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Mission Force One

Episode List: Mission Force One

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/06/2015 01-001  Runaway Shuttle; Surfin' the Whirlpool  Disney      1.02 
02/06/2015 01-002  Ocean in Motion; Explorer Exchange  Disney      0.94 
02/06/2015 01-003  Game On; How I Saved My Summer Vacation  Disney      0.85 
02/06/2015 01-004  Journey to the Frozen Planet; Attack of the Flickorax  Disney      0.76 
09/19/2015   Space Mission; Mars  Disney XD       
06/20/2016 02-001    Disney Jr       
10/16/2017 03-001  The Great Space Train Robbery; Mission Pets One  Disney       
10/19/2017   Battle for the Zenith; Mission Force Plus One  Disney       
10/20/2017   The Magsteeds of Infurnia  Disney       
10/23/2017   Stranded in Space; Plant Transplant  Disney       
10/24/2017   How to Build a Better Villain; The Goopopolis Swindle  Disney       
10/30/2017   Bots of Fury; The Accidental Captives  Disney       
11/27/2017   Face-Off; The Big Escape  Disney XD       
01/08/2018   Grendel's Moving Castle; The Great Gadfly  Disney       
01/29/2018   Deep Trouble; Double Trouble  Disney       
03/05/2018   Malison to the Rescue; The Last Guardian  Disney       
03/12/2018   Sidekicks for Hire; The Illumin-Aliens  Disney       
03/19/2018   Villain Force One; Villain Force Two  Disney       
03/26/2018   The Suit Pursuit; Operation Groovestar  Disney