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Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin

Photo Credit:  Tyler Golden / The CW
  • Premiered: 
    October 13, 2014
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  • Network: CW
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the Venezuelan telenovela (Juana la Virgen) 
  • Subject Matter: Serial
  • Tags:

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Plot Synopsis

Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, JANE THE VIRGIN is a one-hour drama series that centers on Jane, a religious young Latina, who is accidentally artificially inseminated, causing strained relationships and revealing long-kept secrets among family, friends, and significant others -- for both Jane and the sperm donor. Jane is studying to become a teacher, working her way through school by waitressing at a hot Miami hotel. Her mother, Xiomara, is fiercely devoted to her daughter, and her doting grandmother, Alba, taught her at an early age the importance of staying pure until marriage. When a series of surprising and unforeseen events causes Jane to become pregnant, their worlds are turned upside down. Adding to the drama, the donor is reformed playboy Rafael Solano, the owner of the hotel where Jane works, and her teenage crush. Although Jane is engaged to her long-time love, Michael, a detective with the Miami Police Department, and Rafael is married to the scheming Petra, she and Rafael are drawn closer by the pregnancy and begin to fall for each other. The tension proves too much for Jane and Michael, and they call off their engagement... and Jane and Rafael begin to fall for one another. But happily ever after is interrupted by murder and mayhem, by scheming exes and maniacal criminal masterminds. Oh, and then there's the fact that Jane learns her long lost father is Rogelio De La Vega, her favorite telenovela star. And now he's back in her life...with a vengeance. Season 2 of JANE THE VIRGIN premiered on Monday, October 12, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. In the season opener, "Chapter Twenty Three," after Jane discovers Mateo's abduction, chaos ensues, especially when they all learn Sin Rostro is involved and demanding a ransom. Trying to help, Rogelio tweets about Mateo's kidnapping making the Villanueva family targets of the paparazzi. Despite everything that has happened, Jane must also focus on motherhood and turns to Xo and Alba for help, leaving Rafael feeling left out. Meanwhile, Petra is conflicted with what to do with Rafael's remaining sperm sample. Season 3 of JANE THE VIRGIN premiered on Monday, October 17, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. In Season 2, Jane adapted to a brand new role: as a virgin mother. Luckily, she had her mother, Xiomara, and her grandmother, Alba, to lean on, as she struggled to balance graduate school, work, and her son, Mateo. And would Jane choose to be with Michael, the steadfast detective? Or Rafael, Mateo's father? At last, Jane chose Michael, and the wedding planning began. Meanwhile, Rafael found himself a father of three this season, after his ex-wife Petra inseminated herself with his last sperm sample. And they had twins. Plus, Rafael discovered his mother was a crime lord. Then, Rogelio was in love with Jane's mother, Xo, but he wanted to have kids and she didn't, so they broke up and he threw himself into his new telenovela. But Rogelio had time to throw Jane the wedding of her dreams, until Michael was shot after they couple said "I do," which is where Season 2 left off. Now, in the season opener, "Chapter Forty-Five," after Jane discovers that Michael was shot, she finds herself having to make difficult choices. With Rafael focused on keeping Mateo safe, Anezka, who is pretending to be Petra, "helps" the cops with their investigation. However, it isn't long before everyone starts to notice that "Petra" is acting odd. Meanwhile, Rogelio is trying to keep everything out of the press for Jane, but in order to do so finds himself in an awkward position and asks for Xo's help.
On Monday, May 22, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT, The CW premiered the Season 3 finale of JANE THE VIRGIN. In the season ender, "Chapter Sixty-Four," Jane struggles to find the right words for Rogelio and Xo's ceremony, when she learns about a mysterious letter that Michael wrote before their wedding. Rogelio and Xo are excited for their big day, but Rogelio gets some shocking news that could put things on hold. Once again Rafael is upset with Luisa (guest star Yara Martinez) and asks her to leave, but Luisa has a plan of her own. Meanwhile, Petra is skeptical about Jane's feelings for Rafael which leads her to make a rash decision. Four days earlier -- on Thursday, May 18 -- The CW announced JANE THE VIRGIN will return for its fourth season this Fall, airing 9pm on Fridays.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by CBS Television Studios
  • Produced by Warner Bros. Television
  • In association with Electus


  • - Miami, Florida USA

Births, Deaths & Weddings

  • May 11, 2015: Jane's baby Mateo is born
  • May 11, 2015: Xiomara 'Xo' Villanueva & Rogelio de la Vega are married
  • March 7, 2016: Elsa and Anna are born
  • May 16, 2016: Jane Gloriana Villanueva & Michael Cordero Jr. are married
  • February 6, 2017: Michael Cordero Jr. dies