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Key & Peele

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01/31/2012 01-001    Comedy Central       
02/07/2012   Showboating in front of an excited crowd; a traffic reporter experiences helicopter turbulence.  Comedy Central       
02/14/2012   Thugs encounter a slight complication before a big hit; a man tries to impress his date.  Comedy Central       
02/21/2012   A neighborhood's reaction to a mysterious creature; President Obama uses an anger translator.  Comedy Central       
02/28/2012   Two mystics battle over the right to give advice; President Obama tries a new strategy.  Comedy Central       
03/06/2012   MMA Fighter Trash Talks; Wedding Guest Requests "Old School" Tracks  Comedy Central       
03/13/2012   Tea Party Discovers New Hope; Bobby McFerrin vs. Michael Winslow  Comedy Central       
03/20/2012   President Obama wants to be treated just like everyone else; Jordan looks at an apartment  Comedy Central       
09/26/2012 02-001  President Obama During College; Crashing Civil War Re-enactment; Jesus' Run-in with a Pimp  Comedy Central       
10/03/2012     Comedy Central       
10/10/2012     Comedy Central       
10/17/2012     Comedy Central       
10/24/2012   Dog Scaring News Reporter; Harriet Tubman Free Running  Comedy Central       
10/31/2012   Halloween; Human Centipede Reunion; Public Wizard School  Comedy Central       
11/07/2012   Guy Chasing Girlfriend to Ends of Earth; LMFAO Can't Stop Partying  Comedy Central       
11/14/2012   Drug Deal Gone Bad; Cry-Baby Mobster; Darius Rucker & His Hootie Past  Comedy Central       
11/21/2012   Gangster Who Like Twillight; World Where Names Are Farts; Racist Superheroes  Comedy Central       
11/28/2012   Alien Learning Female Anatomy; Fresh Hatz; Last Two Men on Earth  Comedy Central       
09/11/2013   Best Of  Comedy Central       
09/18/2013 03-001  Mr. Garvey Returns; A-Aron; Les Mis  Comedy Central       
09/25/2013     Comedy Central       
10/02/2013     Comedy Central       
10/09/2013   Bad Skype Connection; Django Unchained; Baseball Player Slapping Butts  Comedy Central       
10/16/2013   Keegan Getting High; Soccer Player Dive; Two Sexpets  Comedy Central       
10/23/2013   Mr. T's Life Lessons; Wendell's New Bed; Insult Comic  Comedy Central       
10/30/2013   Freddy Wong as Asian Ghost Roommate; Tortured; Sexy Vampires  Comedy Central       
11/06/2013   Football Player's Excessive Celebration; Othello Premiere; High School Student Steals Joke  Comedy Central       
11/13/2013   Megan Returns; Strip Club; Funk Show  Comedy Central       
11/20/2013   Samuel and Lashawn Celebrate Marriage; Detective Meets New Partner; Superfan Follows Lando Calrissian  Comedy Central       
12/04/2013   White Women Who Love Black Men; Wendell's Music Video; Kareem & Jahar Go to Gym  Comedy Central       
12/11/2013   East/West Bowl Players; Devon the Landlord; Overly Sexual Co-Worker  Comedy Central      1.48 
12/18/2013   On Phone with Girlfriend; Mean Boss; New Expression Born  Comedy Central      1.16 
09/24/2014 04-001  Aliens Invade Earth; Gay Wedding; Racists Express Surprising Views  Comedy Central      1.61 
10/01/2014     Comedy Central      1.62 
10/08/2014   Two Old Women Battle Satan; Dance Club Patrons Face Truth  Comedy Central      1.11 
10/15/2014   Baseball Player Addicted to Slapping Ass; Mobster Takes Vengeance; Steve Urkel Drives Man Insane  Comedy Central      1.31 
10/22/2014   Concussed Football Player Inspires Team; Man Accuses Wife of Cheating  Comedy Central      1.2 
10/29/2014   Scariest Movie Ever  Comedy Central      1.18 
11/05/2014   Sex Detective  Comedy Central      1.13 
11/12/2014   Terrible Henchman  Comedy Central      1.14 
11/19/2014   Aerobics Meltdown  Comedy Central      1.03 
12/03/2014   Sex Addict Wendell  Comedy Central      1.22 
12/10/2014   Terrorist Meeting  Comedy Central      1.22 
01/30/2015   Super Bowl Special  Comedy Central      0.77 
07/08/2015   Y'all Ready For This?  Comedy Central      0.88 
07/15/2015   Airplane Showdown  Comedy Central      0.61 
07/22/2015   A Cappella Club  Comedy Central      0.5 
07/29/2015   Severed Head Showcase  Comedy Central      0.58 
08/05/2015   Killer Concept Album  Comedy Central      0.81 
08/12/2015   The Job Interview  Comedy Central      0.65 
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