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How Do They Do It?

Episode List: How Do They Do It?

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01-002  Salt Mines, Trainers, Ships, Watches, Wind Farms         
01-003  Tires, Excavators, Newspapers, Ports, Contact Lenses         
01-004  Internet Cable, Cranes, Pencils, Water, Toothpaste         
01-005  Glass, Golf Balls, Zippers, Coke Cans, Tire Changes         
01-006  Concrete, Cell Phones, Lightbulbs, Steel, Traffic         
02-001  Diamond Mine, Skyscraper, Car Crusher         
02-002  Air to Air, Refuelling, Ski Slopes, Car Production         
02-003  Ice Breaker, Money, Bowling Alleys         
02-004  Mining Trucks, IKEA, Air Traffic         
02-005  Logging, Baggage, Light Show         
02-006  Gold, Golf Clubs, Escalators         
02-007  Tunnelling, Tea, Mountain Bikes         
02-008  Combines, Lifeboats, Chocolate         
02-009  Airbus, Fire Engines, Ketchup         
02-010  Crash Helmets, Rubber, Wave Piercing         
02-011  Airbags, Ice Rinks, Mattresses         
02-012  Armored Cars, Elevators, Cheese         
03-001  Phoenix Stadium; LA Trade Tower; Surfing         
03-002  Space Shuttle; Rollercoaster; Pool Tables         
03-003  Empire State Building; Extracting Copper         
03-004  Fighter Jet; Baseball; Sports Car         
03-005  Rescue Services, Rotating Boat (falkirk wheel), Parachutists         
03-006  Monster Digger; Submarine; Beer Car         
03-007  Racing Drivers, Bank Vaults, Telling Time         
03-008  Cruise Liner, White Wash, Aircon         
03-009  Water Display, Space Shuttle, Suspension Bridge         
03-010  Vehicles, Football, Potash Mine         
03-011  Helicopter, Luxury Yachts, Highway Patrol         
03-013  Buildings, Electricity Pilons, Balloon Makers         
04-001  Bullet Proof Vests, Robots, Formation Skydivers         
04-002  Family Car, Letter, Titanium         
04-003  Forest Fires, Car Exhaust, Telescopes         
04-004  Rally Cars, Neon Signs, Biggest Ships         
04-005  Nuclear Sub, Crash Test Dummies, Fruit and Veg         
04-006  Land Mines, Boats, Fireproof Clothing         
04-007  Oil Rigs, VWs, Black Box         
04-008  Jet Engine, Weapons, Hurricanes from Space         
Special  Space         
05/06/2006 01-001  Recycling, Plasma TV, Fireworks, Railroad Tracks, Ink  Discovery Canada       
08/01/2009   Amazing Sea Vehicles  Science       
08/01/2009   Mega Planes  Science       
11/19/2009     Science       
06/18/2010   Diggers; Thai Sauce; Willis Tower Skydeck  Science       
06/25/2010   Monument Marble; Tabasco; Umbrellas  Science       
07/02/2010   Sponges; Cabbie Knowledge  Science       
07/09/2010   Money Movers; Big Game Fish; Bagpipes  Science       
07/16/2010   Whisky; Disaster Prevention  Science       
07/30/2010   Airplane Tires; Six Shooters; Artificial Turf  Science       
08/13/2010   Sugar, Fish Farming, Speed Suits  Science       
08/20/2010   Car Batteries; Western Saddles; Margarine  Science       
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