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Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny

Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny

  • Premiered: 
    April 11, 2019
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  • Network: MTV
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
  • Subject Matter: Relationship
  • Tags: celebrity

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Plot Synopsis

DOUBLE SHOT AT LOVE WITH DJ PAULY D AND VINNY is a one-hour reality series that follows JERSEY SHORE'S DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, as they embark on a dating experience that has them looking to step out of the shore house and into the arms of their "Ride-or-Dies." In this series, 20 contestants face off against one another in hopes of winning the love of DJ Pauly D and Vinny. The boys may get to choose who stays and who goes, but the ladies hold the ultimate power to decide whose love they're competing for -- making this a reality-dating show unlike any other. The contestants include: Alli Adams (age: 28; hometown: Green Bay, WI); Alysse Joyner (24; Brooklyn, NY); Ashley Lands (24; New York, NY); Brittani "B-lashes" Schwartz (27; Lake Grove, NY); Brittnay Dawson (33; Norfolk, NE); Cate Lapera (27; Staten Island, NY); Christina Lawrence (29; Los Angeles, CA); Derynn Paige (25; Franklin Lakes, NJ); Deseree Flores (37; Scottsdale, AZ); Elle Wilson (25; Waverly, PA); Holly Gurbisz (26; Matawan, NJ); Maria Elizondo (22; West New York, NJ); Marissa Lucchese (22; Massapequa Park, NY); Michelle "Mish" Gao (22; Tustin, CA); Nadya Erazo (29; Pomona, CA); Nikki Hall (26; Los Angeles, CA); Shira Tran (27; New Orleans, LA); Susan "Suzi" Baidya (30; Irvine, CA); Victoria Fryer (25; Long Beach, CA); and Zuljeily Andino (30; Miami, FL).

The sophomore season of DOUBLE SHOT AT LOVE premiered on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT on MTV. The second season reunites the dynamic duo with some of their exes -- Brittani "B-lashes" Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Maria Elizondo, Marissa Lucchese, Nikki Hall and Susan "Suzi" Baidya -- to live and work with them in Sin City. Without the pressure of a competition, the duo thinks it will be easy, but DJ Pauly D and Vinny quickly realize that wherever this group of girls goes, the drama will follow...and love and hook-ups may not be far behind. In the season opener, "Vegas Ex-Scape," sparks fly when DJ Pauly D and Vinny invite their ex-girlfriends to live and work with them in Las Vegas. But will old wounds and the temptations of Sin City make finding love a losing bet?
Season 3 of DOUBLE SHOT AT LOVE debuted on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 9pm ET/PT on MTV, as Vinny Guadagnino returns to find his perfect match. After seeing first-hand how DJ Pauly D and Nikki found love on the show, Vinny is ready for his shot at love again -- but he won't be alone on his journey. Although DJ Pauly D is officially off the market, he and new love, Nikki, will be by his side every step of the way, guiding Vinny towards finding his own happiness. Will the one-two punch of DJ Pauly D and Nikki help Vinny land the perfect match? One thing is for sure ... things are bound to get awk-ward!

In the season opener, "Somebody's Future Wife Is Here," every buddy needs somebody and Vinny is ready for love. After seeing love spark for Pauly and Nikki, Vinny is willing to try this crazy experiment all over again. But when he meets the ladies will his nerves get the best of him?

Will any of these ladies be Vinny's perfect match?

Abi Memoli: Abi has always been in touch with her roots -- and now, she is ready to plant some of her own. Having moved from New Jersey to North Carolina as a child, she maintains her connection to her Italian heritage through her extended family, who teases her about her cute Southern accent. After taking some time for herself, Abi's looking for a long-term relationship with a confident guy who can command a room, never shying away from being the center of attention. But will Vinny assert himself as the alpha type she is looking for?

Akielia Rucker: Akielia is a natural caretaker with a competitive spirit. After being hospitalized for injuries that ended her college basketball career, she channeled her nurturing presence into a career as a travel nurse in labor and delivery. While she's known for being a caretaker to both her patients and her friends, she never lets that stop her from being the life of every party. Will Vinny be the guy she's been looking for?

Bidisa Chandra: Bidisa is just as hardworking as she is creative. Growing up, Bidisa expressed herself through dance, learning from her mother and grandmother, who were both Bollywood dancers. But rather than following in her mother's footsteps, Bidisa decided to pursue her own entrepreneurial dreams, and she's started multiple businesses designed to help others become their best selves. Now she is ready to take the time to find her best match in love. Will a relationship with Vinny be her next big venture?

Claudelia Zarate: Claudelia prides herself on being able to sniff out fakes from a mile away and being brutally honest. If she senses someone with bad intentions, she is not afraid to call them out. But underneath her tough exterior, Claudelia has a ride-or-die sense of loyalty to her friends, family and relationships. After her previous relationship ended tragically, dating has been extremely difficult. Now she is emerging with a healing heart, and she treasures the things she and Vinny have in common: Sunday family dinners and fur babies. Will Vinny be the ride-or-die that Claudelia is looking for?

Danielle Hopson: Danielle likes to march to the beat of her own drum, and she usually rides solo. As an aspiring model, Danielle has not had the time to slow her fast-paced lifestyle down and has left little room for love -- but now, Danielle is determined not to repeat the same mistakes she has made before. This means not cutting off relationships that feel more platonic than romantic, having more grace with herself and refusing to settle. Will Vinny be the one she finally settles down with?

Emily 'Peachy' Piccinonno: Emily (a.k.a. Peachy) is an alpha female whose strict upbringing in Staten Island instilled a competitive nature in her that has allowed her to excel in anything she sets her mind to. From her parents, Peachy has learned that love is a rollercoaster that is well worth the ride because nothing is more special than having someone in your life forever. Now, she is ready to find a relationship as strong as her parents'. Will fellow Staten Islander Vinny be the one for her?

Erica Pecore: Growing up with an autoimmune disorder, Erica was not supposed to live past the age of 11. But she overcame the impossible odds. Erica has persisted, and it was a shock to her Italian family on the East Coast when she decided to move all the way to the West Coast to pursue her law degree. Despite her new California address, Erica will always be an East Coast girl at heart. While Erica is sure to fit in with Vinny's Italian family, will she overcome the odds and win Vinny's heart?

Erika DeVito: Erika keeps a small circle of loved one, but she gives them everything she has. Overly protective of those closest to her, Erika has always felt responsible for her friends and siblings. This sense of responsibility led this former dancer and gymnast to take over as manager of her mother's hair salon. With a shared passion for fitness and close ties to their Italian families in New York, Erika and Vinny are sure to hit it off. Will this Long Island girl be the one to capture Vinny's Staten Island heart?

Hanh 'Honey' Nguyen: Hanh (a.k.a. Honey) grew up in a strict household. It was not until her rebellious teenage years that she came out of her shell. As an adult, Honey is well grounded. She turned her passion for art into a successful career as a nail tech, which she uses to support her mother and child. Despite her desire to leave New Jersey behind, her sense of loyalty to her family and clients keeps her rooted. This New Jersey girl with strong family ties is sure to catch Vinny's eye, but will Honey be as sweet to him as he may be to her?

Jasmine 'JJ' Jones: Jasmine (a.k.a. JJ) is no stranger to the highs and lows of falling in love. JJ has a history of falling hard and fast before she's given herself the chance to realize that the guy she has fallen for is not \"the one.\" But all's well that ends well because through the ups and downs, she met the real love of her life: her son. Now she is looking for a quality man to complete the family picture. Will Vinny be the quality man that she is looking for?

Jovanna Del Plato: Innovative and self-sufficient, Jovanna is a hustler who has never let her circumstances stand in her way. When money was tight growing up, she used her passion for fashion to make her own prom dress. Jovanna has always been grateful for what she has, including her job as a bottle service girl in Atlantic City... where she may or may not have run into Vinny on occasion. With the opportunity to stop and get to know each other, will this be a chance for Jovanna and Vinny to form a deeper connection?

Kayla Penoli: There's more to Kayla than her signature smile and sweet personality. She has been on her own from a young age, and the beautiful life that she lives is one that she has built entirely for herself. Despite the hardships of her past, Kayla has managed to stay a goofball at heart by keeping her personal mantra in mind: Don't be bitter, be better. Sound familiar? Kayla's free spirit is sure to draw Vinny in, but will he fit into the fairytale that she is writing for herself?

Kiana Khoshaba: Kiana is looking for a love that satisfies her mind, body and soul. An experienced tarot card reader who is pursuing a master's in clinical mental health and counseling, Kiana has dedicated her life to volunteering her time for those who are struggling. Vinny will undoubtably be drawn to her compassion and their shared interest in mental health initiatives. But is love in the cards?

Kortni Montgomery: Kortni is the definition of southern hospitality, and she showcases her kind and welcoming spirit every day in her job as a flight attendant. There is no question that Kortni's charm will draw Vinny in. But when he realizes that her skills in the kitchen rival his own, it may be hard for Vinny to look away. Once Vinny meets Kortni, will romance take flight?

Kyra Carey: Kyra is known for being self-sufficient, witty and a little blunt. Despite her cool-girl confidence, this former scene queen is still a theater nerd who loves books, and she's a hopeless romantic at heart. Kyra wants to be taken out, complimented and treated like a lady by someone who is not afraid to nerd out or be in one another's space -- even if they are both in their own worlds in the same room. Vinny has all the qualities that she is looking for, but will his quirkiness be compatible with her own?

Leanzy Peterson: Always wide awake and on the go, Leanzy commands the attention of every room she walks into. But she finds it challenging to build meaningful connections, as people are often intimidated by her. Many fail to look past the serious demeanor that she uses to protect her true self: a big heart with a silly personality. Her confidence is sure to catch Vinny's attention, but will he be able to break down her walls to get to know Leanzy's true self?

Peyton Freestone: Peyton is not one to hold her tongue, and with two criminal justice degrees under her belt, she has a knack for being convincing in any situation. Having learned from her parents to never settle in love, Peyton has yet to meet a man who can convince her to lock it down, despite the many athletes, musicians and famous faces who have slid into her DMs. Why? Because Peyton is looking for that rare balance of intense passion and genuine kindness. Will Vinny be the celeb to make a splash and capture Peyton's attention?


Other Titles

  • Working title for Season 2: DJ Pauly D and Vinny's Vegas Pool Party

Production & Distribution

  • Produced by 495 Productions


  • (Season 2) - Las Vegas, Nevada USA