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I Found the Gown

Episode List: I Found the Gown

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/24/2012   The Dress of Her Dreams  TLC       
08/24/2012 01-001  Persistence Makes Perfect  TLC       
08/31/2012   Grandma Approved Gowns  TLC       
08/31/2012   Vows to the Rescue!  TLC       
09/07/2012   Bargain Hunting Brides  TLC       
09/07/2012   Brides with a Vision  TLC       
09/14/2012   Big Opinions, Low Budgets  TLC       
09/14/2012   Saved by the Gown  TLC       
04/19/2013   What's Old Might Be New  TLC       
04/19/2013 02-001  Family Knockdowns and Dress Knockouts  TLC       
04/26/2013   Short Skirts and High Hopes  TLC       
04/26/2013   Wedding Gown Showdown  TLC       
05/03/2013   Bling, Bows and Lace  TLC       
05/03/2013   Road Trippin' Brides  TLC       
05/10/2013   Don't Let the Gown Get You Down  TLC       
05/10/2013   No Ifs, Ands or Butts!  TLC       
05/17/2013   May the Best Dress Win  TLC       
05/17/2013   Too Much Is Never Enough  TLC       
05/24/2013   Big Taste, Small Budget  TLC       
05/31/2013   A Tale of Two Gowns  TLC       
05/31/2013   Keep Your Eye on the Prize  TLC       
06/07/2013   Runway Brides  TLC       
06/14/2013   For the Love of Mom  TLC       
06/14/2013   What the Bride Wants  TLC       
06/21/2013   Finding the One  TLC       
06/21/2013   Lots of Detail, Half the Retail  TLC       
04/25/2014   When Only One Gown Will Do  TLC      0.99 
04/25/2014 03-001  The Gown Rush  TLC      1.02 
05/02/2014   Champagne Gowns on a Beer Budget  TLC      1.08 
05/02/2014   Changes and Challenges  TLC      1.03 
05/09/2014   Mom's Way or the Highway  TLC      1.04 
05/09/2014   Searching for the One  TLC      1.04 
05/16/2014   Bride Breakdowns and Dress Let Downs  TLC      0.97 
05/16/2014   Whose Dress Is It Anyway  TLC      1.05 
05/23/2014     TLC      0.94 
05/23/2014   Entourage Takeover  TLC      0.94 
05/30/2014   Going Against the Dress Grain  TLC      0.93 
05/30/2014   Something Different, Something Blue  TLC      0.96 
06/06/2014   All Aboard the Bridal Express  TLC      1.07 
06/06/2014   What a Bride Wants  TLC       
06/13/2014   It's Not Always Black and White  TLC      0.94 
06/20/2014   Ruffling the Bridal Feathers  TLC      1.09 
06/27/2014   Label Lust & Mama Drama  TLC      0.99 
07/11/2014   Gown Defying Expectations  TLC      1.07 
07/11/2014   That's My Dress!  TLC