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Josh Gates' Destination Truth

Episode List: Josh Gates' Destination Truth

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05/19/2017   Gambian Beasts  Travel       
05/19/2017 01-001  Monsters of Indonesia and Iceland  Travel       
05/26/2017   Egyptian Tombs and Florida Swamps  Travel       
05/26/2017   Vietnam's Big Foot  Travel       
06/02/2017   Island Jungles and the Filipino Lake Monster  Travel       
06/02/2017   UFOs In South America  Travel       
06/09/2017   Australian Big Foot And A Malaysian Mosque  Travel       
06/09/2017   Easter Island And A New Zealand Monster  Travel       
06/16/2017   Angkor Wat Temple and a Canadian Lake Creature  Travel       
06/16/2017   Pompeii Ruins and a Kenyan Jungle Beast  Travel       
06/23/2017   The Djinn of Petra and a Lizard Monster  Travel       
06/23/2017   The Great Wall and an Israeli Mermaid  Travel       
06/30/2017   The Menengai Crater and a Madagascar Creature  Travel       
06/30/2017   Underground Indonesian Secrets and an Australian Dinosaur  Travel       
07/07/2017   Mysteries of Haboro and Untamed Tanzania  Travel       
07/14/2017   Romanian Forest Terrors And a Mexican Jungle Demon  Travel       
07/21/2017   Japanese Water Monster and Icelandic Elves  Travel       
07/28/2017   Romanian Werewolves And A Raptor In Chile  Travel       
08/04/2017   The Bhutan Yeti  Travel       
08/11/2017   Plant Monster in Thailand and the Cyprus Sea Savage  Travel       
08/18/2017   The Siberian Snowman  Travel       
08/25/2017   Chernobyl Mysteries and a Beast in the Egyptian Sugar Canes  Travel       
09/29/2017   Indonesian Mysteries and A Moroccan Temptress  Travel      0.45 
10/06/2017 02-001  The Search for the Irish Banshee  Travel      0.53 
10/13/2017   A Vampire In Transylvania and Swedish Witches  Travel      0.46 
10/20/2017     Travel      0.46 
10/27/2017   Madagascar Monster Bat and Guam Zombies  Travel      0.48 
11/03/2017   Mysterious Sand Dunes and a Creature In Panama  Travel       
11/10/2017   Lost Incan City and An Alaskan Beast  Travel       
11/17/2017   Ghosts of Mount Fuji and a Philippine Ghoul  Travel       
11/24/2017   Haunted Chilean Mining Towns and an Aquatic Savage in New Zealand  Travel       
12/01/2017   Mystery at Mayan Ruins and a Fiji Sea Monster  Travel       
12/08/2017   Peruvian Beast and the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle  Travel       
12/15/2017   UFOs in Kazakhstan and a Swedish Lake Monster  Travel       
12/22/2017   WWII Ghost Hunt and a Japanese River Monster  Travel       
12/29/2017   The Jersey Devil and Chinese Bigfoot  Travel       
01/05/2018   Legend of Antarctica  Travel       
01/12/2018   Abandoned Panama Prison and an Argentinean Beast  Travel       
01/19/2018   Mysterious Thai Temple and a Namibian Beast  Travel       
01/26/2018   Romania and The Goblin Of Belize  Travel       
02/02/2018   Fiji Mysteries and The Filipino Terror  Travel       
02/16/2018   Hanging Coffins and Bigfoot  Travel       
02/23/2018 03-001  Giant Anaconda  Travel       
03/02/2018   African Dinosaur and a Beast in Brazil  Travel       
03/09/2018   Sea Monster in Vietnam and Bat Man in Zanzibar  Travel       
03/16/2018   Pterodactyl in Papua New Guinea and Chile's Monster  Travel       
03/23/2018   Cambodian Ape Man and Dinosaur in Zambia  Travel       
03/30/2018   Bigfoot in Malaysia and the Argentinian Lake Monster  Travel       
04/06/2018   Iguanodon and Papua New Guinea's Mermaid  Travel       
04/13/2018   Werewolves and Beasts in Argentina  Travel       
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