as a one-hour special Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 10pm ET/PT, followed by the official series premiere six months later on Wednesday, July 11 at 10:04pm. In the series opener, "The Lipoma Whisperer," Melissa has tried to cover a huge lipoma with a sweatshirt for years, Tyler's fear of cancer has kept him from having his huge head lumps diagnosed, Tahj is covered in painful boils, and Amber has ear keloids that have taken control of her life.

"DR. PIMPLE POPPER provides a complete window into my world as a busy dermatologist. The TLC viewer goes on a journey with my patients during this series; first you meet the patients in their hometown, and see how their skin condition affects their life and the people around them. You understand how devastating their condition really is, how it affects their everyday life, and how they interact with others and the world. I evaluate every patient and decide on a treatment course to help their skin conditions -- and afterward, we see how we have really transformed their lives!" said Dr. Lee.

The second season of DR. PIMPLE POPPER premiered on Thursday, January 3, 2018 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC, immediately following a one-hour special. In the season opener, "Nose No Bounds" (9pm), April is covered in bumps that have disfigured her arms. Genner has flown all the way from the Philippines to have Dr. Lee help with his bumpy nose. Chris suffers from psoriasis that nearly covers his body and a bump on his head. Before that, in the special, "Countdown to the New Season" (8pm), with a sneak peek at the new season -- Belinda's lipoma limits her mobility. Nicole won't get married until her arm pit lump is removed. Adela's body is covered in fibromas. Nick tried to remove a lipoma at home and now needs Dr. Lee's help.

Season 3 of DR. PIMPLE POPPER premiered on Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. This season, Dr. Lee tackles her biggest cases yet including one so extensive, she must partner with a doctor to perform a procedure at a nearby hospital; a patient with a black mass that runs a high risk it could be life threatening and a patient with a mystery case from the very first episode returns, with the growth as big as it was when we first met him. In the season opener, "Sleepless in Steatocystoma," Jen has substantial growths on her ears that cause her depression, pain, and vertigo. Juliet is under emotional distress because of the bumps all over her neck and chest. Gerald has a mysterious, kiwi-size lump on his middle finger.

On Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT, TLC premiered the fourth season of DR. PIMPLE POPPER, immediately following a one-hour special (8pm) that takes a sneak peak at the new season. In the season opener, "Peh-DUN-kyoo-LAY-tedTraci's confidence has been destroyed after years of bullying from the bumps that have plagued her face for 20 years. Ravon has a unique dangling growth on his leg. David has a large lump that envelopes his nose, but a surprise encounter gives him hope. One week earlier -- on Thursday, December 26, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT -- TLC debuted "The Record Breaking Lump!," a sneak-peek episode of DR. PIMPLE POPPER. Tim has a massive growth on his back that affects his ability to work and socialize. Daniel has debilitating psoriasis that covers 90% of his body. Gloriana and Yolanda are a mother/daughter duo who have bonded over their bumps.

Season 5 of DR. PIMPLE POPPER debuted on Monday, December 28, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. The news season takes viewers through the powerful and emotional journeys of each patient with skin conditions that are preventing them from feeling their best. The episodes feature Dr. Lee's most challenging cases to date, which were introduced in BEFORE THE POP, which aired earlier this year and focused on telemedicine appointments due to the pandemic. Now, armed with her splash mask and sensitive bedside manner, Dr. Lee will roll up her sleeves and prepare to take on those cases and others, with the hope of helping them to lead lives free of embarrassment, while giving them a boost of self-confidence. Some of the cases this season are so extreme, Dr. Lee teams up with specialists in order to provide the best outcome possible. Some examples of what viewers will see in these episodes are: an adorable eight-year-old girl -- the youngest patient yet on the series -- with an extreme case of psoriasis who would like to be a dermatologist when she grows up; a man with severe keloids on the back of his head and scalp that are so challenging, it will take two doctors and, an incredibly rare case of nevus sebaceous that covers much of a woman's face. One week earlier -- on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 9pm -- TLC premiered "Season's Squeezings," a one-hour DR. PIMPLE POPPER holiday special. Hoping to give patients all they want for Christmas and feel ready to face the family photo sessions with confidence, Dr. Lee has a tough job ahead of her with several high-stake cases. She will tackle everything from a massive growth on a patient's neck, to a woman whose only holiday wish is to take holiday portraits with her family without being photo bombed by the large bump on her forehead, and, a patient who is hoping Dr. Lee can help him get rid of the bumps he has developed all over his body.

The sixth season of DR. PIMPLE POPPER debuted on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. This season, with pandemic safety protocols still in place, Dr. Lee is busier than ever. These brand new episodes will feature some of her most challenging cases to date including a patient who has enormous growths on his nose that drip pus, attract flies and are so large, that he can barely breathe - it is a record-breaking case of rhinophyma; two sisters who reunite and bond over their undiagnosed mystery face bumps; a woman who has been called a monster due to her genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis, that causes head to toe bumps; and a return patient with hopes that Dr. Lee can remove more of her face growths that stem from a birthmark on her face. With some of these cases being so extreme, Dr. Lee occasionally teams up with specialists to provide the best outcome possible. In the season opener, "My Giant Nose Is Killing Me," Roger has enormous growths on his nose that drip pus, attract flies and are so large that he can barely breathe. Sandra and Jessie are sisters who bonded over their many undiagnosed face bumps.

DR. PIMPLE POPPER returned for its seventh season on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. Season 7 features an all-new caseload for Dr. Lee as she is busier than ever! Armed with her scalpel, splash mask and sensitive disposition, Dr. Lee always hopes to make patients feel comfortable while treating their skin conditions. These episodes feature unique cases including a condition Dr. Lee has never seen before called "puffy head cylindroma" -- a man with a cyst so large, it now covers his eye almost entirely - and, a woman whose eczema has caused her OCD and agoraphobia. In addition, Dr. Betty Song joins the practice to assist Dr. Lee and together they are ready to solve some difficult and sometimes extreme cases that other doctors might shy away from. Together they are ready to solve some difficult and sometimes extreme cases that other doctors might shy away from. However, in the process, they will change another lucky group of patients' lives forever. In the season opener, "Lookin' for Love in Lumpy Places," Gabriel has a huge growth on his clavicle but is terrified of surgery; Karen has dealt with painful, scaly feet for 22 years with no diagnosis; Lorne has embarrassing tumors on his face and body and believes this is why he hasn't met the one yet.

Season 8 of DR. PIMPLE POPPER debuted on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. This season, Dr. Lee has no fear as she jumps in scalpel-first to tackle head-covering inflamed lumps, stubborn lifelong rashes covering the patient's entire body, and even a set of huge turtle-shell-textured masses that just MIGHT be the world's largest-ever genital warts -- or something worse. From thousands of extreme, arm-covering xanthomas, to fuzzy-jelly-feeling mystery back bumps, Dr. Lee jumps at every new challenge with a smile and a love for her patients and their skin. In the season opener, "Booty and the Beach," Eric hopes Dr. Lee is able to remove the giant growth from his behind; Breanna suffers from itchy dry skin she can't help but scratch; Michael makes jokes, but he knows the bump on his head is anything but funny.

On Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 9pm ET/PT, TLC premiered the ninth season of DR. PIMPLE POPPER. It's a new season of pokes, prods and pops like audiences have never seen before. Dr. Sandra Lee is no stranger to extreme and unusual skin issues, but these cases include some firsts. Dr. Lee must make a special house call to see a woman with stasis dermatitis so severe she's at risk of losing both legs. In another case, she treats a man whose back and face are covered in hundreds of lipoma tumors. This season pulls back the curtain a little more on Dr. Lee's personal and professional life as we get to know the woman behind the scalpel. Dr. Lee's work is more than skin deep -- she jumps at every challenge with a smile and a love for her patients and their skin. In the season opener, "Holy Cyst?!," Kenny was born with a rare condition that causes hundreds of lumps to grow all over his body; Ebonee covers the tiny bumps on her eyes with sunglasses; Paula's painful and swollen feet ooze a substance that emits a foul odor. After a two-week break, DR. PIMPLE POPPER returned with new episodes on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 9pm ET/PT on TLC. In this new episode, "My Demon Bumps," Alyse has been suffering from a burning rash that feels like it's rubbing away her existence; Terry has become too big for his britches due to a painful butt cheek lipoma; James has demons on his back that are ruining his life.
On Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at 9pm ET/PT, TLC premiered "Tales from the Cyst," the Season 9 finale of DR. PIMPLE POPPER. Nhan has an extreme, red birthmark that covers half his face; Debbie worries that her shoulder lump will prematurely age her; Justin is a dude rockin' a man bun, but he's having no fun due to the bumps poking through his scalp.

Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Ping Pong Productions