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Doomsday Preppers

Episode List: Doomsday Preppers

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06/27/2011 Special    Nat Geo       
02/07/2012   I Hope I Am Crazy  Nat Geo       
02/07/2012 01-001  Bullets, Lots of Bullets  Nat Geo       
02/14/2012   Back to the Stone Age  Nat Geo       
02/21/2012   It's All Gonna Hit the Fan  Nat Geo       
02/28/2012   Friends Can Become Enemies  Nat Geo       
03/06/2012   Nine Meals Away from Anarchy  Nat Geo       
03/13/2012   Into the Spider Hole  Nat Geo       
03/27/2012   It's Gonna Get Worse  Nat Geo       
04/03/2012   Close the Door, Load the Shotgun  Nat Geo       
04/10/2012   Disaster Doesn't Wait  Nat Geo       
04/17/2012   I Suggest We Run  Nat Geo       
04/24/2012   Extreme Prep Edition  Nat Geo       
11/04/2012 02-000  You Can't Let Evil Win  Nat Geo       
11/13/2012 02-001  Am I Nuts or Are You?  Nat Geo       
11/20/2012   Bad Times All the Time  Nat Geo       
11/27/2012   The Time of Reckoning  Nat Geo       
12/04/2012   Taking from the Haves  Nat Geo       
12/11/2012   You've Got Chaos  Nat Geo       
12/18/2012   Escape from New York  Nat Geo       
01/01/2013   Prepared Not Scared  Nat Geo       
01/08/2013   No Such Thing as a Fair Fight  Nat Geo       
01/15/2013   In the Hurt Locker  Nat Geo       
01/22/2013   Prepper's Paradise  Nat Geo       
02/05/2013   Hit the Ground Running  Nat Geo       
02/12/2013   Solutions Not Problems  Nat Geo       
02/19/2013   Pain Is Good  Nat Geo       
03/05/2013   A Fortress at Sea  Nat Geo       
03/12/2013   Let Her Rip  Nat Geo       
03/19/2013   Gonna Be a Big Bang  Nat Geo       
03/26/2013   Lone Wolves and Lovers  Nat Geo       
08/13/2013   Don't Betray the Colony  Nat Geo       
08/20/2013   The Gates of Hell  Nat Geo       
08/27/2013   Whatever It Takes  Nat Geo       
09/03/2013   People Become Animals  Nat Geo       
10/27/2013   Top Survivors  Nat Geo       
10/29/2013 03-001  Take Our Country Back  Nat Geo       
11/05/2013   The Fight Ahead  Nat Geo       
11/12/2013   We Are the Marauders  Nat Geo       
11/19/2013   Total Destruction  Nat Geo       
11/26/2013   Survival Is an Ugly Beast  Nat Geo       
12/03/2013   Live Bees, Live Ammo  Nat Geo       
12/10/2013   No One Will Ever Know  Nat Geo       
12/17/2013   No Stanger to Strangers  Nat Geo       
01/07/2014   Nobody Will Be Ready  Nat Geo       
07/17/2014 Special  From Bunkers to Bug Out  Nat Geo       
07/24/2014   Back to Basics  Nat Geo       
07/24/2014 04-001  To Fail Is to Die  Nat Geo       
07/31/2014   Be the Prep  Nat Geo       
08/07/2014   Shepherds and Wolves  Nat Geo       
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