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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
01/06/2020 01-001  Flea for All  GSN       
01/07/2020   Hit the Ground Running  GSN       
01/08/2020   King Me!  GSN       
01/09/2020   The Show Must Go On  GSN       
01/10/2020   Bird is the Word  GSN       
01/13/2020   Let the Games Begin  GSN       
01/14/2020   Ready, Set, Bingo!  GSN       
01/15/2020   Ice Ice Maybe  GSN       
01/16/2020   Pirate Practice  GSN       
01/17/2020   The Temple of Boom  GSN       
01/20/2020   The Mane Event  GSN       
01/21/2020   Dim Sum, Lose Some  GSN       
01/22/2020   The Element of Supplies!  GSN      0.35 
01/23/2020   Do You Believe in Magic?  GSN       
01/24/2020   Your Move  GSN       
01/27/2020   Play Your Cards Right  GSN       
01/28/2020   It's Play Time!  GSN       
01/29/2020   A Retail of Two Cities  GSN       
01/30/2020   Tic-Tac D'oh  GSN       
01/31/2020   The Long and the Sports of It  GSN       
02/03/2020   Meep! Meep!  GSN       
02/04/2020   Cheese and Thank You  GSN       
02/05/2020   On the Right Track  GSN       
02/06/2020   You Fad Me at Hello  GSN       
02/07/2020   Sunday Funday!  GSN       
02/10/2020   You Yacht to Know  GSN      0.3 
02/11/2020   Home Sweets Home  GSN       
02/12/2020   You Can Bank on It  GSN      0.34 
02/13/2020   Fired Up  GSN       
02/14/2020   Spin It to Win It  GSN       
02/17/2020   One Leg at a Time  GSN       
02/18/2020   Sign on the Spotted Line  GSN       
02/19/2020   Funny Business  GSN      0.34 
02/20/2020   He's Not Itsy Bitsy  GSN       
02/21/2020   Dippity Do-Da  GSN       
02/24/2020   It's the Wheel Deal  GSN       
02/25/2020   Let's Have a Ball  GSN       
02/26/2020   Pair Apparent  GSN       
02/27/2020   Dino Might!  GSN       
02/28/2020   Four on the Floor  GSN       
03/02/2020   Island Time  GSN      0.3 
03/03/2020   Catch Me If You Can  GSN       
03/04/2020   You Best Believe  GSN       
03/05/2020   It's Your Lucky Day  GSN       
03/06/2020   That's My Jam  GSN       
03/09/2020   Take It to the Bank  GSN      0.31 
03/10/2020   Hide and Seek  GSN       
03/11/2020   Do Not Pass Go  GSN       
03/12/2020   Cheers!  GSN       
03/13/2020   The Heat Is On  GSN       
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