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Flea Market Flip

Episode List: Flea Market Flip

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04/20/2012 00-001    HGTV       
09/28/2012   A Chandelier Made of a Metal Orb against a Sink Transformed into a Mini Bar  HGTV       
09/28/2012 01-001  Sassy Sisters Against Artistic Friends  HGTV       
10/05/2012   Barbwire Lights, Mailbox Coffee Table, and a Brooklyn Painting vs. a Stove, a Map, and a Phonograph  HGTV       
10/05/2012   Urban Upcyclers vs. Creative Best Friends  HGTV       
10/12/2012   Competitors Convert a Chest of Drawers into an Indoor Stoop and a Storage Case into a Mini Bar  HGTV       
10/12/2012   Refurbished and Redesigned Table, Chairs, and Bench vs. a Sled Bench, a Saw Table, and Yolk Mirrors  HGTV       
11/30/2012   A Cabinet, a Table and a Metal Bird Against Chairs, Bar Stools and a Barrel Bar  HGTV       
03/15/2013 02-001  The Battle of the Green Chaise  HGTV       
03/22/2013   Is Gaudy Good?  HGTV       
03/29/2013   Prohibition and Pop Stars  HGTV       
04/05/2013   Goth vs. Glamour  HGTV       
04/12/2013   Battle of the Roomies  HGTV       
04/19/2013   No Cement in This Man Cave!  HGTV       
04/26/2013   Holy Cow Table!  HGTV       
05/03/2013   Love Letters or Hate Mail?  HGTV       
05/10/2013   Turn Up the Radio!  HGTV       
05/17/2013   Flipping and Flirting  HGTV       
05/24/2013   Put a Sock in It!  HGTV       
05/31/2013   The Balloon of Doom  HGTV       
06/07/2013   Mother-Daughter Showdown  HGTV       
06/14/2013   Young Hipsters vs. Old School Design  HGTV       
08/03/2014   Sparks Are Flying!  GAC       
08/03/2014 03-001  Bringing the Bling  GAC       
08/10/2014   Bringing the Bling  GAC       
08/10/2014   Flippin' Feathers  GAC       
08/17/2014   'Til Death Do Us Flip  GAC       
08/24/2014   Heads or Tails?  GAC       
08/31/2014   Are Horseshoes Really Lucky  GAC       
09/07/2014   Ready for Take-Off!  GAC       
09/14/2014   The Moose Is Loose!  GAC       
09/21/2014   Hooked on Flipping  GAC       
09/28/2014   Seeing Orange  GAC       
10/05/2014   Full-Contact Flipping  GAC       
02/08/2015 04-001  When Harry Met Ingraham: A Match Made in Flea Market Heaven  GAC       
02/15/2015   Hold Onto Your Hat  GAC       
02/22/2015   Stylish Sisters vs. Math Misters: Team Fashion vs. Team Function  GAC       
03/01/2015   Happy Flipping Anniversary!  GAC       
03/08/2015   Best Flipping Friends Take on Flipping Fellas  GAC       
03/15/2015   Cops and Flippers  GAC       
03/22/2015   Battle of the Dining Sets  GAC       
03/29/2015   Team USA vs. Team Canada: Bring Your Eh Game  GAC       
04/05/2015   Family Feud Style: A Father-Son Team Take on a Mother-Daughter Team  GAC       
04/12/2015   Mus-Stache for Cash  GAC       
04/19/2015   Bilingual Babes vs. Flip-sters  GAC       
04/26/2015   You May Now Flip the Bride  GAC       
05/03/2015   Peace, Love and Flipping  GAC       
05/10/2015   Banking on a Flip  GAC       
05/17/2015   Rocker Dudes vs. Designing Moms  GAC       
05/24/2015   Bustin' Up and Bustin' Out  GAC       
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