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MLB Network Presents

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
01/13/2015 01-001  The Odd Couple: Bochy & Flannery  MLB Network       
01/20/2015 01-002  Nasty Boys: The 1990 Cincinnati Reds  MLB Network       
01/27/2015 01-003  The Offseason: Hope in Chicago and Miami  MLB Network       
02/03/2015   Hall of Fame Pitchers: Smoltz & Pedro  MLB Network       
02/10/2015   The Story of Billy Bean  MLB Network       
05/31/2015 Special  2015 Top 50 Draft Prospects  MLB Network       
07/16/2015   Randy Johnson, The Big Picture  MLB Network       
12/10/2015   Royal in Kansas City, 30 Years Later  MLB Network      0.07 
12/11/2015   Lenny Randle: The Most Interesting Man in Baseball  MLB Network      0.05 
12/15/2015   Astrodome  MLB Network      0.06 
01/12/2016   Terry Collins: A Life in Baseball  MLB Network      0.04 
01/26/2016   The Colorful Montreal Expos  MLB Network      0.08 
02/02/2016   Holy Cow! The Story of Harry Caray  MLB Network      0.08 
02/09/2016   Dusty: A Baseball Journey  MLB Network       
02/16/2016   Rod Carew: The Fight of His Life  MLB Network       
05/15/2016   56: The Streak  MLB Network       
07/10/2016   The Bird  MLB Network       
07/13/2016   Against the Odds: The Mike Piazza Story  MLB Network       
10/02/2016   .406  MLB Network       
12/08/2016   Joy in Wrigleyville  MLB Network       
12/13/2016   Cuba: Island of Baseball  MLB Network       
02/07/2017 Special  The Swingin' A's  MLB Network       
02/10/2017 Special  Baseball America's Top Prospects  MLB Network       
02/14/2017   The 2006 World Baseball Classic, A Classic Beginning  MLB Network       
04/09/2017   Mike Trout: Millville to MVP  MLB Network       
07/09/2017 Special  The Impossible Dream: Red Sox Nation Begins  MLB Network       
07/12/2017 Special  The Dynasty That Almost Was  MLB Network       
12/14/2017   Billy  MLB Network       
01/30/2018   Mr. Padre  MLB Network       
07/15/2018   Only in Hollywood  MLB Network       
12/13/2018   Eck: A Story of Saving  MLB Network       
02/12/2019   Alex Cora  MLB Network       
07/07/2019   The 1995 Mariners, Saving Baseball in Seattle  MLB Network