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Home Made Easy

Episode List: Home Made Easy

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01-006  Cleaning Silver; Food Processors; Programmable Thermostat  DIY       
01-007  Children's Artwork; Burglar Proofing; Felt Pillows  DIY       
01-008  Chicken Recipe; Saving Money; Magnetic Dollhouse  DIY       
01-009  Organizing Recipes; Cookware; Kitchen Gadgets  DIY       
01-010  Wine/Tomato Stains; Planting Flowers; Champagne  DIY       
01-011  Cleaning Grills; Repairing Vinyl Tile; Luggage  DIY       
01-012  Organizing Hobbies; Painting Preparation; Table Runners  DIY       
01-013  Filing Cabinet; Place Settings; Home Renovation  DIY       
01-014  Managing Mornings; Coffeemakers; Lighting  DIY       
01-015  Napkin Folds; Container Gardens; Cleaning Windows  DIY       
01-016  Lemon Juice; Steam Irons; Removing Wallpaper  DIY       
01-017  Duvet Cover; Hanging Shelves; Organizing Shoes  DIY       
01-018  Weekend Cooking; Women and Money; Shadow Boxes  DIY       
01-019  Grocery Shopping; Indoor Grills; Safety Gadgets  DIY       
01-020  Pillows and Bedspreads; Fixing Under Trees; Canned Food  DIY       
01-021  Furniture Polish; Refrigerators; GFCI Outlet  DIY       
01-022  Yard Sale; Repairing Screens; Desk Accessories  DIY       
01-023  Stocking the Pantry; Buying a Home; Hanging Pictures  DIY       
01-024  Organizing Photos; Blenders; Car Gadgets  DIY       
01-025  Centerpieces; Planting Bulbs; Cleaning Stainless Steel  DIY       
01-026  Wallpaper 101; Knives; Stain Remover  DIY       
01-027  Organizing a Party; Dimmer Switch; Framing with Ribbon  DIY       
01-028  Pasta 101; Bulletin Boards; Kids and Money  DIY       
01-029  Digital Cameras; Cordless Phones; Clutter vs. Keepsakes  DIY       
01-030  Orchids; Cleaning with Vodka; Side Dishes  DIY       
01-031  Caring for Tools; Candles; Make-up Stains  DIY       
01-032  Weekend Getaway; Fix Doorbell; Build Work Table  DIY       
01-033  Almost Homemade; Energy Proofing; Decorating Pillowcases  DIY       
01-034  Kid's Backpacks; Carpet Cleaning; Weather Gadgets  DIY       
01-035  Cleaning Jeans; Lawn Care; Fruits and Vegetables  DIY       
01-036  Removing Stains; Dishwashers; Furniture Fixes  DIY       
01-037  Uses for Common Items; Wiring Frames; Doormat  DIY       
01-038  Vinyl Tile Floors; Store Bought Bread; Used Cars  DIY       
01-039  Fire-safety Products; Medicine Cabinet; Health Gadgets  DIY       
01-040  Flower Arrangements; Hors D'oeuvres; Cleaning Tile  DIY       
01-041  Install Deadbolt; Toaster Ovens; Home Dry Cleaning  DIY       
01-042  Pretty Storage Boxes; Damaged Carpet; Organizing Magazines  DIY       
01-043  Soup 101; Hooks; Free Money  DIY       
01-044  Organizing Car; Space Heaters; Outdated Equipment  DIY       
01-045  Take-out Food; Planting Trees; Cleaning Window Treatments  DIY       
01-046  Top Cleaning Products; Vacuum Cleaners; Repairing Drywall  DIY       
01-047  Moving; Weatherproofing; Concrete Casting  DIY       
01-048  Freezing 101; Textured Wall Paint; Starting a Business  DIY       
01-049  Organizing Mail; Laundry Detergent; GPS Systems  DIY       
01-050  Cleaning Shoes; Succulents; Parfaits  DIY       
01-051  Cleaning Toys; Staining; Hair Appliances  DIY       
01-052  Holiday Decorations; Replacing Doorknob; Decoupage  DIY       
01-053  Leather Re-upholster; Container Cover-ups; Money Scams  DIY       
01-054  Travel Gadgets; Childproofing; Organizing Documents  DIY       
01-055  House Plants; Baby Stains; Cocktail Garnishes  DIY       
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